Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill Overwhelmingly Passes in the House

Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve has passed overwhelmingly in the House. It cleared a suspension of House ruled requiring a two-thirds vote. The final vote was 327 to 98 and all but one Republican and 89 Democrats voted yes. The bill had more than 274 cosponsors and faced strong opposition by Democrats and the Federal Reserve.

The legislation will allow auditors to conduct in-depth audits of the private bankster cartel’s monetary policy operations.

“The agreement granted the Government Accountability Office broad authority to examine the operations of the Fed and to require additional disclosures from the central bank, including examinations of the Fed’s discount window and its purchases and sales of government securities,” the Washington Post reports this afternoon. Read more.....

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  1. I wonder if Alan Greenspan will conduct the audit. We should get an unbiased result.


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