Friday, April 23, 2010

LA Court System In Financial Crisis, Closing Court Rooms

LOS ANGELES — An unprecedented financial crisis afflicting the nation's largest court system is in the hands of the policy making California Judicial Council, with Los Angeles court officials awaiting its decision on their plea for an infusion of cash.

The Los Angeles court system has already closed 17 courtrooms and another 50 will be shut down come September unless something is done to find more money. The closures have disrupted everything from divorce and custody proceedings to traffic ticket disputes.

The judicial council scheduled a meeting Friday to deal with the request from presiding Superior Court Judge Charles W. McCoy Jr. to divert $47 million in funds from the courthouse construction budget to help stave off more courtroom closings and staff layoffs.

McCoy predicts chaos and a logjam of civil and family law cases if additional funds are not found.

He said the Los Angeles court's budgetary shortfall is $133 million which will be permanent each year unless there is an influx of funds from somewhere.
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  1. Courts are just a symptom of a structured ordered law abiding society. We have no need of that now.

  2. More taxes will be the solution. Note how they cut services like this to scare you, give us more money or you will loose police protection, road repairs, close the courts etc. Lay off govt employees? Never, unless it's service oriented to cut the sheeple's services and scare them into paying more taxes.

    It's all by design folks.

    Of course some in this blog seem to think all is well in the economy and we are a bunch of conspiracy kooks. Ha Ha Ha....

    Nice Try disinfo agents...We live in reality here, and you guys are totally ignored. Go back to surfing porn on your govt computers.

  3. They will fix this quick. You can't extract money from the peeps without courts to order it.

  4. weee let's go thank you california lead the way..i really love that it's starting here with as many illegals they won't raise what they need. please keep going we need revolution, i'm ready to be a cowboy, are u an indian?

  5. Native American!

  6. With Barry's new power to overide civil rights,
    wouldn't it just be better to bypass the courts and go directly to FEMA CAMP.
    After all the sooner we get there, the more fun we'll have singing by the fire & doing arts and crafts.
    And don't get me started on face painting!

  7. i love face paining, wow, i an getting more excited about my servitude in my fema camp. someone said there will also be rock concerts, free beer, legalized pot smoking and 2 nights a week we will have steak.

    hoping my camp will have olympic swimming pool with hot tubs.

  8. YES, CAMP FEMA where I also heard they will have naked sand vollyball and it will be just one great big orgy!

    They have to keep us all happy somehow, right? Why not tickle our fancy with some good old down and dirty sex?

    Grab your poles girls, tonight it's ladies night!

    As long as we have bread and circus, big screens and plenty of KY we will be set for life

  9. Here's an idea. It's no shock that the LAPD is handing out tickets as fast as they can write them, after all, the police and city and county get to share the cash collected in the form of fines. So... if every person who got a ticket, right down to a parking ticket, demanded to go before a judge in traffic court... well the system's already way over booked. Cases would just have to be dismissed. Oh what a shame.

  10. To prevent poor people from actually requesting their civil rights...errr...I mean from requesting a hearing before a shall be that if found guilty of the infraction one must pay the fine plus the operating expenses of the court which is $3,240.00.

    Plus the fine.

    Thanks for doing business with us and have a nice day!

  11. About a year ago - plus or minus a few weeks; I got a real ration of shit on here from more than a couple left wing tree huggers when I stated that states like California ( at the time they were isuuing I.O.U's to State workers) real problems lie in their inability to shed all the tens of thousands of minority "obligations" that they have incurred over the last 75 years.

    Much like a Union; these special interest groups have permeated the state government to such a level that it cannot move without greasing a wheel or two first.

    When times are good and your selling 15 million cars a year - the cash flow is constant and everybody is happy.

    That is not where we are now and it's not where we are going and these States are under so much pressure from these almost complete welfare societies that they dare not exclude at the risk
    of aforementioned civil rights, racist, Gender etc, etc, etc, hence the current stat of almost 41 MILLION in this country on foodstamps.

    These people have gone on to game the system and once they be on Uncle Sugar; they not be a gettin' off.

    Ask anyone that posts here from California - if you didn't know it was that particular state you were in - you might just as well be in friggin' Buenos Aires - it sure as hell don't look like the America I knew 25 years ago I can tell you that


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