Friday, April 20, 2012

Will Your Money be There to Enjoy During Retirement?

How do you envision your perfect retirement? By owning a small business involving one of your lifelong passions? Or perhaps traveling to far-off lands, seeing exotic sights and tasting authentic cuisine? Maybe you’ll now have the time to pursue a favorite hobby? Or the means to contribute to the higher education of your grandchildren?

Whatever your plans are for retirement, the first step is to dream. Go ahead and linger on the details. But proper planning is key to achieving your desires.

The next few steps require a cold, hard look at how well your assets will provide for you in retirement.

Plan ahead to increase the likelihood your money will be around to enjoy during retirement.

Before sitting down with an investment professional to review your assets, ask yourself a few important questions: Read more........

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  1. RETIREMENT? $500,000.00 ??? W T F


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