Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 Signs The U.S. is Becoming a Third World Country

1. Rising unemployment and poverty: Unemployment numbers, food stamps, and home foreclosures continue to reach new record highs..

2. Economic dependence: The United States finished 2009 with a debt-to-GDP ratio of 85%, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  The current trend projects the United States to finish 2010 at 94% and 2011 at 98%. 

3. Declining civil rights:  Everyday freedoms are often a casualty of a society in collapse.  

4. Increasing political corruption: When political corruption becomes the accepted norm, as opposed to the exception, then there's a good bet your country resembles the Third World. 

5. Military patrolling the streets: The rise of a militarized police state is a hallmark of most Third World countries, particularly in times of rapid economic collapse.  America's declaration of the War on Terror has created a constant threat to National Security that has allowed for the military to be deployed on American soil. 

6. Failing infrastructure:  As 46 of 50 states are on the verge of bankruptcy, cities are going dark, asphalt roads are returning to the stone age, and nationwide budget cuts are leaving students without teachers, supplies, or a full-time education.  These are common features one will see as they travel through the poorest of Third World countries. 
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  1. I think we got bigger problems than 3rd world country stuff. Try societal collapse.

  2. I'm excited, life is getting very sorry waiting for the great day. Watching so many delusional lemmings trying to be like each other is really unbearable.

    Oblivious people, so many inferior fuck ups that I've had to take abuse by throughout life. Plato wasn't kidding, "The dangers of being superior in this world is that you'll be controlled by those inferior to you."

    I can't wait to watch them all roast.


  3. On debt:

    Currently: 91.2% (treasury, bea)
    Year end: 94% sound real (needs $500B borrowing)
    2011: well, it will be over 100% for sure, since US will borrow more than $1.350B (cbo) what is 10%, resulting at least 103% debt-to-gdp


  4. Final notice. There may be earthquakes on, around or after 8-25-10. Prepare now. Better safe than sorry. Sounds crazy I know - it may be. Just trying to give early warning in case it helps someone.

  5. 3rd world status? We will have NO status... because we will have no sovernity! We are well on our way to being absorbed into the NWO system. Amerika has been a surrogate country used to do the biddings of the corporate banking elite for so long that it has almost entirely lost its identity!

  6. America is heading for a third world economy because its capitalism is not profitable enough to deliver at least average rates of profits in industry, with its high waged workers in a free trade globalized production and wealth distribution system .
    Capitalist industry, commercial trade and American finance capital, was driven by competition to be international finance capital in a globalized world and moved to cheaper labor countries. As industrial commodity products of material wealth from America except for subsidized military production could not be profitably exchanged at real value with the rest of the world to finance imports of the commodities needed for peoples everyday life after America was de-industrialized .
    But ,because America defaulted on its gold backed currency under Nixon ,all that it was financing its trade with was paper $ . The Americans used its military might to enforce
    Its empire by many wars and offering a protection racket all around the world to
    its puppet dictators like the Saudi kings and the Opec oil monopoly to trade for oil only priced in dollars.it this way patriotic nationalist or catalyst or socialists were suppressed along with economic development in the Third world. Countries had to pay for oil in dollars and the only source of dollars and dollar ‘aid” that turned countries into corrupted debt slaves as the ‘aid” was seized by the local ‘anti-communist” elites, was the US federal reserve bank And the US Treasury.
    So, because of that military backing it established and enforced a Dollar hegemony in world trade and finance that was first achieved in an earlier time when American industry dominated in world trade backed by the use of its military and by corrupting the elites and dictators in poorer counties ,using the IMF the world bank etc The US was able to get cheap natural resources and cheap labor commodities by converting countries china into export of wealth countries with access to the First world markets.Investing in America Treasury bonds and in the ever rising properties including house mortgages seemed like a secure way to store value and get a good income on the investments and provided vendor finance for Americans as the dollars flowed straight back to America. The US appeared to have the “gold standard” of “hard” currencies especially
    where the local currencies could be smashed in currency wars against a strong dollar
    as we saw in the Asian economic crisis in the late nineties from south Korea to Russia.
    This system of globalism worked very well for America for the last few decades but in the end the cost of deficit spending for military Keynesian and wars mounted up and the international value of the ‘strong” dollar was being inflated away and the Banking sector turned to pure fraud in exporting debts disguised as AAA securities to the rest of the world creating a Giant ponzi economy that couldn’t keep up its promised dividend payments on its bonds. As the Americans themselves were weighed down by debts
    The Ponzi economy imploded . and with it the beginning of the end for the Dollar hegemony as foreign credit supply died.
    The US tried to resuscitate the Dead Ponzi by replacing the losses of the finance sector with bailouts by running its economy on printed paper. The more they print the more other countries run from the dollar hegemony system and develop world trade amongst themselves without the mediation of the US dollar. Countries like Iraq abandoned the dollar and was met by War from the US. But countries like Iran no longer trade in dollar and the economically weak and overextended military can do nothing.
    China cuts back its purchase of US treasuries as the interest on bond payments is laughable.
    With no credit supply and easy terms of vendor finance the Americans will have to learn to live on third world rates of pay or food stamps

