Tuesday, January 15, 2013

By Decree Of The King: “There Are Some Steps That We Can Take That Don’t Require Legislation”

President Obama, much like his predecessors, has implemented scores of policy changes by way of Executive Order, a legal technique that allows the Commander-In-Chief to delegate legislation that, just like a bill passed in Congress, has the full force and authority of law.

Presidents have used executive powers to delegate authority over all sorts of issues since Abraham Lincoln first used this Executive power to mobilize troops against rebels operating in southern states. Franklin Roosevelt declared the possession of gold illegal by way of executive order in the 1930′s. A recent order by President Obama authorizes the seizure of farms, energy resources and skilled laborers in the event of a declared national emergency. An order authorizing the use of force and war in Kosovo was issued by President Bill Clinton in 1999.

Thousands of such orders have been issued, with President Obama having signed 144 of them so far during his first term.

But, arguably, there will be no Executive Order as significant and impactful as the one the President is promising to implement next.

According to assessments by Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama, they believe they have the authority to utilize this Constitutionally provided method of decree with respect to Americans’ right to bear arms: Read more....

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