Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Codex Alimentarius: Executive Order #13544 Passed?

Here is Executive Order #13544:
More Here PDF File

On June 10th, 2010, Obama signed Executive Order #13544 which mandates that the US is adopting Codex Alimentarius.
This legislation, *originating from the United Nations*, in effect, begins a worldwide campaign for massive hunger and starvation.

With a stroke of a pen, and quietly behind the scenes when everyone was focused on the Gulf Oil Spill, he effectively launched Codex Alimentarius in the US, which is intended to bring ALL vitamin and mineral supplements and natural health remedies and technologies to an end.
The CDC and the HHS *can now make illegal*, all alternative health remedies and technologies. This bill renders all alternative health remedies "unscientific" and not provable by the FDA. This legislation is a huge step in population control, giving the pharmaceuticals full control over the health of all individuals, which is what the global socialists have wanted for years.


Nervous Americans Want Easy Access To Their Cash


  1. hahaha!! And the people STILL claim the US is free!

    This country doesn't let you do anything. Absolutely everything is illegal and/or taxed heavily! They set up cameras to nail you for going past a red light three-tenths of a second after it turns (and of course it is set to turn red quicker and have a shorter yellow!!), they make drugs illegal (people have been using them for thousands of years, and use them in other countries--marijuana is less harmful than alcohol even), they tax you for property, they tax you for income, hell, I'm surprised there isn't an air tax!


  2. Time to GTFO. Last nail, nailed.

  3. There IS an air tax. It is called climate change. The Copenhagen Treaty is designed to tax nations that omit too many fossil fuels in the air and they supposedly will use that money to give to less prosperous nations......poorer nations in a futile attempt to close the disparities between the rich and the poor.

    The Vatican is behind this socialism and the global elite as well. Their vision and goal is to unite the world under the banner of socialism and tolerance for all. This is their modern socialist utopia. With the common mans will usurped, they can accomplish amazing feats!

    In the end something much more sinister (Satan) is behind the scenes working skillfully to manipulate and control the masses to eventually unleash a genocide such the world has never known!

  4. Cindy you are correct on the air tax, but when you drag the fake "religion santa" concept in, is where you lost me. "Satan" is a fake word meaning evil. The church has you believing its a guy with horns living downstairs. If your bad you to hell..prove it, except with some words out of a "book".

  5. Truly though, the bible, especially the King James Version, starting around the 1830's were manipulated by the Rothschild Family. Just type in "Rothschild changes to bible" in google and it will come right up. The bible that everyone reads in the US is a fake version tainted by Rothschild. I am not making this up to make you mad, it is the truth. Do the research and you too shall find this out.

  6. "Truly though, the bible, especially the King James Version, starting around the 1830's were manipulated by the Rothschild Family."

    This statement is laughable.

  7. I am alright with this, you can grind up poop and put in capsules and call it "health supplements". Snake oil crooks need to be reined in.

  8. Too many damn pill junkies on the planet already-carpet nuke Merck now! We don`t need that poison anyway. More good food is needed-McDonalds, for instance...

  9. They can kiss my ass. You follow if you want sheeple.

  10. ok, i read the pdf file WITH THE EXECUTIVE codex alimentarius is mentioned.
    i did not get the impression that the goal is to suppress alternative remedies, but i am probably unable to correctly interpret the legalese.
    Can anyone enlighten me?

  11. your health is your most precious commodity you have & you would not belive how stupid people about their own bodies - I mean sometimes; it's downright scary.

    If you buy a top line brand of vitamin/mineral - your chances are good it is what it says it is.

    If your ever in doubt do what I did - take the stuff to an independant lab ! It's so damn easy people! use your heads - in this day and age trust me - you can get anything done you want - anything; just use your head!

    Give me a break on #13544 - what - you think these greedy sonsObitches want us sick and or dead? Think about it for a minute - what would you rather have - a healthy, brainwashed high producer or a sickly non producer who ran out of funds 3 years ago or a rotting corpse

    'Cmon man - they ain't stupid - dumb; maybe - stupid; no way.

  12. they've been after vit supplements for many years so they'll eventually get their way, to much time and money invested in attacking supplements for them to stop now, besides with some of these supplements they can't add their mercury and genetically modified garbage.

