Tuesday, August 31, 2010

U.S Government Prepares For Crisis

This brings us to the present dilemma of the U.S. government. The U.S. economy is much sicker than it was when Obama ascended the throne. Wall Street has continued to ruthlessly choke off all credit to the U.S. economy, meaning that tens of millions of American households and tens of thousands of businesses are much closer to the breaking point than they were in January of 2009.

The entire U.S. retail sector is in a terminal death-spiral, and its only response is to eliminate vast numbers of retail outlets, and herd consumers into more online retailing. While this cuts costs for these companies, most of those cuts will be reduced employment -- fueling the next leg lower for consumer demand, resulting in even more store closures, etc.

This means that the trivial "band-aids" being mused-about by government talking-heads are utterly meaningless. Simply, the Obama regime has to "go big, or go home." It must either engage in massive (genuine) stimulus of the U.S. economy -- meaning a multi-trillion dollar commitment, or simply allow the collapse to proceed (and feed upon itself). However, in even contemplating another, massive wave of spending, Obama faces two other problems (which he created for himself).

Throughout this "U.S. economic recovery," the U.S. government has continued to pretend that it was almost ready to begin some actual, fiscal restraint -- halting the exponential increase in federal government debt. That was the only thing propping up the U.S. dollar (putting aside the constant Euro-bashing by the U.S. propaganda-machine). Allow another sickening plunge in the U.S. dollar, and that will drive away the last, few chumps still insane enough to buy grossly over-priced U.S. Treasuries. This is the road that leads to hyperinflation.

If this was not bad enough, the Obama regime has continued to be successful in duping both the vast majority of sheep in the U.S. electorate, as well as Republican knuckle-draggers that the U.S. economy was "strong enough" to begin to curtail runaway spending. This pool of chumps is looking for spending cuts, not a multi-trillion spending spree.

Thus, the U.S. government is facing exactly the same scenario today as the Bush regime faced in the summer of 2008. In hindsight, we all know what choice the previous government made. Lehman Brothers was "assassinated" -- as the first step in a concerted effort to destroy commodities markets. The collapse in these vital markets, combined with the collusion among Western bankers to choke off all credit to credit-based Western economies achieved its desired objective: a global "economic collapse," and the expected panic which such an artificial crisis would naturally produce.
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  1. shut down the federal reserve. Print US Dollars that are not debt based. Take every jews money and property and deport them to israel. Put the money to help people that actually produce something in this world. Stop all wars and bring our troops home immediately. No more trade with China at all. The usa does not need anything from any other country, we have it all here. No border fence required for illegals. If anyone employs an illegal you will face forfeiture of all assets and the death penalty. If that transpires then Paco can go home NOW. I am so tired of articles that don't blame the real perpetrators of the worlds demise. It's the JEWS STUPID!

  2. to 9:39--The richest and nastiest people in the U.S. are the Waltons of Walmart, who are Christians. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are Christians. And don't forget every Arab sheik in Saudi Arabia is a billionaire busy supporting radical madrassas around the world. While you are obsessed with Jews, these Christians and Muslims are oppressing plenty of people--so what are you going to do about them?

    The article on retail sales is about Arizona, where the housing market has tanked and unemployment is higher than average. The entire state is close to bankruptcy. And they also have a big illegal alien problem. So it's understandable that retail sales are off by 25%. What I'd like to see a comparison with other states.


  4. sharon, really think the richest people in the world are on some stupid list?

    Goldman Sachs, The Fed, The world bank, The US Treasury, the IMF:


    The people managing these organizations are jews. A number of them are trillionaires, like the Rothschilds.

    and you have the nerve to bring up second rate billionaires, non-practicing christians... e.g. "The Waltons". Sure they are a problem, but they are merely tools.. Shabbos Goyim.


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  6. Not going to step on this race hate landmine...But how about maybe it's a lil bit of both?

    Major elites fighting for their "kingdoms" with basically 2 or 3 different groups?

    Think Communism vs. Capatlism ideology and cold war mixed into one...No matter how special we think we are most of us are just pawns in a HUGE game.

    No one is really listening, not even family or friends...Elections mean jack...So I could cry and rant and rave...But why?

    Meditate for some inner peace...Prep your weapons and foodstocks etc...Hope for the best but prepare for the worse.

    I read another blog and it describes how no matter how well prepared you are that anger/paranoia and mental anguish is plaguing the "Prepper Community."

    With good reason as people refuse to see the facts as THEY ARE BEING REPORTED IN FRONT OF THEM...What am I going to do shake someone into understanding?...Get angry, stressed out, walk around with an AR-15 in the house eating MRE's quoting The Patriots?

    Nope going to prep, save some things and prep some more...Rest, get some sun, do a lil exercise, fix my aches and pains and wrap my mind around what might be if shit goes sideways.

    Trust me a prophet is never listened to in his land...Hey at least some of us have a Plan B unlike a bunch that will be scared, confused and completely unprepared.

  7. 12:43 Right on my friend.

    Jesus could not preach in his home town without being ridiculed, "isn't that Joe and Mary's kid"? "Yea, I remember when he was a little..."

    I am the only member of my family that is somewhat ready for the crash. My brother just lost his job after more than 30 years with the same employer, perhaps he'll start to listen to me.

    I don't watch TV. I read history books and military books and survival books and books about gardening, preserving foods, green energy systems and such.

    I keep my eyes open. I shop at Sam's Club at least 3-4 times a week. Gone are the days when I would see people buying big screen TV's and home theater systems. These days, people are buying only food and other needed items.

    Every time I go to Wal Mart to buy more Mason jars and lids, that section keeps growing. I'm not the only customer they have in the home canning industry. The ammo case is well stocked one day and almost empty the next.

    My favorite gun shop is nuts. Rarely is that shop slow. Most days I have to stand in the crowd and wait 30 or more minutes to ask a question or make a purchase.

    I agree, our vote is meaningless. The elections are rigged.

    I seriously think We The People need to draft a Declaration of Independence II, not to be sent to Britain, but to be sent to Congress and the Whitehouse. We can follow the same format as DOI 1, listing all the crimes against the People and the Constitution by the current Congress and POTUS. We could list these crimes all the way to Lincoln's time when he was killed after opposing the idea of a Central Bank (Federal Reserve).

    Naturally England tossed the DOI into the trash and went to war against the colonists. This time it would be the Federal Government against We The People. My thought is, even if only 10-15% of the military are Oath Keepers, they will turn the others into Oath Keepers, or kill those who refuse to defend the Constitution.

    We will have to clean the House and the Whitehouse, detain everyone in a PEMA (People's Emergency Management Agency) Camp till the dust settles and the smoke clears.

    - No more Federal Reserve
    - Return to the gold standard
    - Elections will remain "old school", no electronic voting (corrupt) machines.
    - Shut down the IRS and build a fair and just system of taxation.
    - Reduce the size of the active military and make every able bodied man and woman (criminal felons exempted) a member of the Military Reserve.
    - Reduce dependency on foreign oil and "drill baby drill" where it is safe to do so.
    - Schools will teach and students will learn, rebels and drop outs will dealt with by extreme measures. Game over.
    - Obamacare and anything else he signed into law will be overturned.
    - Manufacturing will return to the USA, and import taxes will be sky high.

    Sounds good to me anyway...


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