Monday, September 6, 2010

Man Sets House On Fire, Dies In It, After Losing Home To Homeowners' Association

Feuds between homeowners and homeowners' associations can get pretty intense, as BoingBoing pointed out twice last week. One feud in Ogden, NC, was so bad that the man's house was sold by the court to pay for dues and fines levied by the association. The house was sold earlier this summer, reports the Star-News, and last month the man doused everything in gas and set the place on fire.
The cause of all the trouble? A fence and planters:
[The victim] violated the covenants of the homeowners' association by building a white picket fence, shed and "round, black objects in the front yard" without approval from the Architectural Review Committee, according to the complaint. On Sunday, the "round, black objects" were dug into the front yard and held plants.


  1. Don't f with homeowners associations. You're told the rules when you move in. You violate the rules then you must fix it. You don't fix it you pay. You don't pay, you die. It's just that simple.

  2. This is terrible.. What was the harm all the guy wanted was a little pickett fence and a shed and plant holders! What is with these people bullying homeowners.. Who the heck is a homeowners association?? Shame on them for bullying an old man who had no one to fight for him.. What is the harm in a little white fence, a shed, planter holders?? Get real people is it worth bullying someone who owns there own house?? Really now someone should kick you out of your house for something stupid and see how you like it. They should go to jail for bullying an elderly man the "legal" way..

  3. Great the guy had the guts to do it and kinda put it in the face of the "association"

    Problem is the "association" will most likely also collect all on any home insurance he was required to also have.

    If your gona do this to spite the "association" plan ahead and stop paying your insurance along with your payments first, spend all your cash, or give it away, than screw em.

  4. I was on the board for an HOA for many years. Most people buy into an HOA for conformity, so they don't have to look at their neighbors car parked on the front lawn or hideous paint colors or what have you.

    The man just needed pre-approval for what he did to his yard. He shouldn't have bought in there if he wasn't going to follow the rules. He brought this on himself. The rules of an association have to be clear, if they are not, then he has an excuse to sue. Too many people in an HOA, do wrong then ask for forgiveness, rather than get pre-approval.

    If you don't like it, then don't buy or rent a home in an HOA, it is simple as that.

  5. I hate home asso. I have lived in on and didn't like it. I moved out. But home asso provides a sense of security and order. I rather be renting an apartment which has home asso too.

  6. 1229 They sure have you trained well.

    I rented a house once with a HOA and will NEVER again. It’s like living in a fish bowl. The lawn police keep a close eye on you. Everything you do is a violation. If you are out of work and want to plant a garden to feed your family you are in violation. They can kiss my ass!

  7. 2:45 this is really amazing to see your mindset and thought process. Talk about societal collapse we the people of a so called free country are willing to see a fellow American lose his house and LIFE because he failed to follow even a simple rule of his HOA and you still believe that is ok, what the heck is wrong with you. Stop and think about about what you are really saying. I guess your right, a man works his whole life, pays his taxes then fails to follow your simple rules it should cost him his life, it is as simple as that! WOW!!! I guess that is why America is in the state that it is today.

  8. 2:45- ...AND fully sanctioned by the courts without impunity! Hang on for long bumpy ride folks,it`s over!

  9. 11:01 and 7:31:

    This is 2:45, for your information when an HOA takes someones house in a court action it usually takes a very long time. This individual had plenty of opportunity to correct the issue. Taking a house in this matter is a measure of absolute last resort. Yes, I agree that it sucks, but don't act like this mess just transpired in a short amount of time.

    They guy refused to follow the rules and refused to comply to reasonable requests to correct the violation. He fought where he had no legal recourse on his side, instead of complying. He drove himself to this point. While the end result was very extreme, so was his final act. Place blame where it belongs and just remember that if you buy into an HOA, you will not have complete freedom to do what you want, it is really that simple.

    We dealt with unreasonable people all the time on stuff like this as well as those who refused to pay their dues. The law was always the last resort after reasonable and legal attempts were made to seek compliance.


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