Monday, August 13, 2012

We Inherited Our Freedom, Now It’s Up to All Of Us To Fight For It

If you’re seeing this broadcast you are in a part of the country no longer controlled by the government of the United States.

For some years now we’ve been covering the development of the remake for the 1984 hit Red Dawn.

Originally titled Red Dawn 2009, the release was delayed for a number of reasons that included digitally altering the communist red threat from an invasion of the mainland United States by the People’s Republic of China, to a less believable but likely to be equally entertaining, North Korean foe. The cost to make the movie politically correct in an effort to appease the United States’ key money lender came to a reported $1 million. Then, the movie was hit with major budgetary issues as its production company went through bankruptcy proceedings; the release was delayed indefinitely much to the chagrin of Red Dawn 1984 fanatics.

All that is now behind us, and we are ecstatic to learn that Red Dawn 2012′s official release has been confirmed for Thanksgiving Day 2012.

The original Red Dawn was the ultimate in doomsday entertainment, and based on what we’ve seen from the trailer for 2012, the remake will not disappoint.

Here’s some weekend entertainment for the die hard in all of us (albeit just 2 and a half minutes to satiate our appetites for November):

It was a new class of weapon. Everything went offline and never came back. They wiped us out – including US Central Command. Read more......

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