Saturday, August 28, 2010

Collapse Survival Will Be Tribal: Begin Recruiting Now

All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. 
Everyone on earth knows how fragile the economy is.  It has pushed first-world countries to the brink of revolution.  The pushing can't withstand much more before the pillars of civilization begin to fall.  And once they begin falling, there may be no stopping them from collapsing society altogether.  Unfortunately, the signs of further economic erosion are disturbingly obvious to the onlookers, and the remaining pillars are hanging on by a thread.

What's more, the controllers are orchestrating the collapse of the American economy and society right now, albeit in slow motion, but it is already crumbling.  The economy and the environment have surpassed their critical tipping points, where dollars will inevitably be worthless and resources will be out-of-reach expensive for most of humanity. We are likely to see astronomically-high gas prices ultimately causing food and medicine to be quickly wiped out of the box stores -- first by nesters, then by desperate looters.  One only has to witness the panic buying before predicted snow storms to imagine what a sustained blizzard would do.  It's well past the 11th hour and survival and real solutions must rule the day.

The collapse will surely be a desperate time for many, especially those who live in major cities.  Even some suburbs will not be immune for those who didn't see it coming and plan accordingly.  Jobs will be far scarcer, money will not go nearly as far for essentials like food and energy, and what will be left of the cities will be roving gangs desperate for resources.  The poor helpless citizens will most likely be taken to FEMA "dormitories" as is already being proposed.
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  1. face it 2008 came and left 2009 came and left 2010 almost ending and everything is still here.

  2. 11:37 you will be my water boy. I'll feed you once a week. Some idiots honestly believe everything lasts forever.

  3. I agree with 11:37. 2011 will come and go, and nothing like the above will happen. The markets are in fact making a comeback.

  4. 3:54 and 11:37 nailed it. Sure, things might get a little harder for some, but there are always those that will benefit at one time or another-just the natural cycle of things. These sites and others have been screaming like chicken little for years "THE SKY IS FALLING" lol. Seasons change and come and go-DV 2011 will come and go just like this year is, and once again we will be posting here to talk about it.

  5. The word that best describes those that think that America is not imploding is HUBRIS! It is hopeless to ever get them to see the truth and no amount of facts and statistics will convince them otherwise!
    They will be the "cattle" that will beg for their government to save them...only to find they have been abandoned!!!

  6. You can't count on the government to save you when everything implodes. Katrina is a prime example.

  7. 11:37 illustrates the technique of boiling a frog. To him 99 weeks of unemployment is the new normal. 10% official and 18% actual unemployment is now acceptable. Don't worry folks 2011 will soon be here. When I was a child in the 50's the federal government had huge wharehouses full of food. They literally had enough wheat to feed everyone in the U.S. for a couple of years. Today the government has almost no food in wharehouses and the industry has food in the pipeline but no stores of food for emergencies or the unexpected shortages. If trucks stopped running today your supermarket would be empty tomorrow. If the oil stopped flowing in the Middle East today there would be less then half the food crop next year. Our lifeline is a slender thread. Our existence depends upon a complicated chain of events all of which depend on cheap energy. And you really believe we won't have any problems?

  8. 11:37, 3:54, and 6:18 are all the same guy, he's just trying to be funny. Call him LOL.

    There is a crash right on the horizon. Truth is that the social fabric in America is worse than the economy. Interesting reality considering the economy is living-dead.

    Want to know what's really creepy outside of the fact that there are minds like LOL and an imminent cataclysm? There are large groups of people who are "recruiting" who have been waiting for and helping cause this for 60 years! Don't join any group people - they are all going to drag you to your grave by taking advantage of your fear and desperation.

    Stick with your families and closest friends. Any groups or lionhearts that come your way should be dismissed in an exigent fashion. Don't even contemplate it.

  9. 11:37. I cannot believe that you said that. Things never stay he same. Did you have a relative to die last year (Things not the same), did you know anyone that lost a job (Things not the same), did you know anyone that lost a house (Things not the same).
    Now I will be blunt with you. You better wake your dumb ass up. You got to be the most stupid SOB that ever open his or her mouth. WAKE YOUR DUMB ASS UP

  10. 3:54 read the message about 11:37 above. Your dumb ass is stuck on stupid too

  11. OK, i only posted once and that was 11:37

    now i am sure that 2010 will come and go just like the past 2 years because honestly i have heard & read enough tragedy foretasted and little has actually come true, i am also sure is because governments are holding the ropes with all the stimulus and what no.

    but just how long can this go?

