Monday, August 9, 2010

Nothing Will Save Us: Collapse Is Coming

Nothing can save our financial system in the long run.  It is doomed to collapse. This is inevitable, because our government controls and manages its very foundation -- the dollar.

The federal government began its takeover of the dollar in 1913 when it established the Federal Reserve Banking System. Prior to that, the dollar was a real store of value. In the period from 1783 to 1913, there was a long period of currency stability with virtually no inflation. If you saved one dollar in 1800, your great-grandchild could buy roughly the same amount of goods with the same dollar one century later.
In 1913, five dollars could get you the following:
15 pounds of potatoes, 10 pounds of flour, 5 pounds of sugar, 5 pounds of chuck roast, 3 pounds of round steak, 3 pounds of rice, 2 pounds each of cheese and bacon, and a pound each of butter and coffee ... two loaves of bread, 4 quarts of milk and a dozen eggs.
In 2010, five dollars barely gets you two pounds of cut chicken meat.
Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the dollar has shed more than 90 percent of its value. The loss of value has been especially pronounced since 1971, when Richard Nixon took the dollar off the last vestiges of the gold standard. In that year, the dollar became a pure fiat currency, grounded in nothing but the whims of politicians and technocrats. The consequences have been disastrous. One thousand 1971 dollars would buy only $185 worth of goods today. This represents a loss of some 80 percent in purchasing power.
The dollar has already entered its terminal phase. The word "doom" is written across it for anyone with the eyes to see. Sad to say, there is no way to reverse its downward slide.

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  1. Please start immediately by writing on all paper currency

    "The Dollar is doomed"

  2. You know people need to understand this. It is Not Bush or Obama that has ruin America it is the privately Own Federal Reserve Bank that killed America. Until people understand the difference between a Federal Reserve note and Money nothing will change in history.

  3. And who owns the Federal Reserve? Goldman Sachs, some other Jewish run finance companies. I'll be considered an anti-semite for posting this probably just for mentioning that though.

  4. Nah, the government will intercede and make our dollar boo boo's go away. Why, right this very minute the Crock Market is anticipating an explosion upward as they think the Fed is going to resume QE! Wow, we can go on forever with this Crap Market. No problamo, just let Ben continue flying his Heli around and all will be fine.

  5. Its coming, and coming soon.

    Prepare yourself and your families..NOW!

  6. This Vasko guy doesn't know what he's talking about. The constitution gave the government control of money, giving it the power to deal only in silver and gold coin. In normal times that would mean the power of issuing money was in the hands of the people. But now since the government serves itself, and the elite, rather than the citizens as a whole it permits the privately run "Federal" Reserve to debase our money. And yes 9:19, the IMF/World Bank, the Federal Reserve, it's majority shareholders, mostly Jewish. FACT. Read Henry Ford.

  7. I'm so scared my backbone just dissolved. I barely managed to crawl to my swimming pool where I am able to float like a jellyfish. Perhaps someone will come along and change my water for me because I am so afraid of the dollar-Fed-Goldman-Bilderburg-Illuminati booger man that I am uncontrollably soiling my pool. My greatest fear is that someone will come along and drain my water and let me bake in the hot sun and then crumble me up and wash me down the drain and I will still be sooooooooo afraid because I don't know what is going to happen next and I am at the mercy of anyone and everyone that wants to tell me the next terrible news. OHHHHHHH! Being a jelly fish isn't easy.

  8. And when the collapse does come, and it will, expect to see riots in the streets. The rioters will be those who did not prepare for this by stocking up on non-perishables and water.

    Next will come the non-stop looting of every kind of store you can think of. Remember the LA riots?

    The hardest hit will be the grocery stores and pharmacy's. Looters will clear the shelves and later sort through it, looking for codeine, vicoden and oxy. Gun shops will be invaded and then we'll have mobs of people high on opiates, carrying guns.

    The cops and fire fighters will be at home, protecting their families. There will not be enough National Guard to stop anything. The White House has been burned before and I would expect it to happen again.

    People who have saved all their lives will wake up to find out their money, their life savings, is worthless. Just a pile of fancy paper. Add to that, worthless stocks and bonds.

    For a long time thereafter, the only real currency will be gold, silver, ammo, food, water and gasoline.

    I hope you are all ready. This is one adventure we all must experience.

  9. america has 2 kinds of currencies:
    paper notes which is issue and control by the FED and the other are coins which is issue and control by the Treasury Department. the coins itself have more value than the paper notes.
    isn't the Constitution says the Treasury Department has the right to issue money. how did the FED comes to existence when the Constitution has not authorized the creation of the FED?????

  10. Where in thee hell does everyone think the federal reserve came from initally ? Mars ?

    Alot of people here think the President of the USA is some puppet who gets masturbated 3 times a day and eats Oysters to perpetuate this theme.

    I hate to tell yaall this -----------------

    But it all started ( and ended ) with a President

    And his name was Woodrow Wilson

    And the real reason we are so fucked is that you can go for 2 months on sites just like this one and have millions of dumb assed opinions

    And NOT ONE will take the time to do the research


    That's because we are under worked, over paid - lazy assed, sound bite pukeing entitlement fucks who do not deserve this once great land our forefathers bethrothed us

    Now go back to Tiger's sad story and quietly let the country collapse around you, 'cause in reality; your too fucking lazy to walk to the SUV
    and spread any good facts anyway.

    We are indeed DOOMED !

  11. I have been posting about price inflation for some time because the mainstream media completely ignores the problem.

    I don't care what kind of supermarket loss leaders make you think food is cheaper. It isn't. When a cauliflower sells for almost $4, we are screwed. Sugar went up by 35%--it's one of the staples I usually stock up on. Last year pet food went up 25-40% and was one more reason why so many people gave their pets to the pound.

    There may be a lot of Jews in the financial industry, but all the other big corporations are run by rich Christians (especially the Waltons of Walmart). How do we know there isn't a Christian conspiracy to control us?

  12. It wasn't christians that ran Christianity and God out of the Media, out of School, out of the mainstream culture, and out of all avenues of public display. There is NO christian conspiracy.

  13. yall better quit this blogging. the government is gonna come to your house and take you to a fema camp for saying bad things about them. you will all be on the red list. that means you will be shot and roasted in the creamatory. be quiet and hide in a closet. you will be safe there. tell the wife and the babies that they are on their own. no sharing the closet. be quiet i hear fema at your front door. BANG YOU ARE DEAD.

  14. Are we all a little paranoid? I believe the economy is going to crash and I'm trying to prepare for it but lets face it not everyone is in the same boat.


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