Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Conneticut: Frantic Calls Pleading For Help

As the downturn persists, state unemployment figures remain grim, putting a strain on shelters and job seekers..

In the past few weeks, the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness has been getting frantic calls from shelter providers being inundated with new pleas for housing help.
“They keep asking, ‘What is going on?’“ says Carol Walter, the coalition’s executive director.
One possible explanation involves what Walter calls the “trickle-down effect” of Connecticut’s recession-ravaged economy, the lousy job market and the 625 people per week who have now exhausted all their state and federal unemployment benefits.
The scenario goes something like this:
It was just about two years ago when this recession began gnawing huge chunks out of Connecticut’s labor force. Since the start of this economic disaster, this state has lost about 103,000 jobs and is only now, very slowly, beginning to see employment recover.
Congress approved repeated extensions of unemployment benefits, which now last 99 weeks. That means that those people who were laid off during the worst employment losses that began in the autumn of 2008 are now running out of benefits.




  1. cant wait for the riots in conneticut to start
    the media will call it some tea partyiers

    lets face it
    its only the beging of the decline of america
    next 20 years of steady collapse
    to be the peasents

  2. No dude, Connecticut is filled with lame ass idiots who are so far out of touch with reality.

    Their lives revolve around family gossip. Young people there, well pretty much any state in New England, have zero future. The people of Connecticut love getting fucked in the ass everyday by their government.

    As the country crashes around them they sit unaware of anything, only curious as to why the Johnson family went to New Hampshire for the weekend.

    The west on the other hand is infested with trailor trash. California/Arizona have become breeding grounds for druggies and families without fathers.

    The southern states are now the only place where healthy minded people exist at a relative large, even if they can be a bit dim intellectually.

    The rest of the country is pretty much a mix of 1)immoral trailor trash alcoholics and 2) angry-overworked people who can't maintain anything anymore as they put up with their lazy, dumb, disrespectful children.

    There will never be a revolution. A collapse obviously is coming. Revolution? No.

  3. 5:17 You think we're getting fucked by government. They are only part of the problem. The people really screwing us are the multi-national corporations.

    If Congress wasn't being bribed by the super rich, they would be doing their jobs, which is to protect the country and its citizens. The only reason those out of work people aren't starving is that the state government is trying to take care of them.

    And that's another problem we stupid Americans have. We don't understand how federal and state governments work. If the federal government doesn't do it's job, the states have to (if they can). So that translates into higher taxes on everybody because states cannot print money.

    P.S. Have you ever been to Connecticut? It had class warfare long before it was fashionable to recognize it--and that's why it's fucked.

  4. Sharonsj - Why do you have to use the f-word in your posts? For someone as intelligent as you, a MENSA member, I would think that you could up with more civil words.

    Also, what is your obsession with MNC's? Seriously, you come across as a left-wing loon with your rants about MNC's. (And don't tell me the Republicans are the ONLY ones in the pockets of the MNC's and Big Business...the Dems are even more in their pocket of the MNC's, Big Business, and Big Labor than the GOP!!)


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