Monday, August 9, 2010

America's Most Beautiful Park To Be Sold Off?

Some might call it blackmail. The governor of Wyoming calls it desperation.
Governor Dave Freudenthal is threatening to sell off a chunk of one of America's most beautiful national parks unless the Obama administration comes up with more money to pay for education in the financially beleaguered state.
He says he will auction land valued at $125m (£80m) in the Grand Teton national park, one of the country's most stunning wildernesses. Part of the park was donated by John Rockefeller Jr.
Other parts belong to the state government including two parcels of land of about 550 hectares (1,360 acres) designated as school trust lands to be "managed for maximum profit" to generate funds for education in Wyoming.

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  1. Soon to be purchased by Goldman Sachs or some other Banksters. Bye Bye America. You got stupid and lazy and now you are done.


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