  13. So let me guess, any time you want to buy any vitamin, mineral, supplement or herb you ought to take it down to a material testing lab to have it verified, spending who knows how much money (and time), otherwise you are a fool? Ok got it!!!

  14. Cindy,
    You are right on the mark. I had come to disbelieve in the existence of Satan in my youth, but I now am totally convinced that he is a real spiritual being and that he is pulling the strings in a big way, especially with the dimwit he helped into the White House. As a former Mayor, CEO and West Pointer, I stake my reputation on my belief. Everything the President had done has brought increased chaos to our land, and everything he plans to do will bring even more. When the chaos is at the right intensity, the Lord of Chaos will indeed appear and feed on the souls of the Lost! I suggest we all work on our relationships with God! He is the only hope of salvation.

    Walt B.

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  17. Cindy,
    The carbon tax revenues would go directly to the World Bank, not third world peoples. The Denmark papers leaked to the press during the copenhagen summit revealed this scam. Poor country leaders realized they would get screwed and pulled out of the talks, causing the summit to end in failure.
    This will not stop the bankers, they will simply get the legislation passed by EU and US puppets unilaterally. No vote necessary. Oh and a VAT tax is coming too. In regards to vitamins, you may still be able to get them but they'll be very expensive. Multivitamin? That will be $75 please.

  18. walty served in nothing and your religion is for the weak degenerate's that need a crutch. Twit

  19. "non anonymous" Walt B.
    claims everybody else shpuld display their qualifications -especialy military -before having a right to a respected opinion like his own.
    "As a former Mayor, CEO and West Pointer, I stake my reputation on my belief."

    Because he has now convinced himself "Satan" is plotting against God and military opinion of the american way ,as found in bible prophesy.

    Actualy ,It appears to me that , he ,Walt B. demands respect for his statements of a claimed good reputation based on the stake of his own beleifs including an opinion on God.
    His "God" appears to be his own good opinion of himself and the superiority of the military way of conditioning respect for Authoritarian opinion .

  20. Man, it is no wonder we are being destroyed like this by just half a percent of the human population.

    Someone mentions how the chaos is growing because of a dark spirit called Satan and everyone trashes her. The irony is that she is basically looking for unity so we can try to stop the Elites.

    It is screwed. None of us can come together in this critical time all because of another person's belief in God. I'm now preparing for the loss of all things and people in life since that's where this is heading.

    That's fine, I didn't incarnate in a biological body on this planet to find peace with the structures surrounding us that breed corruption, violence, lies, deceit, and misery... I came to put them to the sword.

  21. First of all, let me apologise for allowing myself to become angered over the initial attack on my position. At 57 and my first reply to one of these topics, I did not realize that trying to qualify my experiences was a mistake, but it was, sorry.

    My main point, however was that in my time in the service I found few that did not believe, in politics, I found few who did. In business it all about the cash. But in at least two of these endeavors we took oaths in which we vowed to protect the rights of Americans to have, hold, and express individual opinions. Those of you who disagree with me have every right to do so, I may be wrong to be sure. I hope we will all remain free to continue in this fashion forever.

    But I do firmly believe that President Eisenhower's warning to beware the Military Industrial Complex has not been heeded and that the government is now changed it mission from serving us to enslaving us. I don't think that we will hang together, but I do fear that we shall surely hang separately.

    Walt B.

  22. John Doe,

    I do not consider that people are trashing me but rather the message itself. I am confident in my convictions and if others do not agree, I still am not moved by their words. I do not need others opinions to validate who I am because Jesus died for me and that IS my confidence because He loves me and that more than enough.

    I am not trying to unify anyone. I am is safer especially when the herd mentality is leading everyone down the wrong road.

    To Walt
    Thank you for your kind remarks. And yes, I believe we are in a war down here invisible war, a spiritual war and only God can reveal that to a heart that is sincere and wants to know the Truth.
    My commander in chief is the Lord Jesus because He is Lord over all peoples and nations, tribes and tongues.

    People will respond negatively to the Truth most of the time because they seek refuge in lies.

    To Thomas,
    I too do not understand how people can go through this life with all its uncertainty and disappointments and IF they know all the complexities of our bodies (that is, if they allow their minds to ponder a little deeper) and yet still not seek after God.......just to know for sure if there is not something better than this flesh and blood, mortal existence.

