Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cooling Job Market Takes Toll on U.S. Confidence: Economy

More Americans than forecast filed applications for unemployment benefits last week and consumer confidence declined by the most in a year, signaling that a cooling labor market may restrain household spending.

Jobless claims fell to 388,000 from a revised 389,000 the prior week that was the highest since early January, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index declined to minus 35.8 from minus 31.4 the previous week.

“There has been some slowdown in the labor market,” said Yelena Shulyatyeva, a U.S. economist at BNP Paribas in New York, who correctly projected the level of jobless claims. “That makes consumers feel less confident, and makes them more cautious about their spending. We could see some weakness in April payrolls.”

Fewer firings are needed to lay the groundwork for more hiring and support consumer demand, which makes up 70 percent of the economy. Another report today showed that signed contracts to buy homes rose more than forecast in March, more evidence of a stabilizing housing market that may boost confidence. Read more......


  1. First of all I would like to give my definition of this topic (R). I consider RECESSION as a slowdown in economic activity, expressed as a decline of the GDP in the last 2 quarters, characterised by less employment, low investment capacity, lower household income, lower business profits, and rise of the unemployment rate.

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  3. A recession is already installed in UK, and some PIIGS countries in the same situation: Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain". What about USA? I am pretty sure that a deep recession will show up in USA in 2013 and then a DEPRESSION with HYPERINFLATION around 2014-2015 and it might last for another 10 more years like in 1929-1939. However, just 5% of the population will become wealthy because they will be prepared in advance. Who knows if I'm right.". HOW? Where is the money? Get more Financial Education is the MAIN KEY.

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  5. Hello. I truly believe that FINANCIAL EDUCATION is the key for all kinds of financial challenges, including Recession and Depression. The economy does not dictate your financial circumstances. As somebody said. "Thank You Economy" because he knows how to find great deals. Anybody can get started reading book from successful people and investors; and with all my respect NOT from financial planners or Bank CEOs, who tell you how to deposit your money for the long-term. The best way to protect yourself is to learn how to set up your own business as 1) Create a Business; 2) Invest in Real Estate; 3) Buy smart stocks from savy investors, and not from Wall Street or similar ones; and 4) Invest in Commodities. HOW can you achieve that? FINANCIAL EDUCATION is the main key. 2013 will be the year for global recession to a Global Depression. Hope is OK but TAKING ACTION change reality. The best for all of you.

    1. It is really unfortunate to see what some European countries,known as PIIGS: Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Portugal, are coping with some RECESSION. Spain coping with 25% unemployment rate and Greece almost to a bankruptcy. Is there any lesson and blessing we can learn from this situation?
      Lesson: Do not SPEND too much money and get fewer LIABILITIES.
      Blessing: We can do something now. Invest in your Financial Education and ACT now.
      Most of these countries that are financially in trouble have spent too much money they do not have it and kept borrowing more money to pay their debts.
      Yes, the coming DEPRESSION is very close.
      2013 will be a year of expected Global Recession, to move to a Global Depression after US Stocks Markets Crash, and end of (USA dollar) american fiat currency.
      The best way to protect yourself is get FINANCIALLY EDUCATED and learn how to create your own business and invest in undervalued assets.

  6. Having a good FINANCIAL EDUCATION and TAKING ACTION can do a lot for us and our families. Investing in mutual funds for the long-term and diversify is very risky now. Stocks Markets will crash in 2014-2015 and most of the money invested in stocks will be wiped out.
    During 2012 there will be a lot of good news because we are in national elections of more than 40 countries in the world. Then, 2013 will be a hard year to enter into a Global Depression in 2014 or 2015. Let's take action now.

  7. The whole world is coping with an enormous amount of debt and credit and will not able to repay it. This is one the reasons why financial markets (starting from Stocks Markets) and Banks will crash in the next years. Just look at this, USA Reserve Ratio is 1% compared with China which has 20%. What a huge difference! What does it mean? The lower the Reserve ratio (RR) the more Credit is created. Why is there a lot of financial turmoil and high unemployment rate in Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal? Because they got too many liabilities, too much expenses and borrowed more currency (Euro) to pay back their debts. This printing process is called Long Term Refinancing Operation (LTRO), the same like in USA which will continue printing more currency (QE) and will create more credit but at the very end; almost all world population will not be able to pay it back.

