Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Job Loss: Jack In The Box Closing 40 Stores

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – At least one local "Jack In The Box" will be among 40 stores closing nationwide.
"Jack in the Box" is scrambling to close 40 restaurants by October 3 in seven states in the Southeast, including Texas.
A couple of the employees at the "Jack In the Box" on South Gallatin Road said they were notified on Tuesday that the store would close at 1 a.m. Wednesday night.
The reason is that the stores are under-performing, according to a statement from the company.
"They're angry, upset. Some of them are single mothers. I mean, we need our job," said worker Tierra Mason. "I'm a single parent and we have other single mothers that are up here working hard. And we don't know what we're going to do. It's hard to find a job these days."


  1. All fast food joints have a $1.00, "value menu". If Jack has to close 40 stores, because there are not enough hungry people around with a buck in their pockets, you know this is a really bad sign.

    As for me, it would be very unusual if I ate at a fast food place, more than once a week. It's a thrill when I can go to my local market and buy an 8 piece fried chicken box for $3.99 for my family's dinning pleasure.

  2. Closing 40 stores? What's America coming to? I mean there's only a Jack in the Box, Mickey-D's or Burger Queen on every single corner in the country. What will we do with 40 less?

  3. i think it will be good that not as strong number will get stressd in lines too ong for the generel public to be reasoning with. if you can feel whats coming i d like to know what you belief should be done to stop it. Thanks.

    - Sam

  4. i thik good closing, mcdonalds close over hear and that good, mcdonald and jack box serve poison people like that to get fat good for us economoy, lines good too, ong genral pubiic reson wif i can fel waht coming and it like to know it good for you belif and keep going for good us


  5. "we have other single mothers that are up here working hard"

    Sure you do. The only thing those breeders know how to do is make more bastards, file for WIC, welfare, and child support.

  6. Sure you do. The only thing those breeders know how to do is make more bastards, file for WIC, welfare, and child support.

    The real breeders are the illegals invaders from Mexico draining our system.

  7. check the daily bizarre on the left there-shows chicken being squeezed through a sieve, there's your mcnuggets and whatever jack0box version of chicken like food is lol
    I'd hope their bust because people are becoming aware of these GM foods and the processing...poop
    ..I used to work fast food, meat was squeezed out from a chaulking

  8. Poison! Just the other day I had to crawl over dead bodies to get into McDonalds. I should have gone to Jamba Juice. Everyone coming out of there was buff. All the women were 36-24-36 and all the men were blond and blue eyed. If we just all ate organic we would all live to be 500 years old. Makes me want to cry in my McDonalds frys...

  9. First of all "Sam” is an Idiot. He or she should go back and learn how to spell and proof read.
    Second- Not all Single Moms have Bastards or are on Assistance. I would guess that you have a kid that you are not supporting but should be.
    Third- They are not serving Poison. You would be dead if they were.
    Fourth- Pressing food that would have been wasted to a shape that your would see as Chicken is good. If they were wasting the food you would complain about that. Oh and by the way, Jack's Chicken Pieces are not processed. You would know that if you actually looked at them.
    Fifth- The "Caulking Guns" are used to properly portion Condiments not Meat. They also help to avoid cross contamination of food items.
    Sixth- Stop Complaining and DO SOMETHING. You sound like a bunch of Whiners that won't get off your backside and do something to help things. You are not entitled to what America is and has to offer. You have to earn it everyday.

  10. trying this out.


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