Thursday, November 22, 2012

Twinkicide: Death By Liberalism


Death by Liberalism.

This time it's Twinkies.

In October it was Newsweek.

Who's next? What does this lemming-like liberal instinct mean for America?

What is it that bakers and editors had in common as they looked into the abyss that would spell their own professional death? And then jumped?

Answer: They'd rather be dead than Not Liberal. Unfortunately for the rest of us -- they are not alone. Worse, they are in charge.

Presented with multiple opportunities to survive in a jobless economy -- the bakers and editors willingly jumped into the abyss that would kill their own professional way of life. Forever.

With all the brio of Paul Newman and Robert Redford as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid cornered by the law and yelling "Ohhhhhhhhhh Sh……………t" as they presumably jumped to their deaths, both the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers union -- a.k.a. the 18,500 Americans who make Twinkies and other Hostess company products -- and the editors who produced the once economically viable newsmagazine Newsweek faced a stark choice. Adapt to survive and prosper -- or kill businesses that are respectively 85 years old and 80 years old. Thus killing their own jobs.

Either be fair and balanced in their union demands for baking and delivering Twinkies. And fair and balanced for their editorial product in producing a Newsweek magazine that once presented itself as just the news of the week.

Or die.

The bakers union and the magazine editors chose death. Read more....


  1. Unions are for dimwhits and morons. Meanwhile their head Bozo is making an ass out of himself in Asia like the loser community orginizer he is.

    Own it you zombies.

    1. Well said. Unfortunately, the unions won't suffer, but their members will. The unions are effectively just the union leadership, not the rank and file.

    2. LOL, wow morons, losers, "dimwhits" and zombies, yeah well said.

  2. I wasn't going to comment because this article is bull crap. However, I know the dimwits anonymouses haven't bothered to read up on the history of Hostess.

    The unions already took major cuts to their wages and benefits, giving up 30% of their salaries. So a baker went from earning $48,000 to earning $33,600. Meanwhile, upper management has been paying themselves huge salaries (the CEO gave himself a 300% raise), bonuses and fees, hiring do-nothing relatives, and putting the company into debt it cannot repay.

    For the current round of discussions, the CEOs wanted the workers to take even more cuts and benefits, and give up their pensions. Workers finally said no. I guess being poor looked better than being a slave.

    And you fools forget (or probably don't know) that the debt Hostess has will be passed onto the taxpayers through FDIC and other programs. That's because the rich own Congress and can write the laws to their benefit while fools like you foot the bill.

    1. Again with the anonymouses? You get so bothered over trivial matters. Everyone's a fool except for you "Oh Great One" who has a name attached to her comments.

  3. Screw the unions, if they are so great let them use their own capital and pay their slobs $150,000 to bake Twinkies, the union thug bosses seem to be doing okay.

    Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers - Officers and Employees

    Average Total Compensation: $94,797.07

    Total Employees: 58

    Employees Making more than $75,000: 31

    Top Ten Highest Paid Leaders
    Name Title Total Compensation
    FRANK HURT PRESIDENT $262,654.00

  4. Fuck twinkies and fuck conservatives that can only think within narrow party guidelines. Hostess, already bankrupted once, witnessed decreased demand, as reported by independent market research. It was also poorly managed. Over 1/3 Americans are obese. And you think a corporation cranking out shit food that helps keep people lazy and brain dead is necessarily a bad thing? These jobs will simply migrate into other sectors wherever that spending goes. The same people that monotonously gripe about the lemmings and sheeple that don't think for themselves would probably also cry were wal mart to go out of business one day and then hope and pray that some other company would come along to proved them with inferior chinese products and GMO beef, for in the end they dont quite think for themselves either.

    1. What does any party have to do with "Twinkies" you numbskull?

      You are so enlightened that you begin your comment with an F bomb; way to go rebel.

      Your comment is all over the place; from Twinkies and conservatives, to Hostess, to obesity (as if it's Hostess fault), to the shit food blah, blah, blah.

      You are what we call a "Useful Idiot".

    2. You sound like a confused dingbat. If you can't suss out the connections in the above, then I feel very sorry for you. And what did you manage to say, afterall, other than dingbat and idiot? You just proved that you are foolish and incapable of debate.

      What do conservatives have to do with the discussion? That's the whole crux of the argument, airhead. Conservatism Vs. Liberalism.

