Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Collapsing States Opening Casino's To Steal Your Money

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- Cash-starved states are increasingly being drawn to the lure of easy money in casinos - a bet that could ultimately hurt taxpayers if the supply of slot machines, poker tables and racetracks outpaces customers' demand.
The race to open new casinos is most frenzied in the Northeast, which has 41 casinos and 20 more planned.
Atlantic City, N.J., which for decades held a gambling monopoly outside Nevada, was already reeling from a beatdown inflicted by neighboring competitors. Now New York, which has casinos run by Indian tribes, just approved slot machines for its Aqueduct racetrack. Pennsylvania has added table games like poker and blackjack to its nine slot-machine casinos - and five new casinos are planned.


  1. casino capitalism. everything is a bet. no more supply and demand. LOL

  2. Just one more on a long list of reasons I gave up on the american populace a long, long time ago.

    What kind of mentality does it take for a person to hand over their wallet to a known theif

  3. When around a hundred million Americans allow their paychecks to be tapped before they ever see it, it's no wonder. If the average Joe would game the tax system like the big boys, I would buy the popcorn to watch that show.

  4. Just more proof that safety or morals never existed, and it was always just about the cash for governments.

    Why was gambling ever illegal in the first place?

  5. Desperation causes people to do stupid things.

    Sad thing is that I have seen people gamble away money for food for their own children. It can be another form of addiction.

    Some of the Native American Elders said that people were Zombies ... now we use the term Zombie Bank.

    Soon it will be Zombie Casinos

  6. Those Indian tribes are run by white people who claim to be "indians"The real "indians were killed off by white people ages ago.Casino's are no value to society.


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