Monday, October 15, 2012

"Muslims do not kill Muslims". Illustrating the victim complex

The experiences of Sky's Tim Marshall about the Muslim world's victim complex mirror my own

 The excellent Tim Marshall, Sky's Foreign Affairs Editor, has a highly illuminating piece in the Spectator this week discussing the naivety of Westerners over the so called "Arab Spring". I've been saying much the same for a long time now (as an example, see this piece from May 2011 lambasting the West's stupidity).

What is especially noteworthy in Marshall's piece though, is his description of something he witnessed while giving a lecture at a charity to a group of international journalists:

"...during the lecture [] I used the phrase, ‘Muslims killing Muslims’. It was the response to this statement which took away my breath. I accept that the phrase might be construed as provocative and that few people would say ‘Christians killing Christians’; but it was a statement of fact nonetheless.

"Among the audience of about 30 people from all over the world, was a young woman from south Asia. She stood up and said: ‘I cannot let you say that. Muslims kill Muslims’. I replied that we were all journalists and hopefully could discuss things in a rational manner, giving a few examples of how the Taliban were killing people in Pakistan and how hundreds of Pakistani Shia Muslims die in sectarian murders every year. Read more....

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