Friday, June 8, 2012

No More Excuses

Frustrated union and Democratic Party leaders from Madison, Wisconsin, to Washington, D.C., while wiping the Badger State recall election bloodbath from their shoes, are bombarding the nation with excuses, mitigating circumstances, and outright denial of their own declining reality.

A leading excuse emanating from Democrats everywhere, not least from the Wisconsin Democratic Party which is still stinging from President Barack Obama's refusal to campaign for their man, is that the campaign of the past and future governor, Scott Walker, substantially outraised and outspent his Democrat challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

It is true that Walker received more financial support, including from outside the state, than Barrett did. But the lesson to learn is not the truism that money can impact elections; it is that Republicans, conservatives, capitalists, and perhaps even a few libertarians were willing and able to match, and then outmatch the famously deep pockets of Big Labor. Republicans were every bit the equal of Democrats in grassroots organizing, in passion for their candidate, and in influencing independent voters without whom the margin of victory would not have been possible. Read more......

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