Wednesday, September 19, 2012

$7 Million Found In Dead Man’s Prepper Stash: “Nobody Had Any Clue He Was Hoarding the Gold”

May we all be as prosperous as 69 year old prepper Walter Samaszko Jr., who was recently found deceased in his Nevada home.

Likewise, may we all be as tight-lipped about what we’ve got in our stockpiles.

When police entered his home after calls from concerned neighbors they were surprised to discover some $7 million worth of gold.

The operational security surrounding his stash was top notch, as not a single person had any idea what was hidden in his garage, throughout his house, and buried in his yard.

They found gold in boxes in the garage — lots of gold.

“At that point, we took the house apart,” Glover said.

That included a thorough search of the house itself, the crawl space beneath as well as a search of the entire yard using a metal detector.

Glover said they found box after box of gold coins and bullion, all neatly wrapped in aluminum foil and plastic cases.

“There were dos-pesos smaller than a dime, five-peso coins, $20 gold pieces, gold sovereigns, Austrian duc ats, Krugerrands; you name it, (he) had it.”

Based on just the weight of the gold alone, Glover said he estimates the value of the gold at about $7 million but that, since some of the coins appear to be collector’s items, it could go much higher. Some of the English Sovereigns, he said, date to the 1840s. He is hiring an expert to value the coins. Read more.....

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