  7. Earthquakes? Who do you think you are? Jesus

  8. 6:34
    He means financial earthquakes--economic collapse on Aug. 25, 2010. I don't believe in specific date. I know for sure we are declining.

  9. I think that may be based off the reknown economist Martin Armstrong who believes the market is going to begin to implode towards the end of August.

  10. It's hard to say what will happen. I read a bunch of financial sites and they cannot agree. But the general trend is that people are trying to save money and not spend for a bunch of reasons. They range from fear of losing a job to the rising cost of living.

    We're losing ground, wages are stagnant, and good jobs are hard to find. You can't borrow any money, and credit card rates are going up. Meanwhile, everything you need costs more but stuff you can do without, like a house or new car or a wide-screen TV, is cheaper.

    The end result is that people aren't spending any money and the economy is going down the drain. So more people are laid off, it means there is less money to spend, and more stores close so more people are laid off. The government cannot figure out a way to stop this and Wall Street could give a shit, because Wall Street's money-making schemes have nothing to do with labor.

    So while we don't know what is going to happen, it's logical to prepare for hard times. Keep cash and supplies handy. I would not be surprised if we see more rioting and violence.

  11. ll. America is by far the world's largest manufacturer with 1.7 trillion dollars of annual production.

    12. Twelve million American's work in these manufacturing jobs, which account for the 18% of world manufacturing production.

    13. America has far and away the largest economy and even at current rates it will take the second largest economy, China (with four times the population) decades to match us.

    14. These facts show that about two percent of the population of the earth produces all manufactured goods now being produced.

    Oops, sorry, scratch all that. Those dirty rich people. They have something I don't! GRRRRRRR!!!

  12. Any "extra" money I have, (extra money, yea right) is invested in non-perishable foods, 7 gallon water containers (folks, once you fill a 55 gallon drum with water, you'll need a fork lift to move it) ammo, and other survival gear.

    I have 6 months worth of cash. Any more, is invested in the list above. Why hoard cash, when one day soon, it will be worthless?

    It's only a matter of time. The country will collapse, thanks to Congress and the Traitor in Chief.

    When a military patrol comes to your neighborhood, will you defend yourselves, or surrender? I really want an iPad, I think they are really nice, but an iPad costs about the same as a good quality handgun, shotgun or rifle. Can you defend yourself and your family with an iPad?

    My TV is old, my car is really old. My computer is a five year old Pentium 4. I will not buy a new big screen TV, when I could spend the same money for a 200 watt solar panel or a portable generator.

    When the power goes out in your neighborhood, how will you cook anything? Do you have a camp stove? The cost of 3 DVD's will buy a camp stove and a can of fuel.

    This country is going to collapse and when it does, it won't be pretty. It won't be fun.

  13. Market's up big today, get in now and ride this next bull wave. Cash in your gold winnings and place your money in the market and watch it grow, grow, grow!!!

  14. Rob Buckley Hears ChatterAugust 17, 2010 at 1:32 PM

    10:25, I would also suggest everyone take Ted Nugent's survival training at his Texas ranch and make sure to purchase his greatest hits so you can play that beautiful bean footage whilst the barbarians make a racket banging down your gates.

    Here's Ted at his best. That's a real man.


  15. Congratulations Sheeple Slaves! We are almost there! Just a few more months....Days....And we will be under total Tyranny.

    Nice Job! Now go back to watching your tv, and SHUT UP!

  16. 08.25.10...they know...

  17. They sure do !

    On, around -------------------

    Or after --- 08.25.10

    Yeah, yeah we all heard you

    Oh great Swami

    We heard you

    Now get the fuck off and stay off

    What afrigin jerkwad you are - go play with some dynamite or sumpthin'

  18. “ll. America is by far the world's largest manufacturer with 1.7 trillion dollars of annual production.

