Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Former Hedge-Fund Manager: Mortgage Collapse, Bets on Farmland, Gold

Michael Burry, the former hedge-fund manager who predicted the housing market’s plunge, said he is investing in farmable land, small technology companies and gold as he hunts original ideas and braces for a weaker dollar.
“I believe that agriculture land -- productive agricultural land with water on site -- will be very valuable in the future,” Burry, 39, said in a Bloomberg Television interview scheduled for broadcast this morning in New York. “I’ve put a good amount of money into that..

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  1. For years I've been reading that the next wars will be fought over water. There are huge sections of the globe where getting safe drinkable water isn't possible. If we keep polluting our water here in the U.S., we'll have the same problem.

    What this guy is talking about is how to profit from things falling apart. If you read most financial web sites, the focus is always on where to invest your money or how to bet on commodities like food and oil. The market still tries to profit from adversity, so if we can't afford to buy a loaf of bread, some trader will be happy and rich.

    Buy land with a good water supply to live on, not to own as an "investment." Buy gold and silver jewelry, not gold bars, to use for barter if necessary. That way, if TSHTF, you can survive.


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