Monday, August 9, 2010

Energy Expert Matt Simmons Dies in North Haven

Matthew Simmons, an international oil expert who most recently focused on developing renewable energy from the waters off Maine, died Sunday night of an apparent heart attack, his office is reporting. He was 67.
Matthew Simmons was a leading energy investment banker, a former energy adviser to President George W. Bush, and author.
Simmons founded the Ocean Energy Institute in 2007, hosting a grand opening of its new office last month in Rockland. The  goal of the think tank and venture capital fund was to attract investment in research to make Maine a global leader in offshore wind and other ocean energy sources.
According to police reports, Simmons suffered a heart attack while in a hot tub at his home on North Haven. An autopsy is planned for today in Augusta, according to the Knox County Sheriff's Office.
Simmons was a leading energy investment banker, a former energy adviser to President George W. Bush, and author. He wrote the 2005 book “Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy,” which laid out an argument that the world was approaching peak oil production.
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  1. Same way they did Colby. It's their calling card. Pesky journalists get shot on the head. Pesky Insiders who know too much have heart attacks and drown. Be warned.

  2. Killed for telling the truth. The oil spill is not over and BP wanted him silenced.

  3. FRICKIN UNBELIEVABLE! He was heart attached, a favorite CIA method. This really puts a new light on the Gulf catastrophe, meaning there must of been substance in what he was saying.

    Basically, this is a warning to others, SHUT UP!

    Unfortunately, the sheeple slave units will not get it, they will just write this off as another unhealthy American.

  4. One of the most vocal opponents to the BP disaster and he dies in his hot tub from a heart attack? Yeah,right! Complete BS. This guy was murdered.

    10:04 is correct. The sheeple won't even notice.

  5. Killed to keep him from any expert testimony if there ever is a future trial or inquiry. BP hit squad or hired assassins did this evil deed.

  6. Wow. I don't know what to say. What is has said is part of the public discourse. But will it be spoken by the MSM if the man is dead. This certainly is fishy.

  7. You people are crazy. Take a good look at the guy's picture. He was a heavy drinker. Probably had a few before getting in the hot tub.

    People with bad tickers and who drink a lot should stay away from water.

  8. During the fire service, I was stationed at a fire station next to a large retirement community. Was always getting emergency calls for people in hot tubs, that had a heart attack or drowned in the hot tub. It happens all the time. Normal for older age group to fall victim (if circumstances are correct) to dilate their arteries and vessels as they get into a hot tub. Basically many times they do have a heart attack, or pass out and slip into the water. I know the world loves to talk about MURDER, MURDER, MURDER but the facts also older people die in hot tubs and it is not unusual. Me thinks, most people on this site, never even has seen a deceased person from a heart attack. GET A LIFE!!!!!

  9. 8:39,

    Not to mention he was 67. Look at the way the article mentions that. As if some horrible tragedy occured and a 20 year old kid died. "He was 67." Is this ONLY 67?

    Rose died of an overdose, she was only 24.

    "He was 67."

    Okay... and? He lived a decent life and died at a fairly ripe age.

    No one give me that crap about how sad it is to die at 67, it is not! Fuck living to 90. WTF? People who cry for people who die in their 80s and 90s are retarded. They just got to live in one of the best eras in human history and die at the age way past that which the majority of humans ever can even get close to.

    What I feel sorry for those that are young who are alive, not the old that die now.

    There's thousands of conspiracy theorists who run around year after year, some for decades exposing all kinds of people. This guy just talked out against BP, died at 67 of a heart attack?

    I believe it...

  10. I wish sometimes we can give a thumbs up or down to comments being made.

    Poo-pie's to the dis-info agents.

  11. That is very sad news that energy expert matt simmons dies. As he was having a great knowledge of content.

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