Tuesday, September 28, 2010

G. Edward Griffin: Commodity Money-Gold and Silver


  1. why would you wast money on objects. Silver and gold cant get you stuff but sit in your home staring at them. I enjoy cash which works. Go to stores you will be unabel to buy things if no dollars. Dollars work it is money. silver is not money it is bought.

    - Sam

  2. Sam are you mentally challenged? Or 16 years old. Perhaps you should read every article on this site. O.k. dumb shill?

  3. I Am Sam - Every time you post you come across as mentally retarded as Sean Penn. Stop embarrassing yourself in front of thousands of readers (and movie viewers).

  4. Crazy Silver Bug CanuckSeptember 29, 2010 at 12:37 AM

    Sam who ever you are Im with 3.16 your either a shill or just dog gone dumb.Silver and Gold is REal money stupid not that Federal Reserve Note created out of thin air having an intrinsic value of Zero.You may want to look up that word INTRinsic it's probably above your pea knuckle head.
    Sam go buy a ticket to dancing with the stars with that real money of yours..I think youll be in good company with America'dumbed down majority


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