Friday, April 23, 2010

Real "Recovery" Stats Show A Massive Decline

Over 2 million a month are filing unemployment insurance for the first time. Stats from United States "Debt. Of Labor":
514,742 in the week ending April 10
414,657 in the week ending April 3
404,869 in the week ending March 27
405,557 in the week ending March 20
432,166 in the week ending March 13

With new home sales over the past few years down almost 75% from 2005-2006, any attempt by the government claiming a recovery is absolute nonsense. The following stats show sales are about par with 2009 and perhaps worse.
Housing Stats:
MAR 2010 411 K
FEB 2010 324 K

DEC 2009 348 K
NOV 2009 370 K
OCT 2009 430 K

JAN 2006 1207 K
DEC 2005 1298 K
NOV 2005 1233 K

Total Durable orders (new orders) dropped 1.3% since Feb.
Transportation equipment: New Orders dropped a whopping 12.9%
Durable Goods Manufacturers' Shipments and New Orders

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  2. Tricks Are For KidsApril 23, 2010 at 3:44 PM

    How long can you keep crying wolf? Listen, "they" have more rabbits and hats then you can shake a stick at.

  3. Why would someone post a link to the Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC. What is it?

    514,742 in the week ending April 10
    414,657 in the week ending April 3
    404,869 in the week ending March 27
    405,557 in the week ending March 20
    432,166 in the week ending March 13

    It went up alot from March 13th to April 10.


    2 million a month.

    Another 5 months, another 10 million jobs.

  4. Time Magazine said it was over. When I saw the cover of the magazine I was very disappointed that they would be so deceptive. I suppose they are trying to buy time for their candidate Obama to attempt to fix the problem. If that is it, they are even more foolish. This cannot be fixed.

  5. I love on the tv everynight they say recovery, I just turned it off, no more tv news ever, they can Never tell the truth.

  6. KEY HERE: 12:52 has it right, TURN OFF YOUR FRICKIN tv AND LEAVE IT OFF.

    You will soon be living in reality, not the tv fantasy land of the sheeple, who believe anything their tv's tell them.

  7. This is the most racist site I have ever found!!!!! Our lord and savior the most high Barack Obama has said that his administration has saved everyone from certain doom and that all is well with the world. To disagree with him is racist. Facts be damned.

  8. 12:44.....true that. This charade is far from over, and most likely it's only Act 1 or 2 at this point in the game. This could, and most likely will, go on for several years.

    I have a co-worker who would like to buy some silver of various sizes, and he asked me if it's a good time to buy. I told him it's a GREAT time to buy since it's still undervalued, but I also told him it's a BAD time to buy. I have been seeing many good cases for silver and gold to take another steep nosedive for a few years, and the more I think about it the more it makes sense.

    "They" will create a distraction of some sort, like a strong dollar, etc ad nasuem to drive the price down to the shitter again, so I would say at this point hold onto that cash and allow yourself to buy more with less if you are hoping to pick some up.

  9. 1:39 The Pentagon is preparing frantically to stave off an terrorist EMP. The Homeland Security has warned all US citizens to prepare for a disaster or Terrorist attack and explains exactly what that means on their website. Nasa is grounded and only unmanned space vehicles are going up now. The possibility of a sun flare that will take the US back to the stone ages in the next 24 months is real. I know this blog is about the Economy, but my point is that now is the time to buy silver if there ever has been a time. There are too many possible things that can send us spiraling. Hell, a food shortage can screw us.

  10. most people cant affrord or cant conceive
    the corruption
    i would buy silver now
    and always keep adding more
    but as far as helping people spend there money thats there job
    i dont have faith in goverment being able to manipulate for much longer
    they are guilty of treason why would they fix it to last longer when they have done so much to bring this to happen
    i go by my gut and many will follow the bull on wallstreet just like with moses
    when they followed the calf
    theyll print another 2 trillion soon for next year 139
    and then why did byou tell me to wait
    gold and silver will go up i gurantee
    but peopple who dont have money i dont know what to tell them they are already a debt slave

  11. It's totally fake, but the stock market is going up because the FED has printed trillions of dollars and loaned it out at 0.25% interest. This money has to go somewhere to earn a rate of return and the stock market is one of those places.

    HOWEVER, the saying you never get something for nothing will come true when we get entire nations (maybe our own) defaulting on their debt. Then you will see the hangover hit the stock market and it will collapse.

    For now we have this problem with a small country like Greece. Greece is a cockroach, but there is never just one cockroach....there is always a family of them just out of sight.

    Buy precious metals to protect yourself from what is coming. Paper assets will one day too soon become as valuable as toilet paper.

    Toby Connor

  12. here i sit in my foreclosed home and i thought everything was improving according to the media! my job is two minimum wage paying jobs--i am fortunate to have work. many i do know have no jobs and no prospects because they can't admit their old jobs aren't coming back.
    frankly it is all shit and going to get far, far worse.

  13. Personally; I like the header above.

    " Stats from the United States DEBT of Labor " !

    That is too damn funny right there !

    I saw a headline this am on my work computer something like big ticket durable goods orders post strong gains in march blah blah blah - you read down into the next paragraph and it says ( and I'm not making this shit up)

    Excludes transportation and appliances !

    I was like WTF else big ticket durable does one buy ??

    These "people" that are running the "show" have become masters of the sound bite & people just lap it right up.

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