Thursday, September 2, 2010

Collapse-Proof Gardens for the Coming Depression

Create Food Resiliency During Economic Collapse

Many Americans are coming to terms with what looks like a second Great Depression. Here's how to create food resiliency during the economic collapse.
Most people today are not prepared to outlast a long-term economic disaster, even though in February 2010 Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve Board went on record stating that the current situation is worse than the Great Depression of the 1920s. Assuming that America is in the beginning stages of a second Great Depression, what steps can be taken now to prepare and create a measure of resiliency, especially when it comes to food?

Local Food Supplies and the Second Great Depression

There are many possible tipping points when it comes to the United States slipping into the next devastating stage of economic collapse, and to anyone who has been paying attention, the question of economic collapse is not if, but when. Besides shelter, the other key necessity for survival in this coming depression will be a reliable, local food supply. Canned, dehydrated, and freeze-dried foods are a short-term solution, and foraging and living off the land are not viable long-term survival strategies. A more permanent, ongoing food solution is necessary.

Victory Gardens: Only a First Step Toward Food Security

During the Second World War, Victory gardens were grown beside many homes and in public places. This allowed the public to contribute indirectly to the war effort by allowing more farm-grown food to be sent to the troops on the front line. The ongoing process of economic collapse is driving a similar return to gardening, as reflected by spiking seed and gardening supply sales. It is a logical first step that supports a family’s food security in the short-term—but it’s not enough when the collapse lasts years.
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  1. Read Senate Bill sb510. your gardens are worthless to you, the govt can come in and take it whenever they want, this is the first thing being voted on when the senate comes back from recess.

  2. But pinochio asks where will I plant my silver then?
    No money tree and no rooftop vege garden either!

  3. This article talks like a Depression is a given. It's not going to get worse, it will get a lot better soon. You watch the markets sky-rocket when they announce new stimulus.

  4. 10:59 another mindless twat in a sea of retards. Somebody weed them out.

  5. 10:59
    stimulus? print money out of thin air will not help. it didn't help Weimer Republic, Argentina, Zimbabwe, etc. history has show stimulus and print money out of thin air do not work. just look at QE1 and QE lite that we implemented. they don't work.

  6. sb510 IS a dangerous bill, but it hasn't passed yet and it is not intended for the home garden. Besides, the government isn't going to have the man power to go house to house taking your pickles.
    Having a garden space, a garden plan and the seeds ready for it IS a huge help to the family budget. Knowledge is key though, so pick up a few gardening books (nothing fancy) and The Ball Blue Book of Preserving. Educate yourself now and pick up what you'll need. Victory Gardens saved a lot of people in the depression, and it can save your family hardship when things go south.

  7. 10:59, are you delusional? Or are you just plain goofy?
    If anyone beleive's that the stock market is indicative of growth of this economy, again you ARE delusional.

    I recall the stories my Dad would tell us when we were kids. (I am now 60) He was born and raised in SW Missouri in the 20's-30's and 40's until he was drafted. His family suffered through the Depression and the dust bowl. Although the dust bowl was regional resulting in overworking the land (santioned by the fed's/greed) many youngsters died an early death resulting from dustlung.

    So, do I beieve that hard times are coming, Yes. I just hope most have the fortitude to sustain themselves. Because I doubt very seriously that most of the kid's today can eat any product grown in their computer or blackberry.

  8. New Stimulus will make the markets sky rocket? Well, they did a trillion dollar stimulus last year and everything doubled in crappiness since then. Man WTF? No one at this point can be that idiotic can they? I'm not saying we all need to be expert writers, mathematicians, philosophically creative, or historically well read but come on!

    Reminds me of people at Obama rallies, how the hell could people be duped by that? It's understandable when he can brainwash college kids by speaking at graduations, they're young and stupid, but grown adults?

    Well, last year I wondered if people would get twice as stupid in a year, I believe many have improved a bit contrary to the economy. Perhaps some will get smarter and others will get dumber, like 10:59.

    Pagan I agree, the hardcore conspiracy people should chill. There is no way the government could muster enough militant force to seize and occupy a population of 300 million which is largely armed with guns. The real danger is the economic destruction - followed by Anarchist/Socialist groups (Commies and Nazis) who will try to grab power and establish the country with the absence of the Constitution.

  9. QE11? seems GS and JPM and MS etc are cutting their trading desks..and shipping them to asia? anyway they in the loop-why cut trading desks right before a supposed equity ramp to the sky?

    gardening and natural produce raise some hens hunt, it's good for you

  10. 421 shill, read the bill again, closer. It take over all family farms, gardens and criminalizes growing your own food.


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