Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tempers Flare: Residents Complain Government Is Too Slow Distributing Food and Supplies

Hurricane Sandy made landfall just 36 hours ago and already we’ve received reports of looting in hard-hit areas with some people brazenly taking to Twitter to post pictures of their new found wealth.

Ahead of the storm panic buying left grocery and hardware store shelves empty as concerned residents stocked up on food, water, batteries, flashlights, and generators.

With the run on supplies over the weekend, tens of thousands of people were inevitably left without essential survival items due to shortages across the region, and now they are demanding action from government officials.

    Officials in the city of Hoboken, N.J., are defending their response to severe flooding from superstorm Sandy.

    Public Safety director Jon Tooke says at least 25 percent of the city on the Hudson River across from Manhattan remains under water. He estimates at least 20,000 people are stranded and says most are being encouraged to shelter in place until floodwaters recede.

    Tempers flared Wednesday morning outside City Hall as some residents complained the city was slow to get food and other supplies out to the stranded.

    Tooke says emergency personnel have been working 24/7. He says the “scope of this situation is enormous.” Read more...


  1. FEMA - FAIL

    ROMNEY - rolls up sleeves with the good people of Ohio and gets a truck full of needed supplies on the way. WINNER

  2. FEMA and the Red Cross didn't fail; there are so many locations to get help to that they can't all be helped at the same time.

    Romney pulls a photo op by sending his staff to buy unneeded and unwanted supplies, which the Red Cross says it never asked for. And I guess Romney didn't think to ask in the first place what kind of help people needed. It's like the Ryan photo op in a soup kitchen, which was closed at the time....

    P.S. Romney wants to privatize FEMA. So just imagine you're sitting on your rooftop, surrounded by flood water, but Halliburton won't send a boat to save you unless you can pony up the $100 fee. Or, better yet, a helicopter comes to rescue you but afterward you're handed a bill for $25,000.

    1. How many FEMA gen sets to run the marathon moron? Obozo and bloomberg have blood on their hands.

      And no non union help wanted. So much for cutting red tape

      Hail Obozo

    2. This was not an earthquake, people had at least 5 days to make plans to stay or leave. They should pay a price for their stupidity, they were told to get the hell out, but like good little obamabots, they expect others to pay for their poor choices.

      Those in evacuation areas that stayed on and did not prepare to ride out a couple weeks alone should be handed a big fat bill. Call it a STUPID TAX. Got that sharonjs?

  3. Let me get this straight. You are saying that the Red Cross is going to turn down supplies/donations because they never asked for them? The items collected at the Romney event included canned food, diapers, water, clothes, and toothpaste, according to the Washington Post. Last I heard, there are people that need water and food.

    You are just as stupid as the union in NJ for turning away utility aid from another state because they weren't unionized!

    Where was your righteous indignation when it became apparent that at least part of the blame for the deaths of four Americans lay at the doorstep of your beloved President Obama and his incompetent administration?

  4. P.S. obama's water bucket carriers like sharonsj are the reason this country is becoming a third world shithole full of fat lazy eaters looking for their next free handout. Well, the red cross knows just what they need in a crisis, cookies and hot chocolate.

    As dear leader says, vote for revenge.

  5. You have to wonder if it were'nt an election being just days away if Mittens would of done anything?

  6. they only show the dramatic and with agenda aims, for all the screamers there are others in same boat doing power nor even generator, doing fine even helping neighbors and stuff. How can someone do fine without a generator..without power there can still be life? lol

  7. The new and improved FEMA is a joke. Suppose they could hand out several million rounds of hollow points they bought this year.

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