Thursday, September 27, 2012

Founders – In the Near Future the Entire Social, Political, and Economic Infrastructure of America Has Collapsed

Sometime in the near future the world as we know it will change drastically. The financial and economic systems we have come to depend on will finally buckle, and when they do, those things that we take for granted today – our ability to conveniently engage in commerce, to depend on police and medical responders to be there in an emergency, and even turning on our lights at night – will become a thing of the past.

When this ‘crunch’ happens, those who are unprepared for it are destined to suffer the worst of what mankind has to offer. There will be no food, no fuel, no ease of travel and no rule of law.

This worst case scenario is the background story of the trilogy introduced by Survival Blog author James Rawles.

In his first book, Patriots, Rawles introduced to a tight-knit group of individuals who had for years taken steps to prepare for just such a scenario, and when the crunch came they were ready for it. His second novel, Survivors, which took place during the same ‘event’ followed a variety of characters in the United States and abroad as they struggled to come to terms with what had happened and the challenges they faced as crime rose exponentially and hordes of gangs overtook villages and towns in an effort to acquire critical resources.

The long-awaited final book of the series, Founders, has now become available and promises to be just as exciting and informative as the first two. Read more......

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  1. Do We Need a Contingency Plan?
    We live in an age of angst and uncertainty—the global economy is contracting and our economy is on life support, and the upcoming election is really a choice between continuing (real expensive) or discontinuing that support (real risky). And still if we go with the former, there are no guarantees. So, do we need a contingency plan? It’s pretty much like a life insurance policy—except it’s not to provide for your beneficiaries, it’s to keep us alive.
    Metaphors aside, this election isn’t about the man, it’s about ideology. It’s about the idea that markets are self-balancing, if left alone; or at times the government has to step in and it and give it a jump start. The fact is the global economy is out of balance brought about by a race to the bottom as multinationals off shored production in their relentless quest for cheap labor and greater profits. Politically, what does that mean?
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