Sunday, October 25, 2009

Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker admits the Federal Reserve is private, and he attended Bilderberg Group meetings

On October 15, 2009, We Are Change Boston asked former Federal Reserve Chairman and current Chair of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Paul Volcker, about the Bilderberg Group.

This short video clip is highly significant for several reasons, including:

1) A former Fed Chairman, Volcker, acknowledges that the Bilderberg Group exists.
2) He acknowledges that he attended their meeting this year (2009), and two or three times previously.
3) He acknowledges the authority and consequences of the Logan Act, which prohibits unauthorized U.S. citizens from negotiating with foreign governments, punishable under federal law with imprisonment up to three years.
4) He indirectly admits that the Federal Reserve is a non-governmental private institution, by implying the Act didn’t apply to his attendance.
5) If he wasn’t given express authorization by President Obama to attend this year’s meeting, he’d be liable for punishment under the Logan Act. Testimony in Congress, under oath, should be sought to determine that.

For those few who are still living in denial about the existence of the Bilderberg Group, or if you’re curious, watch this


  1. I think Bilderberg exists but only because they want people to know about it. Otherwise, it would remain in the dark along with all their other secrets.

    Bilderberg is a rabbit trail.

  2. My will the "media" not report on these meetings? They can at least cover who attended, topics of discussion, conclusions and agreements reached.

  3. It doesn't work that way. Some media people are even invited but they swear on their life not to share what is said. BB is very real.

    Not where the hardcore precise decisions are made, but where ideas are shared by the Elite. Think Eyes Wide Shut. They shuttle in little boys and girls for them to diddle and have a wild time before they pray to the Owl and pat each other on the back.

    The Owl symbolizes the Illuminati. Seeing things that others cannot see in darkness. Just about everyone in power including US puppet presidents attend.

    Sick elite depraved scumbags.

    Their #1 subject now is getting the global carbon tax signed and sealed so the Rothschild Bankers can start pirating your wealth via their Swiss banks. Has absolutely nothing to do with the environment or the Global Warming fraud. It will crush what is left of the USA's industrial capacity. The silver bullet so to speak.

  4. The media does not report on the meetings because the media is OWNED by the attendees. Very simple.

  5. 1:23, you've got the Bilderberg Group confused with the Bohemian Grove. A lot of the people do attend both though.
    The video clip was GREAT! First he said "Bilderberg Group??!" as if he had never heard of them. Then he started in with their standard reply, "we're not a secret society, we just like to meet in private." That's what he's been told to say if it comes up, because that wasn't even related to the question, whether his attendance was legal under the Nolan Act. Then he said "I don't think we're trying to run the world or anything." Huh? Where did that come from? Interesting admission of guilt! Like one of the commenters said, it's like asking someone if they went to town and they respond with "Huh? I didn't rob any bank."

  6. You guys are hilarious

  7. 8:00 - How so? A few years ago, I would have thought so too. Until I learned the truth, which IS stranger than fiction. People tend to laugh at what they don't understand.

    BTW, the owl represents molech, a pagan god mentioned on the Old Testament.

  8. The owl represents a lot of things to different people or cultures. So what? There really isnt anything to understand about the notion that Bilderbergers worship the owl and run the world. Granted, they are all usually power-players in the game and they always hold private meetings behind closed doors with not always everyone's best interests at heart, but that doesn't make them what you claim they are, and on that you can't even agree.

  9. Apparently you aren't aware of Bohemian Grove. The poster had Bohemian Grove mixed up with Bilderberg meetings. They don't worship Molech at Bilderberg meetings, you are correct. However, at Bohemian Grove there's a giant stone owl, and men in robes perform a "mock sacrifice" to Molech called the "Cremation of Care." The attendees watch from bleachers across a river while a small boat comes from up the river with a small effigy which is then burned. It takes place in the northwest in July. Nixon once said he hated going. I have seen video of it and mainstream magazine articles about it. Were you aware of this?


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