Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama's New Tax On...Rainwater!?

Would President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency really force Americans to pay a tax on "rainwater runoff" from homes and small businesses?
You bet they would.  In fact, the EPA, under radical environmentalist Lisa Jackson, is proposing regulations to do just that. 
Take a look at the EPA's own Federal Register filing, where the EPA generally describes the initiative it's proposing:
...requirements, including design or performance standards, for stormwater discharges from, at minimum, newly developed and redeveloped sites. EPA intends to propose regulatory options that would revise the NPDES regulations and establish a comprehensive program to address stormwater discharges from newly developed and redeveloped sites and to take final action no later than November 2012. (Source)
This is bureaucratic-speak for having the EPA force cities and counties to limit stormwater runoff to levels the EPA deems acceptable.  Limiting "rainwater runoff" will mean forcing homeowners and businesses to pay new taxes in order to rein in rainwater, and that's no pun intended. 
Think about just how big-government this is.  A Washington, D.C. bureaucracy plans on forcing your local county or city to slap new taxes on you and me because this big-government bureaucracy wants to micro-manage rainwater across the entire country.  Already, several counties and cities across the United States are moving to pass new taxes and fees in anticipation of the new EPA rules, including cities in states as disparate as Florida, Ohio and Kansas.  For more details CLICK HERE

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  1. The ignorant always claim that people go into credit debt because of bad purchases and not living within their means.

    I'm sure some people are in fact in that position, but the vast majority of people I have run into use credit to pay for necessities. The government just keeps adding new taxes, fining people, and generally shrinking any amount of money that people have until they go into a negative amount, and then are forced to take credit, which then spirals out of control.

    The US government does not believe anybody should have their own income and their own house. They don't want the normal people driving cars either. Sure the elites, those that make more than $250k a year and especially those connected to major businesses, or even their own smaller businesses, get to keep some money. Wall Street gets theirs all the time too, those things generally aren't taxed as harshly.

    But everyone else is expected to take public transportation (they'll ticket you to hell and back for driving, they'll use red light cameras, speed traps, registration fees, insurance fees, inspection fees, license plate fees all to convince you not to drive), to live in an apartment with 5 other people (student loans and everything else are guaranteed and the government will ding you, you are not allowed your own apartment at most wages especially for younger people), not to own a home if you're older (high loan fees, constantly changing rates to ding you, county assessments that raise your property taxes, sprinkler fees, water runoff fees, gas and oil fees, home alarm registration fees, fire inspection fees, etc.), punish retail either online, out of state, or even in state (high sales taxes, government officials ignoring the constitution to tax online purchases, government officials ticketing out of state cars at out of state malls, even though it's unconstitutional and they don't have jurisdiction, use taxes, etc.) and a load of other stuff I am not mentioning or have missed.

    Everything is stacked against the regular middle class citizen, who has been systematically wiped out. The middle class after all, is dangerous to a ruling elite, as throughout history the middle class combined with the lower classes have overthrown governments.

  2. Oh, and of course, this is all done for "safety" or because "times are tough" yet the government just grows bigger and bigger, never smaller.

  3. 3:10 has raised a point not many do. I personally had a positive bank account balance early in the year, then the tax man came-a-knockin' with many diquises. I had medical bills, property taxes, car reg., bogus speeding tickets (paced not radar), food, gas, child care, accident with no witnesses(costing $380 after some A-hole hit me and NO WITNESS. YOu cant get ahead.

  4. Here in Canada, all 3 of us in our family received a "reassessment". We all paid thousands for useless dribble they somehow created. This is worldwide, folks.

  5. Loser W Bush started this rain tax shit !

    He Did!


  6. And Obozo keeps making it worse!

  7. I seriously think We The People need to draft a Declaration of Independence II, not to be sent to Britain, but to be sent to Congress and the Whitehouse. We can follow the same format as DOI 1, listing all the crimes against the People and the Constitution by the current Congress and POTUS. We could list these crimes all the way to Lincoln's time when he was killed after opposing the idea of a Central Bank (Federal Reserve).

    Naturally England tossed the DOI into the trash and went to war against the colonists. This time it would be the Federal Government against We The People. My thought is, even if only 10-15% of the military are Oath Keepers, they will turn the others into Oath Keepers, or kill those who refuse to defend the Constitution.

    We will have to clean the House and the Whitehouse, detain everyone in a PEMA (People's Emergency Management Agency) Camp till the dust settles and the smoke clears.

    - No more Federal Reserve
    - Return to the gold standard
    - Elections will remain "old school", no electronic voting (corrupt) machines.
    - Shut down the IRS and build a fair and just system of taxation.
    - Reduce the size of the active military and make every able bodied man and woman (criminal felons exempted) a member of the Military Reserve.
    - Reduce dependency on foreign oil and "drill baby drill" where it is safe to do so.
    - Schools will teach and students will learn, rebels and drop outs will dealt with by extreme measures. Game over.
    - Obamacare and anything else he signed into law will be overturned.
    - Manufacturing will return to the USA, and import taxes will be sky high.