  8. This Global Recession started gradually a few years ago and will go in the next years into a New Depression, and I think worse than Great Depression of the 1930's. In the meantime it's time to get more Financial Education and cope with the recession with a great attitude either by creating "Recession proof business" or "Investing in vehicles that provide you a good return on your investment (ROI)" as long as you have done a great research of the markets, t
    he investment profitability and your skills. Two great recession-proof business that can give you a good RESIDUAL INCOME might be a Network Marketing Company such Ganoexcel at or becoming an Affiliate Marketer learning good skills at http://gettraffic-leads-exposure.blogspot. com

  9. Let's cope this Global Recession by ACTING wisely and getting more FINANCIAL EDUCATION. In my opinion you can either build up a A) "Good business" and B) "Investing in undervalued assets". With this approach we can be ready for the next years when a New Depression to be installed and might last another 10 more years (2016-2026). I hope it might help following information.

  10. It is not time to think about what caused the return to recession and how long it will last. This financial situation has been created a result of "Excessive Creditism and Printed Money" generated after 1971. Unfortunately, governments will continuing with more "Bailout to help countries to repay their debt" (???) That means "Print more fiat money" either through LTRO in Europe and QE in USA; resulting in more en more inflation, whose symptom is the raise of price of most products that will unfortunately end up in the Next Depression around 2015-2016 ??.
    Now, more than ever, we must get more Financial Education, and ACT to be prepared how to protect our family and beloved ones. Theres is still time, but ACt now. You can get more information at my blog.

  11. From Global Recession to The Next Depression.
    "Financial problems" occur by lack of financial education. This is the most common:
    A. - People can not differentiate LIABILITIES from ASSETS
    2. - People look to work for money, and not MONEY WORK FOR YOU
    3. - The people focus on the SALARIES rather than getting ASSETS
    4. - People doe snot pay attention to FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE and How to get it.

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  12. Are there any differences about retirement plan between European Countries -such Greece- and USA and Canada? Yes, USA and Canada have a DC Plan, a defined-contribution plan, such as 401(k) in USA, RRSP in Canada. It means that Retirement Plan depends on your how much you have contributed to the pension plan. Where are Retirements Plans invested? STOCKS; now, if the stocks markets go down, workers with 401(k) and RRSP are in big trouble.

  13. I have already mentioned a great link about how to cope with this global recession and new depression (2015-2017) ??, but at the same time I would like to mention in some way the main root of money problems starts at early childhood we learn to speak a "language about money," and , "we create a relationship and thoughts about money."

    The most frequent:
    a) Money is not everything
    b) Money cannot buy happiness
    c) If you have a lot of money, you will not be happy
    d) It is NOT good to have a lot of money
    e) Rich people are very insensitive
    f) Money is the root of the evil
    g) If you have a lot of money, your life can be miserable
    h) If you have a lot of money, you will lose your best friends.
    i) Money does not grow on trees
    j) It is better be poor and happy ... What!
    k) Money corrupts people

  14. In North America most workers have a Defined Contribution Plan (DC Plan) such as 401(k) in USA, and RRSP in Canada. This DC Plan means that your retirement income depends on how much you have contributed to the pension plan. So if the stock markets go down, all your contributions will be wiped out and you will receive nothing and you can be in a big trouble. More information at

  15. What to do for a Safe Retirement: Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds?
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  16. What is the minimum amount of savings you’ll need to live on comfortably in retirement?
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  17. If you are going to be an investor, first invest in financial education.

    If you are going to invest in the stock market, take “technical investment courses”. Learn how to make money regardless if the stock market is going up or down. Learn to invest with insurance, such as “stops” and “options.” You still have time to take classes, simulate or practice trading with small amounts of money and prepare for the biggest market crash in history.

    Based on my own reading and Robert Kiyosaki book (Conspiracy of the Rich) the stock market will begin to collapse around 2016, and many professional investors (smart investors) will make a “killing.” Unfortunately, those being killed will be the amateurs and uneducated baby-boomers. Also, you can make extra money:

  18. Why can I do during this recession? Should I invest in Stocks mow?

    The Stock Market will be in trouble in the next years, and unfortunately is dying.
    Based on my own reading and Robert Kiyosaki book (Conspiracy of the Rich) the stock market will begin to collapse around 2016-2017, and just a few smart investors will make a “killing.” Unfortunately, those being killed will be the amateurs and uneducated baby-boomers.

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  19. What "I believe" is that from the $2.65 trillion currently in existence (part of last QE2), $1.5 trillion exists as excess reserves banks are not lending out. The Federal Reserve actually pays the banks interest of .25% - or 25 basis points - to keep their money on reserve; and once that money hits the markets, inflation will flood into the economy.

