Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ecuador Declares State of Emergency Amid 'Coup Attempt'

Rafael Correa was forced to flee a protest when tear gas was fired
A state of emergency has been declared in Ecuador after President Rafael Correa accused the opposition and security forces of a coup attempt.
Mr Correa was taken to hospital after being hit by tear gas at a protest. Later reports spoke of fresh violence outside as he was being treated.


“Start Quote

If you want to kill the president, here he is. Kill him, if you want to. Kill him if you are brave enough”
End Quote Rafael Correa President of Ecuador
Troops also took over the main airport, forcing it to close. Unrest has been reported across the country.
The protesters are angry at a new law that cuts benefits for public servants.
The dramatic events began on Thursday morning, when members of the armed forces and police angry at the austerity measures occupied several barracks and set up road blocks across the country to demand the austerity measures be abandoned by the government.
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  1. and so it begins???

  2. Coming to a city near you....

  3. and it will be the fault of those evil Republicans who took control of the House & Senate in Nov. Why if we had just let Barry & Friends alone, everything would be fine. But those evil tea baggers stepped on his green shoots and killed them. Barry will have no choice but to cut welfare programs and tax those evil rich. Really folks those tea baggers should be charged will Hate Crimes.

  4. the doom has started

  5. Remember the four "G's" - God, gold, guns, grub...the only things to get us through the coming collapse.

  6. Yes remember the four G's. Gays, Gold, Guts and Grub, those are all you need to get us through the coming collapse. The Fake God, does nothing for anyone, because he is a myth a fraud.

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  9. Hold your horses on this one: The strike was a failure to the wide perception that Unions are bribed and support our inept government. Spanish sheeple will not rebel, even if there is 40% unemployment. Actually, we had Franco as dictator until he passed away and no one gave a fuck. Actually if there is a world revolution, i would invite all non-participants to join me and see it on tv from here, as you have a cold sangria. Salud!

  10. 1:22am Well played sir well played.

  11. F*ck it been waiting for a riot near me for 3 long years as Europed rioted since 2 years ago I was sure the Americans ould wake up but alas no.

    It'll come to actually having benefits cut and fuel supplies cut in order to even semi-wake up the population...Problem is the ones complaining will mostly be made up of welfare mamas crying about their benefits they never earned.

    Sons of illegals and teachers crying about not getting enough money "For the children." Although they have forevr squandered the huge amount of money they recieved since I can remember.

    Or sadly enough old f*cked up sick people who over drank, over smoked, never ate correctly or actually paid into anything demanding health coverage...I have never seen SO MANY 40-55 year olds with so many illnesses, pains and aches.

    Seriously look around your friends, co-workers, family...I know so many fat ass, lazy, hard drinking, smoking, barely walking people that it makes me kinda sad for my country.

  12. so riots because of law to cut public benefits for which they payed taxes..hmmm, gov poor/broke-can't raise taxes..well they could have done it the american way, simply print money to pay bills owed to foreigners/centralbanks...isn't that more peaceful way
    ..I suppose either way-less income or devalued income-won't pay the bills anymore, at least they just got it over with.
    funny, welfare vs social security, which is the higher gov expenditure-which did you pay out directly for? guess people don't care that their taxed for social security and payed into it but will see just a portion of won't hurt or be a problem-until you retire and think it's fair you get it back...same ol same ol-out of sight out of mind and some younger person will be telling you oldy's to shut up LOL

  13. i love the fact that you are gay
    and no one should tell u different


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