Saturday, January 30, 2010

FED GAVE Banks Access to 23.7 TRILLION DOLLARS NOT $700 Billion!


  1. Wow, and yet the American people just sit back and watch it all happen.

  2. 5:38,

    American people, as a whole, just don't know how the system works. They are dependent on government officials to do the right thing and look after their interests.

    Politians, with the exception of a few, are obviously serving special interest groups and themselves.

    This is why America is doomed.

    Democracy can't function properly unless the population is educated, motivated and armed.

    Everybody in America should be taught finances and basic banking principles by grade 10. Problem is, parents for the most part don't know themselves and the System surely isn't going to tell them. Therefore, the cycle of ignorance repeats itself ad finitum.

  3. 6:49, the problem is, we have so many dumb people, add to that, the illegals who come here who are used to corruption and don't know anything about our system! It is hopeless!

    I have relatives who are immigrants (not illegal) and they are used to corrupt governments, so they don't even see it happening right now because they don't think it can happen in the USA.

    I don't even think the average person thinks anything bad could happen in the USA.

  4. Everybody Photocopy MoneyJanuary 30, 2010 at 10:52 PM

    Only $23.7 trillion.
    I've photocopied more than $237 trillion.

  5. Honest guy, but still does not get it. Presidents are puppets in the hands of financial Jewish mafia. He cannot pull the thorn out of his foot. If he does, he'll end up on Arlington Cemetery. Not only that, when they select a candidate they make sure upfront he would not attempt to do anything. That means they have some compromising info on the guy.

  6. @ 9:43

    You mean what they did to Kennedy when he tried to print money from the treasury backed by Silver?

  7. 9:43 and 9:59 got it right.

    Most people are blissfully unaware of this detail about the 23.7 trillion soon to be 50 trillion or more.

    People say I'm negative about the economy.
    The truth is I'm just aware of what 'they' being the Fed and Goldman and the government are actually doing.

    This is why I know that 2 years from now none of you posting here today are going to like living in America.

  8. Moreover I heard that the banks WANT to pay an international tax !? Is this a bribe because Cap and Trade tax is death!? Are these TAX payments to support the “New World Order” !?

  9. MSNBC or any MSM does not give any information to the masses unless it has been approved by the bankers boss. It is an agenda, they play us like a flute. Keep your filters and skepticism on high.

  10. We are already supporting the "New World Order" They are the ones that put Obama into power. Obama is like the smooth talking guy who talks a girl out of her pants, then gets her pregnant and then dumps her and leaves her to fiend for herself and her child. The smooth talking guy wasn't such a good guy after all. It makes me wonder why people think, that just because somebody doesn't stumble over their words when giving a speech, that that person is intelligent. They feed the words to Obama to speak over a telepromter. The people who admire his speeches must be brain dead or not really listening to what he is saying. It really baffles my mind.

  11. Folks, there's no time left for peaceful protest. The Feds would never expect the sheeple to "go postal" anyway.

  12. 655 your right there is no time for peaceful protest. The American people have voiced their oppinion and Washington is not listening. But where do we begin? How do we gather together those who are ready to fight to stop them? People who go against Washington will only be labeled terroists and the sheeple will stand behind them cheering.

  13. bush 41 and his son put the new world order in, they started it, people should start with them and work their way to others so show them we dont want it this way, people who loved when bush spoke like a child are the ones that let this happen

  14. hook line and sinker The middle class is screwedJanuary 31, 2010 at 1:25 PM

    The more I watch Obama the more I sense somethings afoot.

  15. the system is so obviously rigged.The end game can only be bad for the average america.Wait in a couple of years we will start seeing the same social discontent The Weimer Republic experienced.Inflation hunger violence public disobedience,the destruction of the middle class.The ulitmate result the rise of Totalitarism aka The Hitler type.I know today this scenario is unimaginable.Ask the Jews communists labour unions and the average citizens about bad end games.
    Obama is just the beginning.Hold on theres a lot more bad shit down the pipeline.Ill give it another 2-4 years before we see real "Change" and it wont be the kind of "change"our current presidential saviour has promised.

  16. It is too late to fight the bankers without demolishing the U.S. economy.

    The bankers control credit and the flow of oil.

    If the American people showed marked resistance, the bankers would simply curtail oil shipments from abroad. These represent about 2/3 of America's needs.

    The bankers who pull the strings are in London, England.

    Bottom line: Americans are SCREWED; prepare to lower your standard of living significantly unless you are extremely resourceful and business-minded.

    Oh, and one more thing. The goal is to reduce America's population to 100 million by 2050. It will happen before then.

    Now a positive twist. If you store up 60 days or more of food and supplies, you will outlast the vast majority of people. The fact that you are reading this post on this blog proves that you're smarter than the average person.

  17. Americans are too busy watching the Grammy Awards to give a shit.

  18. 8:16 you have no clue as to who controls the flow of oil. There are several players involved, most all of them at the national level, like Chavez' Venezuela, Russia, and OPEC. I love how people just make this shit up.


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