Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bugout Bag: Are You Prepared In Case Of A Catastrophe?

The bug-out-bag is probably the most clichéd emergency preparation in the history of survivaldom. Some people focus so much on compiling their BOB that they lose track of much more important survival matters, while others are so biased against the ‘bug out’ concept that they refuse to even consider putting one together. In the world of survival research, preppers sometimes position themselves on the far ends of the opinion spectrum. To be sure, some strategies simply do not work and will never work, and to be uncompromising in those instances is reasonable, especially when you are dealing with such extremes as economic collapse. However, in my endless war against ‘assumption’, I would point out that rigidity in thinking often leads to tragedy for those in the midst of a social breakdown. Adaptability is the key to survival, and because of this, we cannot discount certain options out of hand.
The bug-out-bag should not be a primary concern of the survivalist, but it should be somewhere on their list.
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  1. “Just thinking about it gets you half way there. -NetRanger” The fact that you’re all here, reading this stuff means that you’re already half way there. You’re already halfway between the never crossed their mind person to the likes of some of us that have food, fuel and firearms bought and stored just for this purpose.

  2. Bug out... to where? Don't go into the woods. That's the last place I'd want to be when the SHTF, unless I was sure there was nobody around for miles.

  3. 1:09

    Exactly; it is one of the first things they teach you in survival training; if possible; stick to the surroundings you know.

    Your survival rate goes up exponentially as you have everybody else at a distict disadvantage on every level.


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