Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Prepper Movie: When Survival Is All That’s Left

Coming soon to a home theater near you; from the producers of Full Spectrum Survival:

    An explosive narrative following a catastrophic collapse. The movie follows groups of preppers after an event who must use every resource at their disposal to survive in a post collapse society.

    In this movie you will find yourself following people from varying walks of life as they adapt their lives to a new and lawless environment.

    What do people do when they can’t call the police for help?

    What do they do when their neighbors demand their food?

    When their friends become their enemies?

Official Movie Announcement:

    The Prepper Movie is the first of its kind. A 30 minute Feature Film that follows groups of preppers after a world shattering event takes place.

    With over 2 hours of additional information and instructions available The Prepper Movie will give you an adrenaline filled crash-course on how to survive in a lawless environment and will contain so much novel information that even the most advanced will walk away with new ideas and practices to add to their preparedness plans. Read more....

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  1. Ya know what's scary? The folks on Staten Island cannot re-enter their homes. I know there's no power there but if they wanna camp out inside their own homes, why not? If they defy those orders they could lose their kids!

    What do the preppers say about that?

    About 100 years ago, most of the country did not even have electric.


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