Sunday, August 22, 2010

10 Credible Conspiracy Theories?

1. Chemtrails: In the world of Patriot antigovernment paranoia, New World Order forces attempt to manipulate and control the unwitting population from every conceivable source and direction -- from the images on your television screen to the very water that comes out of your kitchen tap. In recent years, the New World Order has been meddling most nefariously from above, high among the clouds.
We're certainly not wedded to the idea that Western governments are deliberately spraying poisons into the air regularly or trying to manipulate the weather with a secret intel-op/ airforce program. On the other hand, we did a little digging and found the following reported by the UK Guardian, a mainstream, left-wing paper in Britain (one from which we occasionally excerpt articles) Here's the report, from an April 2002 article, "Millions were in germ war tests ... Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials."

2. Martial Law: If Patriot groups fear anything more than the water vapor in the sky, it is the imminent imposition of martial law. A longstanding and central plank of the Patriot catechism is the belief that one day – very soon! – federal forces, in league with the states, will suspend constitutional government and institute a police state.

3. FEMA Concentration Camps: Following the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Domestic Terrorism held hearings on the Patriot/militia subculture that bred and nurtured the bombers. Throughout the hearings, a running theme expressed by Patriots was a fear that "urban gangs," directed by Washington and possibly acting in concert with U.N. and foreign troops, would sweep in from the coasts, confiscate their guns, and round them up.

4. Foreign Troops on U.S. Soil ... While "urban gangs" are considered a leading candidate to enforce a New World Order (NWO) lockdown, they are not the only threatening force clouding the Patriot mind. 

5. 'Door-to-Door' Gun Confiscations: One of the defining features of Patriot/militia subculture is an obsession with firearms. Patriot groups stockpile them, train using them, and, perhaps most of all, worry about losing them. Any attempt to restrain their gun rights is viewed as the thin-edge-wedge of a New World Order crackdown.

6. 9/11 as Government Plot ... The Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C., were seen by both the far left and far right as fitting the bill for an intentional "crisis trigger."

7. Population Control ... For the conspiracy-minded, there is no such thing as an accidental tragedy or historical caprice. Each epidemic, mass industrial poisoning and medical advance (vaccinations, in particular) is just another highly suspicious example of the latest technologies being employed to further the agenda of hidden New World Order forces.

8. HAARP: This is the "Death Star" of the Patriot conspiracy galaxy, around which so many other conspiracies orbit and often intersect. According to the U.S. government, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program is a joint scientific research project of the Air Force and Navy, based in Gakona, Ala., whose stated purpose is "studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere..

9. The Federal Reserve Conspiracy: It wasn't long after its creation under Woodrow Wilson that the Federal Reserve System became a central fixture in the world of right-wing conspiracy. It was seen, rightly, as introducing European-style central banking into the United States.

10. The North American Union: Since the passage of NAFTA in 1993, fears of economic dislocation and loss of sovereignty have animated both sides of the political spectrum. 
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  1. I don't know about all these theories. But here is another: No manipulations of any individual or family or organization is going to stop the flow of American progress. If they try to dam it that will only produce an ocean that will eventually burst free, reestablishing the course of the of American progress and destroying those that sought to impede it.

  2. Where's my Tin Foil Hat?...I'm like 9 out of 10 except the UN taking over with troops...Everything else does have not just a grain of truth but some rather odd coincidences, government agencies doing bad things and lastly straight up lies.

    Ha we live in the Matrix.

  3. every comment you post on this site is traced to your ip address, if you dont beleive it, look to the top of the page after you post it, in the little box you will see a number and a letter c that is how you know you are being watched. 1129 if all of those are bs, why the need for so many cameras all over every city, why would they need to watch us in say a small city of under 50000 with little to no crime at all?

  4. Fact or Fiction? By labeling them "conspiracy theories", the average sheeple slave will see them as "theory". I have researched many or these topics for years, and find credibility in ALL of them.

    The government run MSN never mentions any of these items, or if they do, it is done in a fashion that makes anyone who beLIEves them a nut case, or a "terrorist".

  5. 11:58 you're wrong on that one. No IP is traced or kept. The IRS already contacted me asking about an IP that THEY couldn't find or trace on this site, back in APRIL.

  6. Um um um, everything is fine. Obama is on vacation again so everything is great.

    Do not believe the naysayers, we can overcome anything these ass clowns dish out. Long live the republic.

  7. ea what is the number with the c for, if it is not being tracked traced and databased? if you cant answer it, I believe you are lying.

  8. #10 is easily provable, the north american union is fact, both reps and dems leave the borders open and care not how many us citizens die. Why, because they are wanting a north american union and cheap wages for their criminal business owner buddies. The transcontinental highway from mexico to canada through texas is another fact that proves it.

  9. And that is why this merely a conspiracy theory site with end times predictions mixed with economic news.

  10. Do you really care about being tracked by government child molesters? Overload the bastards with all the useless data you can. The more the merrier. They want to be god and will do everything they can with technology. What they lack is divine judgment, justice and grace to use what little data they collect.