    12. Twelve million American's work in these manufacturing jobs, which account for the 18% of world manufacturing production.

    14. These facts show that about two percent of the population of the earth produces all
    manufactured goods now being produced.”

    Ah, the optimistic hard facts , Recovery is certain!

    “13. America has far and away the largest economy and even at current rates it will take the second largest economy, China (with four times the population) decades to match us.”

    That is what the Japanese and Germans once said too!

    The trouble is that the facts above should have been listed in the past tense .

    The are not the hard facts on today’s economy. There are no real profits being made in American manufacturing as a whole today only printed paper sham profits.

    That old, economy ,could only exist as long as credit supply continued via the dollar hegemony in world trade creating a parasite economy with a subsidized unprofitable to employ by capital Labour Aristocracy, that consumes more wealth than it creates.
    The great Ponzi economy and the dollar hegemony is now over .It died in a sea of debts.

    The” worlds largest manufacturer” product total as valued and counted above in dollars was exchanged mostly internally, it also counts and includes the trillion dollar costs and value of the products of the military industrial complex as real value .Yet this subsidized high waged military material production was financed by deficit spending and the product value is “blown up’ in wars .
    The rest of the industrial product counted above was mostly production for the services sector that couldn’t be imported . For example to be used for housing and building commercial properties like shopping malls and offices.
    These buildings and their property titles were fictionally valued, based on their ability to realize rents and incomes for the finance sector in mortgages loans etc.
    As credit supply reached its limits in the ability to repay these loans the fictional value of these properties and the asset value of middle class savings invested in property and and share titles is being destroyed by deflation . So where does counting in the old hard facts value of dollar value leave you now?
    The government prints counterfeit dollars of no real intrinsic value like toilet paper, in order to bail out a collapsed finance and car manufacturers sector.
    So the Fed owns much of the old now un -payable mortgages in the housing sector for the taxpayer to absorb the losses out of now falling tax revenues.
    A dollar death spiral in the shopping mall economy!
    This manufacturing industry and its jobs for supplying the housing and building industry are disappearing nothing to manufacture or build in that physical sector. As the banks and fed have a large stock of foreclosed houses that cannot be sold at sufficient value to get back the cost of past loans.
    The US ,cannot profitably export this high waged industrial product in exchange for real value with the rest of the world ,for the things it no longer produces for itself.
    EG clothing and oil things like locks, shoes etc .
    Even many processed food products .
    The common view of the average American workers as a materially productive blue color worker is false . The majority now ,still employed , are materially unproductive white and pink color workers involved in services and the retail trade often selling and realizing the profits from imported products sold with vendor finance from countries like China .
    Those exchange values totals you count above in dollars in the real world are no longer valid as the dollar value is is being tanked by money printing.
    And the credit supply to the US is withdrawn.
    They are old Ponzi economy $ values.

  19. The U.S. has been becoming a third world country for the past 70 plus years. People are just starting to notice???

  20. I believe that there are very conservative, very ....well frankly evil....politicians and business men at work in the US right now. They plan on setting back civil rights and purposely turning the US into a third world country so the few can reap unheard of profits at the expense of the many. I won't talk at length here, but i just wanted to throw out one piece of the systematic destruction of the middle class that i see, or, more accurately at this point, think could be true and i hope to bring this theory to the attention of others with more access to information to back up my hypothesis. I think the U.S. gov't / super elite and purposely trying to run the value of the dollar into the ground. Basically, when i see all of these adds trying to get cash number four gold or whatever i see two things being done. The first i think will come as surprise to few. people are taking advantage of the economic situation by convincing those who are in financial distress to sell their valuable gold at prices that are outrageously low. people do this out of necessity since you can pay your mortgage with dollars and you can't with gold. Moreover, people continue to believe in the almighty American dollar as some sort of value almost. So while most continue to think of money as the dollar (which only has value because it's a place holder for gold) the wealthy obtain gold and other valuables. This way when inflation and other causes drive the value of the dollar into the dirt they still have the real wealth in gold. what do people think? I'm relatively well informed on what is happening here in our country and i see almost unimaginable greed and corruption. please prove me wrong but if you do use FACTS, not value based claims like "it wouldn't be in the best interest of the US government to ruin our country". don't believe; observe.


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