Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mexico To Ban Payment In Cash

Mexico says it is planning to tighten the noose around big-ticket cash purchases to curtail the flow of smuggled dollars and fight money laundering.
President Felipe Calderon put forward the sweeping new measures Thursday to crack down on billions of dollars of the illicit money gained by the drug cartels and spent by them for more profit.

"This illicit money is vital for the criminal. That is what they seek, this money. It is also vital to finance their activities," said Calderon,
The Washington Post reported on Thursday.
If approved by the legislature, the legislation would not allow anyone to buy real estate in cash. Neither would it permit anyone to spend more than MXN 100,000 (USD 7,700) in cash on vehicles, boats, airplanes and luxury goods.

Violators of the new legislation would face up to 15 years in prison. 


  1. No doubt coming to your neighborhood soon. After all, we can't have the sheeple slaves paying cash, the govt needs to know what you are spending your worthless dollars on.

    You could be a drug dealer, or even worse, al qaeda.

    Now go back to watching your game on tv and SHUT-UP SLAVE!

  2. This is a stringent predicament we're in. Are these measures deliberately executed to distend the removal of liberties or are these measures obfuscated ideologies being imposed on the masses by otherwise incompetent minds with too much power who shouldn't be doing the thinking?

    The abstruse time frame we were in is unshrouding and what becomes clear is that the world of man is penetrated in encumbering contexts. The more you truly know, the more confusion you become aware of.

    What will be at the terminal point when we approach it? The singularity initiated eons ago, continuously explicating enfolded orders of creation now takes off its mask. The hologram will cease and the real essence of all the things from Alpha to Omega will be revealed.

    What will it be like?

    Who the fuck knows...

  3. Keep your eyes on catostropic events. There will be an event that none of us saw coming. Deep inside we know it is out there and it is close but it has not arrived. When the event takes place it will be like nothing we have never seen or witnessed. The earth is convulsing from all the corruption, pollution and abuse. It will be during or soon after this event that the financial collapse will take place. It will be rapid and it will be ugly for everyone. Take your life a day at a time and prepare for your lives to change. In the meanwhile prepare by buying food, water, medical supplies. This will not be the time to run to the store. Also, get in shape, spiritually, physically, emotionally and live your lives one day at a time. Do not let all this doom and gloom consume you but let it grow you. I have no idea when this will take place but I feel deep inside it will be sooner than later.

  4. AirMexico is bankrupt. they are officially closed as of midnight last night.

  5. Let that shit hole dry up and blow away. They have dumped their trash in our country for decades, let them rot away.

  6. I'm gonna buy a couple pounds of good weed and 100 bottles of JD....along with my supplies and sit up in my gated condo complex.....on the top floor.....and watch the Omega Man....ever night ...

  7. Keep your eyes on catastrophic events. There will be an event that none of us saw coming....

    I would agree with the above comment. The whole world seems to be focused on the economy but I feel there is something else brewing out there that will catch us all by surprise. Kinda like the Gulf event but bigger.

    Don't both commenting on Garth's site; the man does not appreciate the truth, at least not the whole truth...give the sheeple only so much to keep selling books and seminars but do not expose the corruption at the highest levels. 'Controlled Opposition' is the term for guys like him.

  8. Mexicans have always had the US as a pressure relief when bad happens there. When things tend to moderate, the ruling class goes back to take up where they left off. Study the end of the Mexican Revolution. The ones that put Mexico in a good position, were bought off with ranchos, then assisinated.
    Except this time I feel the Narcopolitico's will not allow the ruling class to escape. The history of the Mexican Revolution is a brutal and bloody what we have seen in Africa in the last 5 years. By the time this plays out, 72 people killed in one frenzy will not even make the news.
    Our political leaders, if there is such a thing had better be prepared for the consequences. Read up on why Pancho Villa attacked Columbus NM. Hint, The US gov was involved, and Pancho had gotten screwed. Imigine what Pancho could have done if he had access to the Narcopolitico money.

  9. 213: The Omega Man, a classic cult film if there ever was one! I remember so well watching that movie as a young kid in the early 70's. To this day, it still chills me to the spine. They just don't make like that anymore, but then again there was only one Charlton Heston!

  10. I wonder how many American's were hoping to purchase land in Mexico with cash now that they fear what may happen in the USA. This was probably one of the reasons this law came about.

  11. currency controls, black market, swiss bank accts investigated/closed, greece's state and VAT tax many to list. Controls, to fight drug cartels and crime, to fight funding terrorists, to fight tax evaders, for our safety, for our own good!
    Breed fear, blind and manage perspectives with owned media, create crisis's, present the solution-theirs. Break the system, back peoples into a corner, make them fearful, poorer, desperate if neccessary, make war, hunger, disease/pandemics...
    then present the pro's of a new way, new solution and steer things in that direction to prove it works-they work, they know best. I suppose we'll have some digital mark to access a new system eventually, maybe maybe not have regional currencies underneath a new system, but without some agreed to "mark" u won't access what system they'll put in place..
    how many will give everything for gain, or to maintain their way of life or simply to eat? many, if it weren't so we'd never had murders and beatings robbery's frauds sextrades wars kidnappings..a long list amongst mankind, citizen and government the ills the same, sin
    Give it time, they'll present "peace and prosperity"...
    Jesus said if He doesn't cut the day short not a man would survive

  12. These filthy drug dealers are out of civilized control.
    And spoiling a good American business and the CIAs source of under the table finance for the wars against terrorism in the third world .
    Americas heroic war “against” drugs has been waged from Vietnam with Air America to Columbia to Afghanistan where the war against drugs is going well.
    Wherever the military happens to go so goes the war ‘against ‘ drugs .
    Some these criminals are going Rogue even muscling in on the profits in America .
    The cia must be really pissed off .
    See some history on how the American gangs and gangsta culture first got established in American black and Hispanic communities.
    And how the CIA "fought" back.

  13. Mexico Bans Cash Transactions: Yet another reason why we do not want Mexican culture contaminating the United States. Add this to the list of other despicable acts: private citizens prevented from defending themselves with firearms, openly corrupt politicians, endemic pedophilia, shoddy construction/trade standards, endemic tribal hostilities.
    Screw Mexico. Send illegals back with a copy of the US Constitution and let them fight for their own "opportunity" on their own land.
    Most certainly the Mighty Kenyan is looking at Mexico as a standard for ruling over post-bank-collapse Americans.


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