Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Lost Jobs: Caterpillar To Build Another Factory In China

NEW YORK (AFP) – Caterpillar, the world's largest manufacturer of construction equipment, will build a factory in China to produce mini hydraulic excavators, the company said in a statement.
Construction will begin in Wujiang, near Shanghai, at the end of 2010 and the facility should be ready in 2012 to begin production of mini excavators of less than eight tons, the company said Tuesday.

Caterpillar did not say how much the project will cost.

It is part of a long-term plan for investments in China that will make Caterpillar one of the leading manufacturers of construction equipment in the country.


  1. What a surprise! An American company going overseas to manufacture goods. Wonder why? Oh I know, the business conditions in this country are anti-corporations, you know the corporations that hire people and give them jobs. Those mean old capitalists, big bad corporations. Many will rue the day that the Marxist Socialist Democrats convinced the public that big business is bad! The chickens are coming home to roost in this country - and the jobs are flying out! Unfortunately that probably really pleases the Dems - you know redistribution of wealth along with the massive taxes and regs placed on manufactures in the US.

  2. Another example of why we are doomed. The rich could give a crap about factory workers.

  3. Wonder why ?

    Try - Union job with every bennie ever invented
    @ $45.00/hour

    Chinese worker at $2.00 per day and all the rice he can consume.

    Wow !

    That was atough one !

  4. Time to End the Fed and...Grab the Tar & Feathers, Pitchforks and Torches...head to DC an and Kick the Bumbs OUT! Screw Beck...No more Mr. Nice Guy! We have to "RE-SET" the system. With 52% of people reliant on some sort of Govt hand-outs from military contractors and construction to food stamps its never going to change on its own...what a CLUSTER! This is one serious FUBAR!

  5. Jobs/manufacturing have been leaving for along time now, due to free trade, WTO signing, selling out to UN and WB, Nafta, and the like, Corp hunger for the bottom line makes them leave for lower costs, yeah 1.84(US$) an hr and 40ft container price at $5,000 average is to good to pass, tax laws here changed some but that's not the main problem-how to compete globally with such low costs. Prehaps more a protectionist stance on trade is in order, won't happen though as big Corp=banks=union management=government little people be damned. ross perot said it well-a giant sucking sound, now we'll hear the same sound as wages will follow lower, add in open border labor who'll work for $10hr and well...another version of fascism.
    Ba na na

  6. standard procedure for american manufacturing firms, what's left of them.

    Can't you sheeple slaves see what is going on?

    It's all by design.

  7. So ,no problem with free trade for capital and “Austerity” for the overpaid workers of America, in the end it all these wages pay problems will all be averaged out .
    The world movement of American capital in its search for profit follows the revolutionary plot first described by Marx and updated for the economic imperialist Era by Lenin. According to Lenin some economic features of manufacturing imperialist countries is that they will export any excess capital as they become successful, capital that cannot be profitably employed at home ,in order to get control of foreign markets , cheaper labor workers ,cheap raw material resources .
    While the home country workers become a subsidized bought off patriotic labor aristocracy ,bribed with a cut in the imperialist profits so as they do not become revolutionary . They will then chauvinistically support any necessary wars against foreigners to keep the good times rolling on.
    This process resulted in continual wars against openly colonized or neo-colonized countries and resistant peoples of the Third World and two world wars between imperialist powers last century ,as they each try to knock out and destroy economic competitors.
    With the success of the Civil Rights movement in America and more equal wages won even some Blacks got to enter the Labor aristocracy . But ,without the huge profits of racial discrimination so easily available to capital , profitable manufacturing became impossible in America.
    Naturally the Capitalists, following Marx and the methods described by Lenin shifted its manufacturing basis itself to the cheap labor third world.
    So the economic system was turned upside down . Manufacturing Production was shifted to the third world .
    But, as long as the Dollar hegemony was maintained dominating in world trade profitable sales of the exported products from the third World could be achieved in the markets of the First World and the US.
    The US could print paper and exchange it for importing real things .
    Especialy as the Japanese ,the Chinese and the puppet oil sheiks , re-invested the dollars back in America for interest in treasury and other bonds as cheap vendor finance for housing and purchase of commodities.
    For a couple of decades for America ,this was a great system it could even finance its wars by deficit financing as long as the foreign investment rolled in.
    America however couldn’t restrain its greed ,its dollar was already being fast devalued in exchange with other countries currencies ,and the finance sector , conniving with government ,the SEC and rating agencies turned to pure fraud as a way to export dollars to foreign investors .
    In the end America turned into a de-industrialized bankrupt Ponzi, maxed out on government, corporate and private debts ,unable to pay the promised interest on its bonds.
    A Dead Ponzi and a dead dollar!

  8. Caterpillar moving to China is showing that great entepranual sprit of enterprise and American innovation that once built America .
    This is now so characteristic of modern day American Capital willing to get out and battle in the wide world for american profit ?

    4.55 said;
    “..add in open border labor who'll work for $10hr and well...another version of fascism.
    Ba na na”

    you have it wrong .
    How much do you think that American labor is really worth?

    Soon the "legal" American workers will be prepared to work for minimum wages as they run out of unemployment benefits .

    And isn’t that minimum wage less than $10 an hour?

    Catterpiler may even come back to America.

    Those lucky ’ illegal “ workers still able to stay on $10 hour will be complaining at the cut price competition.

    Some might escape back to Mexico in the hopes of getting a decent living.

    They may have their own border problems to fix in protect themselves from competing immigrant illegal American workers.

    Do you have the fantasy that if the jobs of the illegals were held by “ official American workers” that it would suddenly be profitable for patriotic employers to pay say $30 an hour to mow lawns or fix houses ?

    Only Cohen Powel could afford that and as he recently stated he isn’t too patriotic about that !

  9. lol!! 3:57 is a total idiot. That's why this shitty government and the banks and corps can get away with this crap. They just tell the morons they are victims and the morons just guzzle the shit down their throats.

    The US is so fucking pro big business it's ridiculous. The US has long ago sold out every citizen and catered to the evil corporations. They went as far as to pretend corporations are individuals in terms of the Constitution, while at the same time removing any liabilities that individual persons DO have because for THAT purpose corporations are indeed not individuals.

    They ALLOW big corporations to out source. If you as a regular individual tried any of this stuff you'd be harassed by the IRS and punished. Hell look at how much they punish just for buying online, it is un-Constitutional to charge sales tax for online purchases but most states and the fed have decided that they CAN.

    There is an easy way to stop outsourcing. You just tax the fuck out of it. Like the Japanese did post WW-II for all American manufactured cars, and still do. Or you just make it illegal to put those jobs overseas, much like India, where outsourcing is only a one-way ticket.

    But our US government has been bought and doesn't care the least about how stupid their economic policies are. Now they're trying to tax China for some reason, rather than the Corporations in China. This isn't going to end well either.

    What an absolute joke.


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