    God will deal with them, not us. Have faith because the Lord does not take kindly to being mocked. This empire will fall just like every other one in history.

  11. What I want to know is what they can do with what they get if the get it?

    I don't care.

    I bathe naked. I don't have anything anybody else does.

    So I blow off steam. Who doesn't have an opinion?

    Who doesn't have hard view of government?

    Last I checked everyone was burned up.

    Are they gonna eyeball all three hundred million of us and pick out the rotten apples?

    Are they gonna use'em for an example to keep the rest of us down?

    Or are they just after criminals, terrorists and the like?

    Or both?

    Now I'm scared.

  12. Our president ODRAMA is the worst president we ever had. Let's send him home asap.

  13. you know what??? If any one of them is true, we're basically screwed.

  14. We are in the final stage of collapse. In January 2011, things will be unrecognizable. The manipulated financial markets will collapse by the end of this year.

  15. 252 at least half of them are true and provable

  16. is this credible?

  17. 1:12 I don't track anything. End of story.

  18. Well - we all don't have to worry anyway



    0r was it 8-25-10


    To tell you the truth; in all this excitement; I lost track myself.

    Question is ------------

    Do you feel lucky???

    Well do ya??

    Punk !

  19. As to HAARP being used for weather manipulation in destrucive economic warfare -Who knows?

    All this "top secret"stuff makes people all around the world suspicious .
    If it was not military and "pure" scientific nature study for the benifit of all humanity
    then why all the military secrecy ?
    Should people in government power, say in russia or china,countries with missiles and nuclear and other WMD may feel threatened
    they may find it prudent to defensively take HAARP out.

    Perhaps with an american style 'pre-emptive" defensive attack.

    Then what?

    Many Russians ,Chinese,Pakistanis already beleive that recent dire weather events are related to geo-political economic warfare and weather blackmail threats by the US ,a known user of WMD against civilian targets .

  20. The Fed is a REAL and PRESENT DANGER.

    No conspiracy theory there ...just an organization composed of the financial elite screwing America (and the world) for almost 10 years.

    Other than that...things are peachy.

  21. Actually, a few of these are verifiable through reputable sources.
    For anything economy related, the Gerald Celente Channel is #1 for the facts.

    HAARP is real and has the potential do do serious damage to any target without it being provable or traceable. A little bit of Googling historical events will prove that easily.

    9/11 plots? Try

    Chemtrails ? Now, how easy is it to take atmosphereic samples (at a lower altitude where permitted)in a small plane after a jet has gone by and get those samples tested? Pretty easy !
    So, why hasn't anyone done it and put this one to bed !?

    Population control ? hmmm...interesting one - lots of anecdotal information saying yes, but time will tell.

    As for the rest - mainly Alex Jones style paranoia.

  22. How could anyone say 9/11 was not a conspiracy? What lunacy! That is the most provable of all conspiracies that is why Bush made the statement "outrageous conspiracy theories" regarding it.. because he knew it is a conspiracy.. He needed to prep the masses to be against it. And the media picked right up on it. His favorite fans fox news. Some people in this world just don't get it.. The proof is there.. tons of proof.. what has become of people they don't care about truth anymore they could not see truth if it hit them right between the eyes..

  23. The freaks over at alex jones and prison planet want to pretend there is boogeyman lurking waiting to blow up something so they can start a war, usually it is a jew from isreal they blame who are hiding behind a curtain to get america into war. How pathetic those idiots at prison planet are, they cant even see the real enemy--islam. Alex jones is so anti jew and is so filled with hate towards isreal he will spew anything to get his sheeple to follow. Just like Y2K Prison planet was claiming it was a conspiracy for the jews and new world order to take over the world. Well after it became 12:05am year 2000. Then the freaks said they saved the world from the jews with there computer programs. Fricken goofballs.

  24. It is totally dishonest to claim that "Patriot/militia subculture that bred and nurtured the OKC bombers". Was the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Domestic Terrorism naive or incompetent??? There was anger about what the government had done in the Ruby Ridge case AND the WACO incident. The government carelessly killed 60 people most of them children. If you understand what went on in Waco you will realize it was a show from the beginning. They decided to pull off a high visibility armed assault as a stunt. They could have easily arrested David Koresh in town where he often went alone. This was an out of control ATF showng off for the cameras that went bad. After that everything got worse culminating in the death of 60 people including little innocent children. THAT is what angered people and even provided some attention to "patriot" groups. But no patriot group or militia was complicit in anyway in the OKC bombing. In case you didn't pay attention our government and the FBI declared that McVeigh acted alone. If there had been anyone else to implicate they would have. Terry Nichols didn't conspire with him or participate he simply had the bad luck to know a little about what McVeigh planned and kept his mouth shut. A stupid move to be sure but not a conspiracy. The FBI and the defense absolutely knew and stated that no one else was involved. Yet we have stories like this trying to implicate innocent people simply because they are "different" from you. They may fly the American flag outside their home and that seems to scare some people. They take of their hat and face the flag during the national anthem. They DID NOT bomb OKC!! Got it!!!


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