Friday, September 17, 2010

Oil Eating Bacteria Causing Massive Outbreaks In Gulf

To make things a little scarier, some of the oil-eating bacteria have been genetically modified, or otherwise bio-engineered, to better eat the oil - including
Alcanivorax borkumensis and some of the Pseudomonas. Oil-eating bacteria produce bio-films. According to Nurse Schmidt, studies have found that bio-films are rapidly colonized (p. 97) by other Gram-negative bacteria - including those known to infect humans.  
Scientists anticipated early on that the Gulf leak would cause populations of oil-eating bacteria to soar. Still, infections are not likely in healthy people. However, exposure to oil weakens a person's immune system function, as does the mental stress of dealing with disaster trauma. And then there are people who are more at risk than others to bacterial infections, especially when first challenged with oil and solvent exposure. This includes children, people with cystic fibrosis or asthma, and African Americans (who are prone to blood disorders), to name a few.
Is this the perfect storm - an exploding population of opportunistic Gram-negative bacteria (some natural, some not), millions of gallons of food (oil) for the bacteria, and a susceptible population of stressed-out people?
Perhaps. If the outbreak of skin rashes across the Gulf is any indication, the health care providers, media, and Congress ought to be taking a hard look at this question. Further, people ought to be connecting the dots to illnesses that surfaced in Exxon Valdez spill responders and to the illnesses occurring now in Michigan residents coping with the Enbridge oil pipeline spill.
In the Gulf, Nurse Schmidt believes, "This is like a major bacterial storm. It could be the reason we are seeing a variance of symptoms in different individuals. In some people, we see respiratory complications, while in others we see skin or GI symptoms. I think it is due to a multitude of colonized bacteria - which may have been triggered by BP's disaster. "

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CALIFORNIA Completely Collapsing 


  1. Perhaps this is where the Morgellons plague is coming from.

  2. Well, the people better enjoy the nurses that are down there and the nurses better enjoy their jobs while they have them. In 2012-2013 when the Obamacare kicks in there won't be any nurses or doctors.

    Though, we might see everyone of all occupations lose their jobs before that if hyperinflation takes place in 2011.

    FUCK. My future is looking wonderful. I wonder if I'll meet my future wife in a bomb shelter or digging in a garbage can for food.

    "Hi, I'm John, it's nice to meet you," while eating used coffee grounds.

    LOL! It might be fun.

  3. I think that the word "collapsing" is being over-used. What word do we use when the riots start?

  4. ¨CONFLAGRATION¨, 11:23.

  5. 11:23 When that happens the word is "Collapsed". We are only in the "collapsing stage".

    Check this out from a comment on ZEROHEDGE:
    Anyone seriously interested in silver should read about and understand the delivery situation that the COMEX is in. JPM and HSBC are believed to be holding massive, galactic sized short positions -- to over 1 billion ounces of silver at this point. Amassed over the years to control the price.

    Now, longs are taking delivery. In a very large way, and JPM/Comex/the Fed does not, I repeat, does NOT have the silver to deliver in these quantities

    In short what those in the silver market have always known -- that some day this was all going to explode -- is happening NOW.

    Let's not even go into the CTFC's role here.

    Anyway, if you'd like to follow this looming catastrophe read Harvey Organ blog, . Every day, he tracks the flow of delivery notices and actual inventory at the Comex........ seems the shelves are bare.

    And the more people that know, the more people are refusing to knuckle under to the manipulated "attacks" that JPM stages in the marketplace.

    That was what was literally sickening at the CTFC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission) hearings. they had a whistle-blower WHO TOLD THEM WHEN AN ATTACK WOULD BE STAGED, DESCRIBED IT IN DETAIL, AND THEN SAT WITH THEM AND WATCHED IT HAPPEN -- PROVIDING COLOR COMMENTARY -- and what did the CTFC do?


    And a day later, a car attempted to take out Andrew Maquire in a hit and run in downtown London.

    Its that bad in the silver market.

    Don't sell into the fake prices.

  6. Um, um, um, time for another vacation.

  7. yeah corexit...we must spray it to see what it does, sort of like pelosei on the health care bill, we must pass it to see what's inside

  8. They still mine and log in California ?

    And those 2 sectors did NOT lose jobs ?

    So - if I have 2 grand - Silver is the thing to buy?

    I know - so many questions!

  9. Put your $$ in a mattress; that silver/gold fad is a bunch of goddam nonsense. When the whole world is broke NOBODY is going to buy it. You might as well have an entire collection of Abyssinian mooseheads on your wall-great for conversation, but nobody will give you dick shit for them while they are dining on sardines and week old saltines...

  10. 3:09
    Make sure you have 1 year food & water for the family first. If after that you still have 2 grand, then yes, silver in 1 oz rounds or bars will barter best or can be sold back very easily if not needed.

  11. Nothing here to see. BP cleaned up all the oil, everything & everyone are healthy and things are back to normal in the gulf. Anything to the contrary is purely coincidence.

    Case closed.

    Now go back to watching your sports shows and SHUT-UP!

  12. This is a scare story, nothing more. There is no outbreak of illness and people aren't dropping like flies. This is a story for a supermarket tabloid and not a real story. It belongs right beside the alien from mars that impregnated my grandmother.

  13. 7:28 do you copy and paste that schill remark all over this site? LOSER.

  14. 7:28, are you getting overtime pay for working on a Saturday?

  15. This story is simply a lie. There is no illnesses and no rush to the hospitals and no people with misquito bites all over their legs making believe they have some mysterious disease. It is a phony story. Think about it! This story has been pushed by the far left ever since the blowout in the Gulf and so far nothing!! Where are all the pictures of sick people (forget that sad fake of the misquito bites on the leg LOL). Where are the lines waiting to get into the hospital. You are being duped.

  16. Nothing here to see. BP cleaned up most of the oil, everything & everyone are healthy and things are back to normal in the gulf.

    Case closed.

    Now go back to watching your sports shows and SHUT-UP!


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