Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ron Paul: Washington Is Destined to Destroy the Dollar

Dr. Ron Paul speaks with Goldseek Radio about government tracking of gold purchases, shortages at the US Mint, investing in gold coins vs gold stocks, and the Free Competition in Currency Act.

Paul addresses the section of the recently passed health care monstrosity requiring businesses to submit a 1099 for all purchases of $600 a year beginning in January 2012. He believes this may lead to further tracking of gold purchases.

The Texas Congressman also speaks on two of his bills, the SEC Transparency Act (H.R 5970) and the Free Competition in Currency Act (H.R. 4248). H.R. 5970 would eliminate the section of Obamacare that grants the SEC immunity from freedom of information requests. H.R. 4248 would legalize competing currencies and help free up the market from the monopoly of the private Federal Reserve.
“We’re printing money, we’re spending money, we have not reformed Washington. They’re destined to destroy the dollar, which means not that the gold price is going up, but the value of gold will be maintained. The value of the dollar is destined to go down.”
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  1. as the dollar hegemony in the fiat paper dollar implodes.
    a new currency will be required for exchange of commodities .
    Those who have gold hope that precious metal will be the basis of that new currency.
    With the same banksters operating with fractional reserve banking that bought down the dollar back in control.
    it makes little difference whether a currency is paper or gold backed.
    in fact the current paper money proved useful in exchange since the time of the Mongols as long as it was backed by the armed force of the state as a socialy recognised legal tender measure of exchange value .9especialy for tax payments to government.
    The important thing is not whether the currency is paper or gold backed , but whether a nation controls its supply and its use in debt creation in the peoples interest.Not as a tool for banksters to create and seize control of a mations future tax revenues through bondholders in control of the nations debt.
    Treasury bonds are fraud the money/value has already been spent by government it is duplicated as treaury bond debts of government .
    it is fictual money given a title /claim to a future dividend.
    The real money /value of the paper bonds is non existant it is already spent and the value consumed in goods and services by government
    That real value cannot be both be spent and still exist as paper.

    Gold currency is not necessary -peoples control of its own currency even if only paper is.
    Handing control of the currency to those who
    have gold to invest in the future paper is a betrayal of the peoples interest to the rich and the bankster lords of interest and usury
    and will only lead to future debt slavery of the people again.


  2. whatever paper currency is circulating gold /silver will retain its material value as a store of wealth ,with an exchange value with any paper based on the socialy necessary labour time used extracting it from the earth and the cost of its smelting into useable ammounts for exchange
    gold bugs should not fear paper money only its corrupt use by government and banksters manipulating its value with inflation via the printng press for their private benifit in national debt creation as by The Fed.

  3. Ron Paul. Good sense. I supported him. Where were the rest of you Johnny come latelys when it mattered?



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