Saturday, December 8, 2012

Democrats (Heart) Socialism

On  the strength of a capitalist economic system, America created a material standard of living for the world to envy while providing its citizens with high levels of personal freedom. But today capitalism, and attendant freedom, are being systematically dismantled in America (and being depth-charged in Europe), while understanding and appreciation of these things are receding. Gallup provides proof of this, and confirms conservatives' fears and suspicions.

Loyal elves in the media wing of the Democratic Party establishment -- aka the mainstream media -- hyperventilate when Barack Obama is identified as a socialist, or the Democratic Party is accused of promoting socialist policies. "Vile and unfair accusations," they wail, before retiring to their fainting couches.

But if a survey released last week by Gallup is any indication, it's hard to see what all the indignation is about. A majority of people -- 53 percent -- who describe themselves as Democrats or leaning Democrat, admit to Gallup's pulse takers that they have a positive image of socialism. Only two percent more -- 55 -- say they are positive about capitalism. A robust 75 percent of Democrats say they have a positive image of the federal government.

These numbers should not surprise anyone who has talked to a Democrat over the last couple of decades. A majority of the political party currently in the ascendancy in America holds a positive view of an economic system that has been tried countless times in countless places, has never delivered prosperity, but has always diminished personal and economic freedom. Read more....

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