      It's too bad you don't see the problems with corporations helping to make Americans fat and lazy, or the issue of losing jobs overseas to cheap labor. Throw back another six pack and a dozen powdered donuts and continue just as you were...

    3. And you sound like an unhinged buffoon who needs to hurl insults to make yourself appear intelligent and capable of logical thought; "F this, F that"...that's a great way of starting off a intelligent debate/discussion.

      No need to feel sorry for me because I don't feel sorry for you LOL.

      I don't blame corporations for fat and lazy Americans. There is something called personal responsibility, something you seem to know nothing about! If you are FAT and LAZY get off the damn couch and beat your face.

      You want to talk about Americans becoming fat and lazy? What about all the people on the various forms of welfare and free gov't money who have no responsibility put on them to earn any of it?!

      I wonder how many "evil" Hostess products that caused all these fat, lazy Americans were purchased with the gov't EBT card? But because Hostess is a corporation, they are the ones touted as responsible for all the ills of America by the self described "intelligent class", while the benevolent gov't gets a pass.

      Go light another dooby and enjoy the ride.

    4. Very well said.

    5. Boy aren't you intelligent. You basically accuse me of what I had accused you of being and then act like you were being novel! Once again, why don't you offer something original and meaningful up, apart from no I disagree, or you're fat and lazy (what I already said was the major problem with the country, since you appear clueless to that factoid, and probably most facts in general). I wonder how you arrived at that assessment anyway? The fact that I am 6-2, about 185 lbs and could probably outperform you in any physical activity probably doesn't matter, either, I'm sure.

      I'm sorry adult words rub you the wrong way. They must really conflict with your Christian family values. But really, no reason to cling to that detail and use that as your only argument in incorrectly assessing my personality or political belief system.

      Oh, and what the fuck, now you are blaming people on welfare for the countries obesity problems? Once again facts, and apaprently common sense, don't matter to you. You're like an animal with its head cut off. Still alive and just going through the motions yet unable to think or reason.

      What percentage of the country are on welfare. What percentage did I say were obese? What percentage of those on welfare are obese? You will find that the vast majority are middle american, nascar watching, bible belt salt of the earth, nose in the bible, passive Americans.

      No, corporations should have no culpability. Just keep dumping toxins in the environment and in our own childrens bodies. Why because you and a lot of other brainwashed idiots can't muster two brain cells together in order to figure out that they are at least part of the problem.

      Oh, and way to congratulate yourself on your own post once again. How old are you anyway? You remind me of the kind of white trash that hangs out at klan meetings blaming mexicans for your own ignorance and lack of education.

    6. You can't argue with the ignorant. You can only speak toward them, but it just comes off as nearly another language. They lack the tools to realize they lack the tools and therefore are unable to acquire them. It's a matter of evolutionary scale.

    7. Angry are we? I could care less what you weigh, and if you could outperform me; tough guy. Are you going to mention how big your dick is too? Ooooo I'm so intimidated by you. Not only are you super fit, but uberintelligent!

      How do you even know I'm white? Congratulating myself on my post once again? LOL, only you would know about that!

      Let's see...I'm white trash, brainwashed, hang out at klan meetings and blame mexicans for my ingnorance and lack of education; no assumptions there.

      Based on your writings, I don't even think you are a guy. You sound like a over emotional little girl. As a matter of fact, you sound a lot like a woman who goes by the name Sharon.

      In fact, you are so mature that you always need to cuss to get your point across. Yep, that's really intelligent and mature. They must've taught you that at the Ivy league school you went to. Hey, I can do that too if you like? Can we be friends if I start emulating you?

      You are right about one thing though. You can't fix stupid.

      Oh, and you remind me of the useful idiots that get hired to blame corporations for all the ills this country has.

      Can't wait to see what else you write. Keep them coming girl, you keep me entertained.

    8. Please explain what conservatives have to do with Twinkies?

      Please explain how Twinkies is responsible for fat Americans?

      So, based on your argument, conservatives are responsible for Twinkies failure, and Twinkies is responsible for fat Americans?

      And if someone doesn't agree with what you are implying because it's simply not true, you resort to name calling? If someone called you numbskull it's because you started off with a hostile comment attacking specific people for Twinkies, which is absurd.

      Are you even aware of how you come across? It's not about conservatives vs liberalism, it's about FACTS. I don't know, nor do I care where you stand politically, but you come across as an idiot.

