Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Logic Has Been Replaced by Fear, By Panic

Diversification during times of uncertainty and instability means different things to different people. For most of us looking to keep our eggs in different baskets, hard asset are a primary investment vehicle. As more dollars are printed by our central bank and more debt is borrowed to cover our government’s expenditures, there’s one thing we can be sure off: prices for essential resources are going up.

As our paper currencies lose value against the things that really matter, and the political situation takes a turn for the worse through more domestic taxation and regulation, it becomes difficult to discern where we can ‘park’ our money to keep it safe.

For many preparedness-minded individuals the survival instinct kicks in and the first thing we do is stock up on the essentials which will either disappear at the first signs of emergency or rise in value as crisis grips the world. That means things like food, precious metals, firearms, farmland and other important supplies and resources that will matter when the system as we know it comes unhinged. This is a prudent strategy to be sure, and those who invested in such assets before the 2008 financial crisis have seen positive investment gains employing it – not to mention the security of knowing you have a backup should things spiral out of control. Read more....


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