    The European Central Bank just dropped their interest payments on reserves to zero. What will the next step will be during 2013-2014?

    QE3, QE4+ and USA, more LTRO in Europe and more WORLD INFLACION aggravating the GLOBAL RECESION

    God protects the world. For a better way, Get more financial education and control your own finances, at

  20. The real unemployment rate is for the United States is more than 15.0 %

    What is the next step for Mr Bernanke?
    The Federal Reserve will unleash $1.5 TRILLION dollars from the last QE2 into the economy and that will create more inflation. That means to double the entire money supply since 2008.

    What would be the next step for Mr Bernanke if the economy becomes more stagnant?
    The Fed will print more US dollars (QE3-Q4+) after new elections, and will do the same during 2013-2014 creating the conditions to welcome the new great depression.

    This situation will diminish the purchased power of debased dollar; dilute and wipe out all the pensions and long-term retirement plans. Why? Because they will be worth zero, “nada”

    For that reason we have to Prepare and Get Ready Against This Inflation --

  21. Not only the remaining 1.5 trillion (out of 2.65 trillion) from last QE2 will be placed in the next months –creating more inflation- but also new signs of upcoming QE3 are part of Mr Obama’s administration on or before Dec 2012.

    Please, we have to understand that the purpose of next QE3 -and maybe QEn - will be:
    • Push Up assets prices (10%)
    • Push “temporarily” Stock prices up (10%), and
    • Finance Budget Deficit (80%)

    Why does the USA Government do this? Because, they need money because due to the HUGE fiscal deficit; then; they asks The Fed “Could you please print fiat money for me because I have a lot of debt? Bernanke say “Yes Sir”. This is the way how debt is monetized.

    Then, what does the US Government do? They create “secure government bonds” (I own U paper to The Fed) and thay have to set up at lower yield or lower interest rates.

    For that reason, the USA banks interest rates rely on USA “Government Bonds yields” and they are now at the rock-bottom as a result of The Fed Reserve creates fiat money, by monetizing its debt.

    For that reason we have to Prepare and Get Ready Against More Inflation

    For that reason we have to Prepare and Get Ready Against More Inflation:

  22. EVERYBODY MUST improve their income either SALARY or PENSION. Between 2013 and 2014, the vast majority of products on the market price will rise more than 10% -15% of its current value. The reason "More dollars will be printed, which will generate more inflation."

  23. The next QE3 is coming and its purpose –as the next ones QEn- is:
    • Push Up assets prices (10%)
    • Push “temporarily” Stock prices up (10%), and
    • Finance Budget Deficit (80%)

    The USA Government does this because; they have a HUGE fiscal deficit.

    For that reason you Have To Learn How To Make More Money And Prepare Against Inflation

  24. The US Federal Reserve officially announced the QE3, which is another de facto limitless printing of easy money, which means a “bond buying program”. One week after that, the Bank of Japan announced it was adding another 10 trillion yen ($128 billion) to its already massive bond buying program.

    The real the purpose of next QE3 and whatever upcoming QEn is:
    Finance Budget Deficit (80%)
    Push Up assets prices (10%), and
    Push “temporarily” Stock prices up (10%)

    Then, the Stocks Markets will say the stocks are improving, and we will hear again the tradictional speech “Invest for the long term with mutual funds”; “It is a safe Investment”.

    Finally, we need to be aware that more QE will come in the next three more years. As a result this situation will create more inflation causing increase of prices of products and more world social unrest. The USA government does this because is broke.
    So whoever the new USA president will be either Obama or Ronmey will no be able to solve this problem.

    For that reason we have to Prepare and Get Ready Against This Inflation

    Also, it will be better Create A Great Extra Income

  25. THIS IS A REALITY. The massive amount of printed fiat currency in the world seems to be pandemic, for one side we have in the USA, the Federal Reserve Bank announce the release the QE3 in the next months, which means a “bond buying program” and to be bought by other countries. Just lately, The Bank of Japan also announced that it was adding another 10 trillion yen ($128 billion) to its already massive bond buying program. Unfortunately both “fiat printed money” will be paid by their citizens.

    What do these countries expect?
    To solve their huge debt creating more debt!

    We have some indicators that depict the critical financial situation of USA and Japan such a Debt to GDP ratio of 240% and 100% respectively. This is really bad!

    This printed money will cause more INFLATION, whose symptom is the increase of prices of products and we will see more world social unrest. For that reason we have to Prepare and Get Ready Against This Inflation.

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