Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Revolution Trailer: “It’s Gonna Turn Off, and It Will Never, Ever Turn Back On”

A new series this Fall from NBC looks like an exciting must watch for preppers (and we think some non-preppers may just be swayed into at least putting something away for an emergency).

While we can’t speak for the quality of the show, it looks quite interesting, especially the collapse of the power grid, which is something we’ve detailed in numerous posts and videos over the years.

Like Jericho, this one may prove to be pure Doomer entertainment at its best.

Revolution – coming this Fall: Read more......

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  1. in episode 2 mad max joins up with the postman and they go to jericho to put an end to the hunger games, not knowing that alice is already there and has things well in hand (she thinks)..then the walking dude enters the scene..and the stand ensues..


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