    But everything the Bible says about man is true....that he is a reprobate and depraved juxtaposed to the righteousness and holiness of God and that he is willingly ignorant.

    To anon,
    You are right that the money from the carbon tax goes into the world bank and I used the word (supposedly) that the money will go to poorer nations.......that is what the global elite want us to think.....but those of us who are more informed know exactly where the money is going.......into the pockets of the global elite so they can rule over the masses.


  23. How about this: I don't give a crap what your religious beliefs are. I just wish you would not drag them out in discussions about vitamins...unless you are one of those nuts who thinks only prayer will cure you.

    For the ignorant, the Old Testament uses the word "satan" just a few times and it translates to "adversary." It was the Christian Church that created the character of Satan, the personification of evil, to offset the creation of Jesus, the personification of good. I could also go into an explanation of the origins of heaven and hell, but that would only make your heads explode.

    Back to vitamins and supplements: I use them extensively and no one is going to tell me not to. I don't have a problem with standardizing the manufacturing because I want to be sure that the bottle contains what the label says.

  24. 3:08

    What don't you understand? That's exactly what these greedy sons of bitches want. US DEAD!!! We are useless eaters to them.

  25. sharonsj...
    humorous. You think this is a conversation about pills? The greater point is about power and control. Do you honestly believe your health is dependent upon synthetic chemical compounds? Keep popping them.

  26. 9:01
    With US DEAD there are no worker bees to bring honey to the hive as "they" make no goods and services of ANY type - only money ( and/or power)

    So, yes, they "need" US !

    12:35 have you ever visted a top shelf vitamin/mineral facility? I invite you to do so.
    There is nothing synthetic about them & all the top shelf brands ie GNC, Nutralife, Daily advantage etc. will welcome your visit.

    They are very interested in talking with you as well - if you don't believe me - call Shaklee - you'll be amazed to talkwith a very friendly, well informed real live person.

    I visited the largest vitamin plant in the country ( Amway, belive it or not) and was absolutly amazed at their quality control and how much of the product they actually grew & raised themselves. They even have their own spirulina ( an algae superfood bursting with antioxidants) on site in Mich, - it was neat!

  27. 1:17

    I disagree. Read Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guidestones. They make it very clear that they want to limit the worlds population to mo more than 500 million. They consider most of us to be worthless. They will always of course keep a limited numbers of us serfs around.

  28. Sharonnj said in his most religious/ educational expert tone of voice in order to enlighten the ignorant on theology-

    "For the ignorant, the Old Testament uses the word "satan" just a few times and it translates to "adversary." It was the Christian Church that created the character of Satan, the personification of evil, to offset the creation of Jesus, the personification of good.

    In fact 'Satan" may be one just name used by the early Jews for the "personification of evil', but the personification of evil as originaly created by God himself ,is found in the Torah ,the old Testamant in Genisis.
    An evil serpent in gods perfect garden of Eden .
    Evil ,as contrasted with the original "Good God" ,not Jesus at all.
    A story supposedly created long before even the Jewish tribe of Abraham or the Christian religion even existed .
    But the struggle of humanity for justice and against evil exists in the practice of solving problems of the real world ,not in argueing about ancient fairy/devil tales in a book .
    Such discussions are best left to the unscientific ignorant on religious websites.

  29. These fraudulent claims of health benefits should be stopped. If the herb or treatment actually worked then it would become mainstream and not remain an "alternative". It is a crime that these hucksters are allowed to make wild ass claims for their so-called alternative medicines and supplements.

  30. #:30

    All you really have to do is sit down and start crunching some numbers to see how ludacris that
    would be.

    We would essentially have to revert back to an 1600's style of living to equate a 500 million population that is workable.

    Think about it even for a minute - no infrastructure maint.or military, no sewage , no electricity, no automobile industry
    no global flight, no shipping lanes , no oil
    no coal

    All these things take people - vast quantities of people - take any category and break it down - such as coal

    Coal is 1/3rd of the worlds Btu supply - what, you think with only 500 million lefty they won't need coal?

    Who will mine it if only the elitests are left? surely not one of them! Who will grade the coal - who will clean the coal - who will separate the coal - who will ship the coal - who will deliver the coal - who will fix the coal furnace - who will fix the coal truck

    The list is damn near endless

    You do not at this point take the best that we have to offer and kill everything else

    It just doesn't work that way

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