Saturday, September 1, 2012


The headlines are building about the DNC Convention. Islam is all over it. Family Security Matters says that they are expecting over 20,000 Muslims to attend. The Convention has announced there will be “Jumah” prayers for two hours before the Convention. We are told the ‘purpose’ for this event is to address the issues faced by the Muslim-Americans. Poor Muslims…we make it hard sometimes for them to shred our Constitution, blow up buildings and people. Usually we make it easy, however.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch said as bad as it is to have “Jumah at the DNC’ it is dramatically worse the hosting of radical Islamic supremacists and jihad groups there. While all the radicals are scheduled to be everywhere, praying, speaking and doing their Sharia moments, the Catholics and Christian folks apparently aren’t welcome. Cardinal Dolan, the President of the Conference of Catholic Bishops was denied his request to say a simple blessing prayer at the national convention.

Can you say, Catholic and Christian insult AGAIN?

Elsewhere in the news this week, we were reminded that our commander and Chief and top brass are essentially neutering and dismantling our military in Afghanistan. They are being told to completely submit to Sharia. Frank Gaffney, Jr. has a great article on this, referencing the increase in “green-on blue” attacks from Muslim natives on our troops. We are told these attacks are linked to the anger that locals feel regarding our soldiers apparently breaching some form of Sharia. Read more......


  1. Remember it is perfectly OK for mooslims to shave their beards, wear western clothes, drink alcohol, even pretend to be practicing Christians if need be, when plotting to destroy the enemies of Islam.

    Kinda males you wonder about BHO.

  2. The bankers own America with an unconstitutional fiat currency system. Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution for The United States of America "no state shall make anything a payment of debt other than gold and silver coin". All states do this and it is what empowers the federal government. Every state politician is in direct contradiction of article 1 section 10 as every state violates this section of the constitution and therefore are treasonous. Yet they point fingers to move the suspicion.

  3. I use to come to this blog to get a relity based assessment of things going on out here in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Now this blog, like several others in the gloom and doomosphere, has devolved into a political tirade against Obama. Obama has a lot to do with things, but so does the GOP, and when the writers of this blog forget that very fact and toe the party line on Obamabasing it is beginning to make me suspect this is only truly a GOP operative propaganda portal all along, and was not meant as much to educate readers about the 'COming Depression'. I have been required to take 2 other blogs in 2012 like this that I had been following when they all converted to strictly politial messaging. Shame on you for not staying with the intent of your original message.

    1. Politics is one of the reasons why "The Great Depression" occurred. Why would you be surprised of the political tirade against Obama or any other president when the economy isn't doing well? It's election year and many do not want to see Obama get another 4 years in office. He's the most divisive president I've ever seen (in my lifetime). He also doesn't represent what this country stands for; socially and economically. The signs for an economic collapse are there, but I don't think anyone knows when it will occur. History teaches us a lesson, but people will continue to make the same mistakes expecting (hoping) for another result. It doesn't hurt to be prepared.

    2. I agree. I go to many "gloom and doom" sites for info but this one has skewed too much to the right for me, especially since I am interested in facts, not nutty speculation.

      Obama is not a foreign-born Muslim, but you can't explain that to wingnuts. And if you point out that the conservatives in Congress have blocked every effort to help us regular folks and instead do everything in their power to help the rich, you get called names.

      Generally I feel that conspiracy theories are ridiculous, but now I see it's actually the evangelical Christians who are screwing with us. They have infiltrated local governments and school boards and are doing their best to force their religious views on everyone else (in direct opposition to the Constitution they profess to love).

      Then when you throw in crony capitalism, which considers the general population to be throwaway workers, to be squeezed for every penny, you get a lethal combination. Too bad most people are too stupid to understand how and why we are now a banana republic.

    3. Sharon, I have read most of your comments in the past and you are famous for bashing conservatives while claiming to be a middle of the road kind of gal. If someone disagrees with you, you quickly resort to name calling and cursing to make yourself seem...relevant I guess.

      You say you are all about facts, yet dismiss facts about scientists who have spoken out against global warming. You have also alluded to it being a good idea to silencing a news channel because it doesn't fit your version of the truth ie Fox News. That sounds like the antithesis to the principles of freedom and liberty which YOU claim to espouse.

      Since you are all about facts here are some about congress:

      The Democrats controlled both houses for 22 years.

      The Republicans controlled both houses for 10 years.

      It was split between Republicans and Democrats for 8 years.

      If we divide the split years we have Democrats in control for 26 years and Republicans in control for 14 years.

      Therefore Democrats have been in control of Congress 65% of the time for the past 40 years.

      If it is disputed that the split years cannot be divided and added, then Democrats have been in control 55% of the time, Republicans 25%, and neither/both for 20% of the time.

      Democrat control of Congress has been close to twice that of Republican control the past 40 years.

      So, conservatives shouldn't be your sole target, and it always is.

      You said "Generally I feel that conspiracy theories are ridiculous, but now I see it's actually the evangelical Christians who are screwing with us." Now you want to blame conspiracy theories on christians? And who is "us"? Why do you get so bothered over trivial matters? You are aware that the left has their conspiracy theories too, right?

      The only thing I agree with you thus far (not that it matters) is on crony capitalism. A system that benefits and even rigs the system in favor of America's banks and bankers at the cost of average Americans. It's a system built on the back of government-issued bailouts and free money. "The Fed is the great enabler" through its free money policies, which "generate results the market wouldn't otherwise provide for. Government shouldn't be in the habit of bailing out banks, businesses or industries! Let the market run like it should; if it fails...too bad, if it succeeds...great! End of story.

  4. Islam will take over the world in the near future weather anyone likes it or not. But before the entire world becomes Islamic and Khilafah is restored; the world as we know it will come to an end, starting with money. A massive economic crash has been engineered and the fraudulent money system will soon come to an end. That's when the fireworks start!

  5. Americans should STAY in America and NOT go to INNOCENT lands to BLOW UP HUMANS. The author is ignorant and one gets the feeling that he being American thinks that he is superior to a Muslim?! Who the hell are you to even talk about sharia.. You don't have the foggiest idea of what your talking about. Where do monkeys like you come from?!
    It is you Americans and NATO friendly countries that are war mongering and causing all the evil, yes ALL the evil in the world! Do you really think that by changing a president 'of the usa' is going To change anything for the better? Can't you see that every president is worse and more sold to the Zionists than the previous president?! How brainwashed can you get to think that 'your' vote counts for anything!
    Your entire article is flawed and if you for once stepped out of your little bubble and took of the binoculars on your eyes and wake up and accept reality; you might start to make a bit more sense.. Have a great day.

    1. Blow up humans? You mean like going to other countries and bombing individuals on your quest to impose sharia. And yes, there are cultures superior to yours.

      I do agree that Americans are brainwashed; brainwashed into thinking that ALL Mooslims mean well. Yes, We should stay in America and let you guys hash it out amongst yourselves, you've been doing it for ages. We should also stop all foreign aid! It isn't like the poor people benefit from it.

      Now go get a footbath and relax.

  6. Beware the threat from within.

  7. Islam, the cult of man boy love.

    Bring it on, I can't wait until these fat cows and lesbos are forced to cover up head to toe in public. I am sick of their fugley faces and ugly body art.

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