Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Millions to Lose Jobless Benefits by Year's End

While hundreds of House members and dozens of senators hit the campaign trail in a fight to save their jobs with help from President Obama, more than 2 million out-of-work Americans are faced with dropping into unemployment obscurity by the end of the year. 
Though Congress last month passed a jobless benefits extension, the boost only lasts until Nov. 30 -- that means a backlog of recipients will drop off those benefits all at once come December. Between the end of August and the end of the calendar year, approximately 2.37 million Americans will stop getting unemployment checks, according to Labor Department
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  1. Now we get to the meat of the matter...When people run out of cash for their kids and families then we'll see some seriously f*cked up things.

    See an honest man steal
    See a strong man weep

    Social breakdown starts in domino style and once things go bad they all go bad...Been there and scared of things to come.

  2. Thanks heavens these millions coming off unemployment will finally have a reason to get a job. Means unemployment rate may come down in first quarter of 2011.

  3. 7:08 where will these jobs exist besides in YOUR head? 50 yrs old and I've been looking for 2 years. Not for a $10 part time job next to a wetback either..

  4. When people have no food to feed their families, this is when we really start seeing the breakdown. May those of us who still have means provide for our friends and neighbors who do not. And now is the time time to get our homes in order...stock up on the essentials. Don't put off what you can do today!

  5. Dear 7:11

    You made my point well. You collect free money from the Government and yet you are unwilling to take a job for $10 per hour next to a person that you are racist against. You are a perfect example of a guy would not collect any more unemployment. If you did not have the intelligence to pick a career/education that is in demand today, then you should flip burgers. The fact is you seem to be such a salty person that I can see why no one would want to hire you. Thanks for making my case that unemployment benefits for long durations only rewards/promotes non-productive behavior. And I am sorry if you are poor, but there will always be poor folks in the world. Take that $10 job next to the "wetback" if you are even qualified!

  6. I run a small construction firm in Virginia, I have 8 employees including myself. During the early spring throught just up to 2 weeks ago, we were fairly stable. just yesterday, I had to lay off 2 of my employees. Even thoug I have told my employees that this business is, "feast or famine" and they were aware of this, it dosen't make it any easier. Actually, I have laid may employees off with in the past several years. However, this time was the hardest for me. I struggled with this for some time. I had reduced the benefits, I had reduced wages, I combined the transportation trips, but still, the cuts had to be made. The employees knew I had no other choice, they weren't angry, just dejected. I on the otherhand, feel worse. Not because of the business, but of the employees and their familes. You see, our area has been hit very hard by the downturn. Just a week ago, the Obama admin announced a 5000 employee cut back at the local naval facilities.

    So again mr. president, go ahead and enjoy your fund raising trips, and your vacations to these lavish spots, continue to rub it in the faces of the enemployed but mr., you will pay come the next election, YOU WILL BE VOTED OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Though I sense u are a good man 8:46 and I came from a Navy town and father served in Korea...We do need to downsize bases and exposure...At last count not counting annex facilities...We have over 700 bases worldwide...If the navy was willing to forgo another nuclear sub then fine use the money for something else but with expenditures in the billions for jets/missles/subs and ships there have to be cuts somewhere.

    1 jet plane = 1 well equiped hospital
    1 stealth bomber = multiple hospitals with hospices for military
    1 abrahms tank = restoration of an entire ghetto section in a midsize city...bringing jobs/opportunities and hopefully some work ethic

    Obama's an idiot but this not so much his fault.

  8. 7:08 I hope you lost your job or pension the way you think about unemployed people -- it would teach you a good lesson about humility!

  9. 8:27 you are an idiot. There aren't even any $10.00 jobs left you idiotic American dumb*ss.

  10. 8:27, you said "If you did not have the intelligence to pick a career/education that is in demand today, then you should flip burgers".

    Did you forget the part about 7:11 stating he is 50 years old? I'm 51. When I finished High School, I already had 3 years experience as a machinist (I worked part time in a machine shop at 14 years or age). I continued to work in the metal working industry for 20 years after. I was paid quite well, with full benefits. This morning, I heard my brother, a machinist since 1977, in the same company, working for 33 years, just lost his job.

    So 8:27. I'm not going to tell you to go phuck off and die, I'm simply going to remind you that our country is very unstable and soon will collapse. We have to focus on recovery, after Washington DC burns to the ground. We did just fine as a Republic till 1913 when the Federal Reserve was born and Nixon took us off the gold standard.

  11. Just nuke us all and be done! The human race doesn't deserve to live anymore! All humans including the elites should die!

  12. People need to stock up for immediate family, don't tell anyone else and stay low key. Otherwise you're putting yourself/family in danger when things get crazy. Load up on other essentials besides food, extra shoes, socks, underwear everyday stuff, hand tools, ammo, etc. Get rid of stuff you don't need, donate or sell, have only the essentials. Look out strictly for self/family, have close friends who are like minded for bartering, stay out of politics (it's too late anyway;) quit facebook, twitter and other social networks they are being monitored and serve no purpose. Quit donating to patriot org. they have failed us and are money pits/shills leading people down the abyss.

  13. To 7:11 well as a wetback I don't want to work with you!...Actually I would and earn my paycheck and not complain and be on time and not come high or drunk to work or ask for days off and as the boss man gave me my paycheck I would say thank you not give me my paycheck.

    I do think "Wetbacks" as you call them cost the country too much but most of them have a work ethic that puts us to shame.

    I've hired a few in my days because honestly and lets ALL be realistic and truthful...Ever work with young blacks or white guys in manual labor?

    Not all of course but Genereation Y and Z are the most useless bunch of kids I've ever seen...I work with a set of 37 guys...about 12 of us are over 30 years old...We carry or have to make the other 25 do their work...Many times we 12 carry the yard because otherwise they'll hide or slow f*ck it.

    Sadly enough management is weak...I'd easily fire 1/2 the staff and sleep well at night...How in the hell will you NOT appreciate a good paying job in this market?

    What is wrong with these kids 21-29 year olds? In the morning shift they have 17 guys doing what 4 of us do at the night shift and my story is neither uncommon or an exagerration.

    We're sinking from multiple sources in society...What is never talked about because it's insulting is...Lack of work ethic.

    People now a days brag about how little they do to get what they get...That used to be shameful.

    Laura ur right...Took myself off many sites...Even this one probably gets monitered...Paranoid you say?...I wish...There's sites I see people instigating anti-government statements and I wonder what douchebags answer back and agree and get put on some NsA list.

  14. I have always worked my ass off and still got laid off due to the economy in the tank! companies are now looking for ways to down-size the work force to save the company money regardless of how hard you work. They do not want to hire because of the new taxes and regulations that are going to be put on them. The tax bomb is going to hit Jan 1 2011 if congress does not stop it, and they won't, the government and the federal reserve have bankrupted the country. More job loss is on the way be prepaired!!

  15. Not to mention the healthcare taxes put on companies and citizens...More people will lose jobs when the taxes and regulations kick in. It doesn't matter how good of a worker you are, If the company thinks you cost to much, expect a pink slip.

  16. 251 this site is monitored, tracked, traced and databased, after you leave a comment, look to the top of the page you will see a long number with a c in it, that is linked to your ip address and databased with the nsa, fbi, cia or take your choice of agency.


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