  12. 11:37: for example few months ago (think it was April) i had asked a question on one of the articles don't remember which article it was but i asked on how long if such catastrophe were to occurred do we have and how to prepare of course some commented with good advices and others just said that i was too late that it could have happen the next day OK that was April and were in almost September yes i can't deny that here & there a lot has changed but not in a catastrophic level.

  13. 11:37 can't see the obvious.

    Food prices. I'll toss out a few examples from memory. I'll go back about 6 months.

    - One gallon of milk was $2.20, now it's as high as $3.25

    - Canned veggies were $.69 each, a few days ago my market was having a sale, store brand veggies were $.99 each, the regular price was $1.19

    - One pound box of pasta used to be $.99 anytime. Now that same box is $1.79

    - Ragu pasta sauce was always about $1.25, now that same jar is $2.50

    - Onions were always about $.30 a pound, now they are $1.00+ per pound.

    - A ten pound bag of potatoes was always about one dollar, now it's generally three dollars

    - A brick of real butter was just under 7 dollars, now it's $8.50

    - Little Cesars still has a pizza for 5 bucks, but now the cheese portion is much less. Crazy Bread was always 1 dollar, now it's $1.80 or more.

    Things are NOT the same. I'm a 99'er and I don't see me ever having another job in this current economy. My brother recently lost his job after 33 years with the same company!

    In the past, it was damn difficult to navigate the isles in Wal Mart. The store was packed with shoppers. Now every time I go there to buy more ammo, I have to wait and wait for a clerk to be paged to sporting goods to open the ammo case. I only go to Wal Mart for ammo and Mason jars. Target dose not sell ammo and Mason jars. I never considered canning my own pasta sauces or jellies or veggies. These days I'll make a huge pot of vegetable soup and can (bottle) it. I do the same with 10 bean and split pea soup.

    I was a cop 20 years ago. I got rid of my guns. I had a nut case for a wife and a little kid. Back in March I bought an AR-15 and a compact .45. I NEVER leave home without the .45

    My friends, things are NOT the same.

  14. I live in Lewis County, Washington. This area got hit by big floods in 2007 and 2009 that closed Interstate 5 and cut off food deliveries. Google it. During both floods I noticed after three days that the store shelves were looking a little bare and picked over. No panic developed for reasons not relevant to this post, but if the freeway had remained closed, there would have been problems as people ran out of food and water. Since that time, I've made sure I have food and water stored in my house.

  15. The Collapse will be very slow...Unless that EMP thing is for real or we attack Iran and they raise gas prices.

    Otherwise I'd say 2 years...Till it gets to the point there's real riots or food shortage and people demanding help in the streets.

    I fluctuate though...Sometimes it seems it can't go on even one more day and Bam! Markets are stable and there are no bank runs.

    Like someone much smarter than me has already said it's about confidence in the market and dollar...People are afraid but no one has yelled "Fire!!!" loud enough to start the stampede.

    I'm going to take a break from sites like this...I'm decently prepared but find myself worried about it all too much...Like I'm waiting for a punch that never comes...Yet I can't stop bracing because if I do I might sink.

    So might as well be stoic and only worry about things I can change...Otherwise too much knowledge will make you crazy.

    Best luck to all from beautiful sunny Monterey Ca.

  16. 11:37 to 10:55 yes that is the point that i want to make to much knowledge can make you crazy. i am grateful for people that create these sites and informed people of past present & future political events etc..

    But i can't be overwhelmed by something that is out of my understanding and control i can't just stand still & wait for stuff to happen meanwhile i have a life to live and a job to go to and family to interact with.

    Honestly i decent from a country were sometime there's food scarcity, wealth is distributed among the wealthy, corruption is abundant and so on it can become a norm.

    i understand that for a person that originates from a nation were these things a rarely or remotely seen it can be overwhelming to think that it can happen to them so they are always on the watch.

    i don't want to jump ship but if this happens here in the U.S i might as well return back where is the same.

  17. Not just that the prices of the food product are up, the packaging sizes are getting smaller and smaller. Inflation is hidden with cleaver marketing.