  8. There is no other source of profit and to finance government left in the US except to loot the accumulated assets of the middle class and to squeeze the poorer people.
    The US can no longer subsidize the cost of the poorer people with unemployment benefits and food stamps as foreign credit supply is drying up and US government revenues must be used for bailouts and to pay for its wars , its subsidies to the military industrial complex and to the bankrupt finance sector.
    Local and State governments must seek revenues by squeezing and trickery , like radar traps, or by any way they can dream up. What else can they do?
    The US is a failed bankrupt finance capitalist Ponzi not a bankrupt industrial capitalist economy. It is a services based economy its economy was fueled by consumption on credit . The US Government by deficit spending and its people maxed out their credit. There is no longer a real profit making economy in the US as the dollar hegemony in world trade and finance imploded.
    By issuing fake AAA rated bonds and selling Us Treasury and government backed housing mortgages bonds, money flowed to America for a few decades ,as the investments appeared to be backed by a strong dollar economy and the property value of the pledged collateral appeared solid and ever rising in $ value.
    Pre crisis, the US company “profits” were only equal to the foreign credit supply of vendor finance. In short the profits were fake even before the crisis.
    A giant ponzi scheme economy .
    That in the end could not even pay its promised interest on its debts . This first became obvious with sub prime bond failures and the credit supply markets seized up and enormous derivitive bets by the banksters were paid for .
    The economy and its finance sector collapsed .
    Only government attempts to socialize the past losses and to give the finance sector replacement capital could create the illusion that real profits could still be made .
    But, the real value of the imported credit supply that financed the government and trade deficits till then , is not being replaced , so any profits being made today ,on the whole, are only made on moving about printed paper ‘loans” and by squeezing economically captured already enslaved Debt Peons .
    As their credit is already maxed out, there is not much left to be got there .
    Hence government scams, fines and revenue squeezing , proposals for VAT and carbon taxing of fresh air and even water runoff and for future tax increases to pay the interest on the Bush/Obama stimulus to the bondholders foreign and domestic will be needed!.
    Taxpayers and banksters and government bondholders, in short the property interests ,including the desperate pension funds , demand that the cost of benefits to the poor must be cut with “Austerity” in the hope of saving their own incomes.
    Wages value paid ,inflation adjusted , have been falling or just treading water for years.
    With this downturn in the economy and growing unemployment the internal markets for services have no demand for high waged workers without that foreign supply of credit. And so the economy shrinks or just ticks over.
    But there can be no real “recovery” of the great ponzi as the “profits” of the TBTF must be maintained.
    Housing debt interest cannot be paid and so housing values will continue to fall “underwater” and even the water runoff from their properties taxed too!
    and the savings of the middle class will disappear
    Even the old interest on Credit card debts ,student loans and underwater mortgage debts cannot be paid off to usury by a nation of Dept Peons already up to their eyeballs in debt..
    The US is a de-industrialized unproductive of profits sucked dry shell that cannot afford the old levels of commodities it consumes even if produced and priced at near slave labor value from the third world.



  9. 6.57 thinks he is a patriotic problem solver
    but all he repeats is the result of his conditioning ,the programme for an open 'stricter" variety of the existing Corporate State with pogroms and FEMA dicipline concentration camps for any resistance.especialy by the Youth!
    '- Schools will teach and students will learn, rebels and drop outs will dealt with by extreme measures. Game over."
    Vee Vill decide What you learn and you vill like it!
    " My thought is, even if only 10-15% of the military are Oath Keepers, they will turn the others into Oath Keepers, or kill those who refuse to defend the Constitution.
    So Mein fuhrer ,we simply kill all any opposition to you
    'we the People" National Patriot party ,And call it restoration of constitutional 'free speech in capitalist heaven !
    Mussolini had castor oil and state unions to get the trains running on time in his Corporate State .
    What else does our free thinking patriot have besides militia mob law killing for saving a bankrupt capitalism in the land of the free ?
    Tasers ,whips, or a cut in the food stamp rations in the FEMA camps?

  10. 9:01 you are right 6:57 sounds like a real goof.

    I love that, reduce the size of the military and yet force everyone to be members of the reserve. Men and women? This here just shows he's fallen into the Liberal nonsense that both genders are equal. Women are not equal soldiers, if they've served they'll even tell you how far from equal they are. So he wants everyone to basically become a number rather than be seen for what they are? That's like calling an 18 year old an adult and comparing them with a 40 year old. Only in the legal sense. This political correctness basically pushes us to think:

    1) A man is the same thing as a woman and vice versa. There is no difference in testosterone and estrogen.

    2) There is no such thing as different colored skin.

    3) Once you turn 18 you're automatically an adult.

    Common Sense is really about the loss of Reality, which is exactly what people like him have lost. Television shows and movies are the biggest cause for such rubbish. If people were to lose all memories of the movies, shows, and fictional crap they've seen on the internet they would probably lose 98% of their notions about life.

    Force people into the reserve... he thinks that's a Declaration of Independence? Some independence, what foolishness. Oh well it's not like his mental fantasies will ever come true.

    Get ready people.

  11. Control Water, Control Food, Control People, Control, Control, Control. There seems to be a theme!!!

  12. I have a gutter system that feeds into a cistern, the water falls on my property, I collect it, it is mine. Eventually I will construct a giant cistern that will collect all the water created when the snow melts, I figure that since I "store" the snow for about 5 months, it is mine.

    In the valley below us they cheer when it snows up here, they need the snow for the water table, but year by year the county road crews spend less and less time maintaining our snowy/icey rural roads. I'll keep my rain water and snow melt thank you very much.

  13. I'll keep my rain water, the government can have my piss.


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