Friday, September 17, 2010

Florida Unemployment Stats Get Worse

Florida's unemployment in August climbed to 11.7 percent, the state reported Friday, up from 11.5 percent in July.
The figure represents about 1 million jobless from a workforce of about 9.2 million, according to the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation.
Statewide unemployment is about 2 percentage points higher than the national average.
The state lost about 16,000 jobs over the month but gained almost 30,000 jobs from the same time last year.
Metro Orlando's unemployment rate rose to 11.9 percent, up slightly from July's rate of 11.8 percent. Volusia County reported the highest rate in Central Florida at 12.6 percent.
Statewide, Hendry County has the worst unemployment. Its August rate was 20.6 percent, almost 9 percentage points higher than the state average.
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Household Worth Fell 1.5 Trillion U.S. In Second Quarter 


  1. Florida is not getting my vacation money. Will be lucky to visit the local hot springs (discharge from the power plant) to enjoy a break this winter (unless security drives us off as potential terrorists)

    Thanks Obama, while you enjoy your weekly vacations the rest of us are eating soup and scraping for winter school clothes for the children.

    Hope = FAIL
    Change = Much worse than before

  2. Florida



    All have the exact same set of problems

    What are the common denomonators ?

    It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure this shit out & while we're all tripping over each other being politically correct and avoiding million dollar lawsuits for saying a very. very bad word or set of words to the wrong individual
    or "group" or sect or lifestyle or blah blah blah

    They are all laughing their asses off all the way to the bank as we the people

    pay them off too

    Wow! It's sad brother - really, really sad

  3. ILLEGAL HISPANIC FREELOADERS have ruined Florida, California and Arizona.

    There, I said it!

  4. 2:03
    Globalization ruins USA.

  5. Sonofabitch 3:39 you did

    I applaud you and the other 3 people here in the USA who have the kahhoonies to call a varmint for what it is.

    Nowhere in the history of mankind has such a clusterfuck been maintained - unfortunatly for us; this little experiment is going down

    Glub, Glub, Glub

    1 in 7 living in poverty

    43 Million on food stamps

    Somewhere beteween 10 and 25% UNEMPLOYMENT

    41 million to young to work

    68 million to old to work

    1 in 381 homes in forclosure

    Avg. per capita debt $ 257,000.00

    On and On an On and On - entiltlements, they WILL catch up with YOU

  6. Anonymous said...
    "ILLEGAL HISPANIC FREELOADERS have ruined Florida, California and Arizona."

    There, I said it!
    10 points for getting the new amerikkkan political correctness right!

    Such bravery Balls and truth in unbiased, speak the truth, modern economic racial analysis!
    Shall we have a race war now ?
    Should only first or second generation Hispanics be deported?

    Unemployed ?
    Need a real job opportunity. picking vegetables ,or as a waiter?
    Has the Tea party got a low pay shovel ready job for you!

    40 years ago when American corporations were getting the bulk of their profits from the profits made in discrimination against the Blacks, while not economically exploiting Whites , any economic problems were often blamed on “lazy blacks” ,crazily demanding equal rights in pay, thereby unfairly threatening to cut into the privileges of the hardworking more “super-productive” unionized Whites and corporate profitability.

    But after some struggles and organized fightback Including by the Black Panthers and even the Nation Of Islam ,it is no longer politically correct to talk like that about Blacks in America today .

    When American companies actually began to pay equal wages to Blacks too ,high waged American industry became unprofitable for employing either Black or White workers.

    The importation of “Hispanics’ as illegals was not just by Democrats, but a bi-partisan policy for many years . Creating economic wages competition with Americans in order to cheapen all wages.

    But , Supporters of the American system ,are in denial that their system is bankrupt, now demand a new ‘racial’ scapegoat.
    Real Political correctness in racism is now to attack and blame ‘Hispanic” as “Ilegals”as the reason why things have got bad .

    Even though Blacks And Hispanics are now the majority in the Armed forces.

    So, a not so brave, “There I have said it” comment from a probable ‘whitey”?

    Your attack on Hispanic labor, not on cheap labor employers ,is in practice an economic diversion in order to defend the “cheap labor” Hispanic ‘race” exploiting racist elite of business and wall st.
    Do you really believe that The American ruling elite ,now needing these millions of imported cheaper labor workers for its industrial profitability and military ,could not even control its own borders and social security ID system ?
    Even with modern widescale surveillance system and Homeland security?
    When things get too tough Amnesties are arranged by either party in power.

    The "free loaders" who ruined American capitalism were not the Hispanic illegal sector of american labor, but the mostly White Elite and banksters on wall st (pay attention right here, probable “Whitey”) that exported most physically wealth productive industrial jobs out of America ,leaving only mostly unskilled services jobs .

    In the end after the civil Rights movement even “super-productive” white Americans had to send out their wives away from childcare and home to work. But ,Two workers,now Debt Peons ,could not supply a decent standard of living without living on credit.
    Even the Taliban do not think much of that system for economicaly exploting their women .
    They would rather keep them as housewives looking after their children!

  7. hey there - i live in Fla and heard on the radio last night that the increase was a GOOD thing!!! it means that we are growing jobs and more people are entering the workforce to find work!!!

    really - this is what they said on a Jacksonville radio show.

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  9. To the above leftist hack jerkoff above. It's DEMOCRATS that have made it so the woman has to work to pay massive federal tax bills. Which is what the leftists wanted all along, idiot.


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