  18. to 11:46 i think the packages for products are smaller now because of the go "GREEN" movement.

  19. Has anyone noticed lately that the internet is running slower? I have and here is what's going to happen. The internet is going to be slowed down on purpose or shut down enitrely. This way you will have no news, no way to know what is happening. Hell we could be at war with Iran right now and not know it, why? Because are media is so heavily propagandzed, that they don't ever tell the truth, unless it is about lindsay lohan or some other useless story. They govt will slow or shut the internet down, they go about their plan, all the while you sit at home in the dark, not knowing what is really happening.

  20. The government passed a bill for "emergency" takeover of the internet, and yes basically they want to be able to shut it down and control the information you can get, and isolate you. The mass media is far more easy for them to control. Without the internet, it is almost impossible for people to unplug from the matrix, and everyone is stuck as a sheeple. Except for the elites of course, which most of us aren't.

    The new norm IS high unemployment, low wages, etc. The thing is there are ENOUGH people still doing well that a total collapse will not happen right away. Unemployment must hit around 60%+ for total failure. I don't think that will happen, but if it does, it will not be soon.

    It is never too early to prepare. If you wait until right before a collapse it will be too late, and too obvious. The government will make sure to restrict things as much as possible. Right now they already restrict guns, fertilizer and even gold. So the warning signs are there.

    You have maybe 5 years. Use cash so it's harder to track you and buy from different sources and buy little amounts. Use the entire 5 years to build your stores up as much as possible. But do not let your neighbors see you building up that store. Deception is the key. You must pretend nothing is out of the ordinary and that you don't have a stock, or your stock is very small.

    Right before the total collapse, act panicked and try the final run just as your peers do. That way they won't suspect you. If you barter for anything, act like it's the last bit you have and you really don't want to part with it but need to.

    Don't tell others that there is a collapse coming. If someone says there is, disagree with them publicly while privately seeing what they're doing to prepare and if they're willing to ally with you when the time comes.

    I don't expect a true collapse in a year or even 2 years. If it will happen, it's 5-10.

  21. 12:08, maybe with some consumer products, not food. It's the total contents of product. Shave an oz or two from a can, change the shape to disguise it. Look at orange juice, the standard was 1/2 gallon, now it's 1.7 quarts. Cans of vegetables that were once 16 oz are now 15.6, 14.75 oz and so on. Read the labels and compare sizes. Maybe you are too young to have fair comparison and know what I'm talking about?

    It's happening right under your nose.

  22. 11:37 to 12:28 yes I'm young somewhat but i can use very well my commonsense and i do see this things happen.

  23. 11:37 to 12:59...

    besides i hate having to shop at supermarkets etc...

  24. Once the Internet is cut off, you bet, we'll only have government propaganda to listen to. Consider this, coming from an old dinosaur:

    - In the 1970's and 80's, before the Internet and cell phones, we had CB radios. I had a base station and one in my car. We could not broadcast very far, but it was sure possible to relay a message across town or across the country. I suggest you all invest less than $100.00 for a mobile CB and antenna.

    - Study up and get a Ham Radio license. Buy a hand held radio and talk to the world. You can buy a portable Ham radio for less than the cost of an iPad.

    - Buy at least one, 100 watt solar panel, charge controller and one, 100 amp 12 volt, gel cell battery. A gel cell will last at least 10 years if it is cared for properly. I have exactly what I described above. It won't power up your house, but it will allow you to power up a CB, Ham Radio, AM-FM radio, 12 volt LCD lights, a 12 volt fan and with a power inverter, it can provide 120 volt AC power to run an Energy Star compact refrigerator. Grid power may be reliable, but as soon as the grid goes down, you'll with you took my advise.

    As for the collapse, I would say 40-45% true unemployment will be the trigger. Remember, there are NO MORE, UI extensions. The 40 million currently unemployed will run out of money and hope, very soon.

  25. 10:55 is correct. Prepare but don't freak out. Use your judgement and trust your intuition when dealing with others. Friends and family are the best bet in most cases and always keep your mouth shut. Don't brag telling the world what you have and keep praying.

    God Bless to you all!

  26. I pay $2 a gallon for milk in Santa Fe, NM.

    You said it used to be $2.20.

    Thus, that is deflationary.

  27. in new york city food prices are not bad.


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