Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Should Americans Be Listening To Ahmadinejad?

 The Iranian President Makes More Sense Than Bush, McCain or Obama

The full text of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech to the UN General Assembly last week was printed in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz (9-25-08).
Although our Founding Fathers would have comprehended and endorsed Ahmadinejad’s speech to the United Nations, present-day Americans would find it strange should they happen to hear about it.
Unlike their forbears, Americans today live a material life, not a spiritual one. Americans are far too likely to dismiss Ahmadinejad’s words about obeisance to God and justice as the mumbo-jumbo of an “Islamist extremist.”
The hubris of Americans and their belief in U.S. “exceptionalism” would cause them to reject Ahmadinejad’s holding the US, its NATO puppets, and Israel accountable before the UN General Assembly. So successfully has Ahmadinejad been demonized by the propagandistic US media that his speech would be dismissed out of hand by the arrogance of those who regard themselves as the salt of the earth.


  1. Excellent article thanks for sharing!

  2. Good article. It’s good that such a prominent figure as Paul Craig Roberts is voicing his opinion on the subject. It only gives more credibility to so called conspiracy theorists. Unfortunately, ever since the banking cartel succeeded in overtaking the country, the moral values were substituted and the society was turned upside down. That’s why we witness relentless attacks on family values and propagation and glorification of abnormal behaviour, such as homosexuality. It serves one purpose-homosexual “families”, if you permit me to call them such, bare no results and therefore are encouraged by the of ruling elite as one of means reducing the population. Not to mention genetically modified organisms which they know are going to ruin the planet, so they decided to create a backup-World seed bank

  3. When the US walked out you had to know they were scared that he was hitting too close to the truth. Why else would they make such a big show about it?

    Women play this game all the time. They accuse men of cheating without any evidence. If the man goes overboard defending himself they get really suspicious. If he just dismisses the complaint they pretend they were joking. Since politics is just men acting like women, the same applies.

  4. You sound like a right wing nut job. Gays are just as American as you. The religous right like you only divide us and make us weaker. You have no morals. You think your ugly values have worth? You are a sickening human being.

    Using your religion to attack people show us what you and your dirty religion are all about.

  5. 12:31 you must be 65+. Gays do have kids and whether or not you like they exist. Gotta tell you, a lot of people do not like your kind either, Bigots.

    This country will not be stronger divided. The right wing loves to divide. That will gurt us even more.

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  8. I agree with 12:31 outside of the homosexual part.

    Everyone in this country who watches television for anywhere over an hour a day has been given a distorted view of reality, totally whacked out. Hollywood did exactly that. We mock people who are in reality with intelligence while praising drug addicts and girls who open their legs to everyone. Girls who keep their legs closed because they have self esteem are just "prude". Guys who don't go to parties to go home with drugged up girls are just "wimps". Guess what? Jennifer Lopez is going to be on American Idol this season as a judge. How do I know? Because it was displayed on the teleprompter during Glenn Beck. See my point?

    That's exactly why this country is dying. We have become absolutely deranged.

  9. 1:14 is a sick freak.

    2:31 It is not Hollywood, it is the churches preaching to hate our neighbors. America is divided due to the extreme religions like the baptists and mormons.

    Maybe the collapse will help wash out the angry christians. Build the mosque! At least with more mosques christians can not highjack the country for a religous fascist state.

  10. I agree with 12:31 period. Everything he/she said is truthful. Can't really argue with that..

  11. Morals makes society stronger.. Lack of such destroys society.. Any who argue against morals is a fool..

  12. 12:45 Very good analogy

  13. Morals are made by man, and as such they are imperfect and they change.
    Judiging other people because they do not follow your same values divides society and man, and you will bear the responsibility.
    And what kind of values do you decide to use to judge?
    Loyalty? no!
    honesty? nooo!
    kindness? god forbid!
    no, you decided to discriminate based on sexual lifestyle instead!
    what a genius!!

    That does not say much about about gays, but says A LOT about you.

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  17. @5:29
    is there anything else that you can show us, besides your incredible ignorance and curse-ridden language?
    if that is the best that you can show then yes,YOU are sooooo screwed

  18. build the mosque? wow, sure, to be gay and pro islam...LOLOL! haven't you noticed what they do to their gays?...I suppose not. ..careful what u wish for
    gay community is weird, got what they wanted, rights and such, even elected officials but it's never enough.
    Oh well, only gets worse from here...:))) it's great having a roadmap!

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  23. Who listens to America about Isreal anyway ?

    The american government and its 'inteligence" was exposed to the world for their lies about weapons of mass destuction and Saddams "terrorist" connections with alciada and Ossama.
    Less and less people on this planet now accept the laughable self investigation and conspiracy theories circulated by US Presidents and appointed 'commisions' of enquiry .

    The majority of people on this planet esprcialy the poor Third world cheers Amedinijad as the voice of reason.

    But, the “international community” ,it is said has had enough of Amadinejad daring to repeat or even mention the theory or suspicion ,now believed by many Americans too ,that the 2001 terrorist attacks on America may have been orchestrated to bolster the US economy and save the Zionist regime ..

    Mr Obama to make a statement like that repeating this theory was inexcusable…hatefuland ..offensive.
    To whom?
    He did not deny that it was true?

    The western MSM claimed that the Amidinajed statement calling for an real investigation of American incompetence in a proper investigation of the matter was ‘anti-semitic’.

    This “international community”it seems is only represented by the rich First world nations bloc that walked out of the UN .
    Empire America ,the representatives of the European union that is ,Americas NATO military ‘partners”+ other traditional military partner Countries in the Anglo-Imperialist economic military bloc for war against the Third world .
    And wait for it -the following - huge representative of the anti-colonialist Third World peoples .
    Costa Rica.

    That’s it.

    These wise monkeys of ‘peace” representative of a small richer part of humanity ,all walked of the UN with their fingers kept firmly pligged in their ears and on the all nuclear options on the table substitute for reason and of seeking truth from facts.

  24. 12:31 didn't say anything wrong but you people are so programmed by TV to defend Gays you attack. It is funny reading your comments it is right wing causing the problems LOL sure left take a look at the radical left wing fringe in DC now. But nope let's worry about gay rights. What he said was the truth gays can't reproduce DUH its not rocket science. But you programmed robot attacked. Funny. Try opening your mind the American family is under attack weather you choose to accept the truth is another question all together. Break your brainwashing.

  25. You have to be kidding! What next? We should start stoning to death defenseless girls for talking to boys. Cut off heads for not being the right religion. Could you be any stupider??

  26. @September 28, 2010 1:02 PM
    Look, Homos cannot have kids, they can take somebody else’s kids and bring them up (to be homos as well), but they can't have kids via natural ways. Whether you believe in God or Darwin-both do not allow propagation of these species and that behaviour. That's a fact. But homosexuality is one of the ways to destroy morals in society. Before collapse of Rome what did they have? Rampant homosexuality, corruption, prostitution, endless entertainments (bread and gladiator fights) etc. Does it ring a bell to someone here? You cannot entrust a prostitute to educate your child. I wouldn't. If a man looks at a naked woman with good forms and something does not stand up, there is something badly miss-wired in his brain. How can you entrust someone with miss-wired brain to run something-kindergarten, school, local government, federal government? I am not in favour of killing or humiliating these people. But I live my life without going to every freaking corner and screaming that I am a heterosexual person. Why should they? Let them keep it to their bedrooms.


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