Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Austerity Sledgehammer: At Least Half a Million College Students On Waiting Lists as Loans Dry Up; Colleges Face Mass Layoffs

Austerity measures, though unpopular and not discussed by government officials and media pundits, are in full effect across a broad spectrum of services and industries.

In many parts of the country local governments are being forced to layoff or cut the salaries of thousands of emergency personnel. Education spending cuts across debt behemoths like California, Illionois and Michigan are forcing elementary and high school classrooms to capacities exceeding thirty or forty students at a time and removing subjects like art, music and physical education from school schedules. Towns and cities all over America are declaring bankruptcy on an almost weekly basis. Government sponsored health care systems are feeling the pressure with major cuts in access to key prescription medications quickly becoming the norm.

Just two years ago the idea that austerity cuts would hit America like an 8-pound sledgehammer was inconceivable.

Today it’s become quite apparent, especially for those just entering college or returning to higher education in an effort to learn new skills for a dying or dead jobs market.

In addition to nearly $1 billion in state funding cuts for college students, the progressive State of California and others are now facing massive jobs cuts and salary reductions across the board. Read more.....


  1. The colleges need to trim the mandatory electives like music appreciation, history of art, and other non-major and minor courses. Make it a 3 year experience. If students want to spend the $$ to take them, so be it. If those courses cannot stand on their own, let them scale down.

  2. Lower education has already trimmed courses that teach us culture and history and it's one more reason why Americans are so damn stupid. Instead of doing that, we need to cut the salaries of the bureaucrats and college presidents.

    1. 3:08 nailed it on the head. Why are you so damn stupid? Were you too doped up in high school when you should have learn the basics?

      The way to cut college inflation is to cut and cap their "crack" aka student loans.


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