      No (real) man that I know of says "The fact that I am 6-2, about 185 lbs and could probably outperform you in any physical activity probably doesn't matter, either, I'm sure."
      That's got to be one of the most childish things I've heard, and hysterically funny to boot.

      If you want to talk about acting childish, I suggest you look in the mirror.

    9. You sure do waste a lot of time not saying anything, LOL. When will you ever get over my use of the f-word? Seriously. You are either under 13 or over the hill and a little senile. For that reason I will refrain from saying fucking any more in this thread. You're welcome!

      I never blamed all the ills on the country on corporations. Only on shitty corporatized food products! And why shouldn't one point that fact act, unless one is too busy with one's head buried in the sand?

      Okay, since you appear to be having a bad week and have not been able to pick up on the train of thought thus far:

      -The ENTIRE article was based on liberalism and took a pro-conservative stance. My critique of that, and those narrowly identifying with conservative (neoconservative) ideology really lit a fire under your tight, conservative, white ass.

      -How did I "Start off" calling people names? I used the word Fuck (oops, again, sorry!), but it was not aimed at anyone on this site.

      -If you can not see how corporations that produce horrid food and spend millions of dollars in advertising to convince families, and in particular little impressionable kids, to eat it, then you may just want to have your head examined.

      -If someone claims I am fat for no reason, and after I have already pointed out the obesity problem in america, and then I respond by saying that I am NOT fat and probably in better shape than you are physically, then no it is not absurd.

      -Sorry, I am not sharon or whoever you are talking about, not a 6-2 185 lb fat female, and not stupid like you.

      You really need to put under the microscope and re-examine your critical thinking skills. Good luck.

    10. And yes you are quite immature by turning the entire thing into a personal attack, arguing (disingenuously) over trivial details rather than important points. But considering your belief system and willful ignorance, I guess it goes with the territory.

    11. Oh and since you have appear to have trouble reading and discerning details--in comments and articles--then let me show you what your attacking reply said in response to my non-attacking comment:

      "What does any party have to do with "Twinkies" you numbskull?

      You are so enlightened that you begin your comment with an F bomb; way to go rebel.

      Your comment is all over the place; from Twinkies and conservatives, to Hostess, to obesity (as if it's Hostess fault), to the shit food blah, blah, blah.

      You are what we call a "Useful Idiot"."

      Notice the use of the word shit! Ha ha, what a hypocrite. And no, calling someone else an idiot (obviously) does not make YOU smart. Next...

    12. Who the fuck cares about your height and weight?! What the fuck do you care if anyone decides to eat Twinkies? And what business is it of yours what people buy and whom they buy it from?

      Why don't you mind your own fucking business and care for yourself and loved ones instead of telling others what they should be buying, eating, watching, etc...

      If what you are trying to do is educate, then perhaps you should use another tact because you come across as an asshole who thinks he is insightful. I wonder if when having a one on one do you speak/act the same way? It's a fact that some people tend to be on their worst behavior behind a computer.

      And no one is trying to be a hypocrite by using curse words. They are simply trying to speak the language that you seem to understand the most; vulgarity.

      This site encourages "civilized" comments and I think you broke that rule the moment you started commenting. For someone who claims to be so intelligent and mature, you should've known better.

      I also find it silly that you have commented three times within a matter of minutes instead of saying what you needed to say in one. I'd say that you sound a bit disturbed by the comments you've been getting.

      No doubt you will reply with another one of your rantings because it's all you know how to do. You will still come across as a insolent individual either way.

      You may think of yourself as intelligent, but you are quite the contrary. Your comments speak for themselves; you are angry and can't articulate what it is you really want to say. I also think you may benefit from a course on social skills.

      Now pat yourself on the back and say "Good Job".

  5. Unions had their time before we had hundreds of thousands employment laws and alphabit soup agencies by the hundreds controlling ever aspect of employment. Unions today are just another scam run by mobsters charging a stupid tax to lazy ignorant workers.

    Just watching the ingnoant fat slobs rioting over cheap black Friday chicom crap makes me wonder what industry would benefit from employing these creatures. The human gene pool is drying up as these lazy fat slobs produce more ignorant little parasites to vote for Democrats and the promise of free shit for the rest of their lives. Morons electing incompetent morons.

    Obama is the poster boy for the Peter Principle.

  6. Buy stock in Little Debbie!

    1. Support a pure Christian America. Eat more McDonald's!


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