Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Hope For Deflation

From Gold Scents:

Lately we've been hearing a lot of talk about Kondratieff cycles, Elliot Wave super cycle, end of the world, deflation, deflation, deflation.

What the deflationists fail to acknowledge is that in a purely fiat monetary system deflation is a choice not an inevitability. To put it in simple terms, if a government is willing to sacrifice its currency there is absolutely no way deflation can take hold in a modern monetary system.

It doesn't matter how large the debt contraction is, 10 trillion, 100, or 1000 trillion, any government with a purely fiat currency can, with the stroke of a computer key, print enough money to wipe out the debt. Granted, they will destroy the currency by doing so, but at some point we are going to be faced with the choice of print or deflate. I have little doubt Bernanke will choose to...

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  1. Ummm, does this guy not realize it is being done on purpose? The government's financial policies are the offspring of a 50 year Communist plan. It's quite simple what they did and what it has manifested. A few of the 200+ goals in different words and no particular order:

    - Hijack major cities and impoverish them. Set up protocols that suck taxpayer dollars into these cities and create the facade that it is meant to help the poor. (Chicago, Detroit, LA, etc.)

    - Spend, spend, and spend. Print money and spend it. Spend it on nonsense, continue printing to devalue the dollar until hopefully it loses all value. (One trillion dollars wasted on Greece)

    - Take over a party (Dem) and infiltrate the White House. Push bills and laws through that will smother the people.

    It isn't hard to put those together. The dollar is being murdered deliberately. Obama and his administration have successfully pushed through two major bills, two more to go, that will devour the capitalist system and Constitution totally.

    Meanwhile everyone is being choked, everyone is too exhausted to do anything. If they are doing something it is focusing on worthless crap like elections. People now have black holes (debt) so bad everyone else without is being pulled down a level. Notice the increase in alcohol consumption in the last year or so? If people don't want to face reality they'll want to hide from it.

    This guy sounds like the type who would discuss with three other fools on NBC or Fox what Obama needs to do differently. Such a poor focus, these people don't think Obama is not going against the people and their wishes on purpose? He just has different views? He hates his country and the people, simple.

    Say for example the economy doesn't collapse completely within the next two years (hard to imagine) and we get to the elections. Guess what will happen if Obama doesn't get his job done and turn the country into anarchy? The people will put through some worthless Republican who will just keep us in another stagnate period.

    The world of duality is so painful. Bipartisan nation...


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