Monday, August 16, 2010

The FDIC Does Not Remotely Have Enough Funds For More Bank Failures

109 U.S. banks have failed so far this year, 23 in this quarter alone. These failures may not cost depositors, but they do come at a steep cost to the FDIC. As discussed here with ValuEngine’s Richard Suttmeier, the FDIC Deposit Insurance has already spent $18.93 billion this year, “well above the $15.33 billion prepaid assessments for all of 2010.” 
The situation is likely even worse than the FDIC portrays, says William Black Associate Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.
“The FDIC is sitting there knowing that it has both the residential disaster and the commercial real estate disaster [and] knowing it doesn’t have remotely enough funds to pay for it,” he says.
What the FDIC should really be doing, Black argues, is raise its assessments to better reflect the true state of the banking system. However, that would turn an already precarious position into crisis as it would cause more banks would fail. The other option, though not politically plausible, would be to ask the Treasury Department or Congress for more funds.
Therefore, we’re left in our current situation. “That also means we’re following a Japanese type strategy of hiding the losses,” he says. “This is a really stupid strategy and it’s ours.”
It’s also not a money-making strategy for stock investors. Black reminds us Japan’s Nikkei is still worth about 75% less than it was before their bubble burst in late 1989.
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  1. "These failures MAY not cost Depositers".

    The writer has lost All legitamacy right from the getgo.

    It took me a long, long time to realize the truth - the truth is "the depositers" pay for every fucking thing === asshole!


    These fucking banks and bamnksters and bureacratic scum make NOTHING !

    Get it !


    They cannabilize what's left of the lowly "depositor"

    Damn fuckheads - somebody out there call a damn spade - a fucking spade - I am so tired of it I could just puke.

  2. The banks and Wall St. are just ripping everyone off. I agree with the above commenter; call a spade a spade and get over it.

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  4. f ron paul, the system is broken, and it wont get up, it is over and you know that.

  5. The FDIC dies not have to have any money they are there for PERCEPTION ONLY to stop Bank Runs.

    People perceive their money is SAFE because the FDIC protects them.

    People may realize in the future that their money NOT SAFE in fact their money is an debt anchor around their neck. So who cares about the FDIC then?

    If you control PEOPLES PERCEPTION of reality then you control what they do in the reality that you have created for them to live in. Sort of a jail for the mind like THE MATRIX.

  6. "The way to protect oneself from this insidious disease is to stay one step ahead of the central bankers."
    This statement reminds me of Jesus having enough of the fleecing of the little man and going into the temple and kicking ass til everyone realized he wasnt "playing around" with the "money-changers"
    Was Jesus a pacifist? I think not...

    Of course Ron Paul is just one person, but some of you are such hardcore "Naysayers" its a wonder you get up off your lazy flouridated body bag and find time to naysay someone... well at least you tried to do something today...

  7. Until the 'welfare state' or those who are bought into(and sold-Out) the guv system of 'survival' then we will never see a collapse. How can things collapse when there is a 75 percent increase in food stamps in under a 2 year period. It is called crowd control or keeping the sheeple in a hypnotic daze while the last vestiges of America is slated for destruction, until they have fleeced every last bit they can, then there will be no restoration of our Republic. A hungry belly makes for an angry mob.

    Pray the November elections get us back on the right track.And for god sakes next time VOTE FOR AN AMERICAN

  8. sell your things and live overseas in a low cost country as an expat


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