Monday, September 6, 2010

Manipulation Of Money - David Icke


  1. Why are you using a video with David Icke in it?
    He is anti-God if memory serves me.

  2. 5:18 all that matters if he's right...Religion and ideology have nothing to do with the reality of the situation.

  3. Just keep telling yourself that...

  4. No, 8:46 is right.

  5. Let me guess, he is anti-god and pro-reptilian?

  6. That's what I was thinking, 3:08
    Icke is a goof ball. Some people just don't get the big picture.

  7. remember what Stephen Hawkings said about what created the universe

  8. Sounds like weird metaphisical idealism to me.
    Hawkings it seems, thinks "Gravity" can suddenly create the universe ,a unity -Matter in all its forms -in-motion , out of nothing.
    Great Science?
    How can the "Forces of gravity" act or have any effect before matter/mass /and time even exists .
    "Forces" of gravity in nothing?
    "Gravity " for Hawkins seems like only a new name for his own idea of god?
    Gravity + big bang and the universe expands out of nothing .
    If this is 'science" and "pure Maths" of human reason ,it is about as believable as a universe created by the "Word" saying " let there be light"

  9. Hawking is just an insignificant microcosm in a microcosm that's in a macrocosm and has other insignificant microcosms under his magnetic grip feeling pressured to believe what he says because of some worthless credentials.

    Icke is no different. We are all delusional beings in a delusion.

  10. I've listened to this Icke guy--what he does is mix some truth with lies...that's why people are so easily deceived. I watched a video and he just about had me on some things--then he started in on the anti-god thing. He's a shill.
    Plain and simple.


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