Friday, September 24, 2010

Never Seen Anything Like It: Unemployed Crying On Camera

PBS NewsHour correspondent recently sat down with colleague and business and economics correspondent Paul Solman and asked him how the series of pieces he's been doing in recent weeks and months about people who are underemployed, unemployed, and really trying to find work have been different than the range of stories he's been doing for the show for so long.

The striking thing -- one striking thing -- and actually, a somewhat disturbing thing when you're ...doing the interviewing, is how many of them are now -- or have been in the last six months months, let's say -- crying on camera. It's just happening spontaneously. Now, I've been doing reporting on TV about business and economics for 33 years -- I swear to you, in the last six months I've had more people cry on camera than in the entire thirty-two-and-a-half years before that.

Just in case there are any investors reading this and looking for any sort of excuse to put their buying boots on, he said "crying," not "laughing," or "smiling," or "cheering." Oh, wait, those are also bullish words these days, aren't they?

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  1. They are crying on camera because their very lives are on the line. This is a very dangerous time we are in. The system has deserted the people who have placed their trust in it. Which is a mistake the system is loyal to no man but those greedy who run it.

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  3. Dude, You've got problems.

  4. When will tears turn to righteous rage? Their lives have been stolen from them by bankers and politicians. Why do you think the "elites" are so keen on gun control.

  5. "More free money for banksters and long live the american taxpayer"says:

    Seen any videos of "poor" crying banksters lately ,thas is, after the bailouts ?

    Because Obama is doing the right and responsible thing.
    So with our deserved sense of entitlements for hard working capital ,we look forward to the next stimulus package.

    This American 'yes we can" Hero of capitalism ,is being unfairly subjected to exactly the same terms of abuse as Roosevelt during the last depression .
    Some even call him a Democrat socialist dog just ike that other "leftist" anmerican Hero Roosevelt,who despite that abuse over the "New Deal", stuck to his guns and saved American capitalism even in the end only by going to war.

    These crying whiners ,especialy those whose houses are being foreclosed on ,or living on food stamps luxury ,should learn to "suck it up" like real Americans not socialist deadbeats begging for a job.

    Conservative bankers ,unlike Liberals, understand the true essense of the patriotic two party system .
    Democrat ,or Republican the american President can always be relied on to save american business when it goes belly up from speculation.

    These crying losers bought it all on themselves anyway ,and deserve their misery ,the responsible bankers of America did not force them to take all that 'easy" credit on board.They only facilitated it .

    So its only natural that these responsible bankers should get the bailouts, after all they need protection from from lying defrauding bums.

    America rewards free enterprise and financial innovations ,like those the great Republican Bush and the SEC blessed ,of freely passing out home loans to anyone who needed a home and could be proved to be able sign x on a paper .
    Only in America!
    The Republican housing program for poor Americans backed by government money guarantees,that all losses could be socialised.
    Created a great and profitable finance sector and housing for millions of americans ,until the ponzi crashed.
    Just as the 'lefty" Roosevelt put the "Fox in the chicken coop ",by apointing Joseph kennedy a master of corruption and financial scams as the first head of the SEC ,Obama should grant Madoff amnesty and apppoint a real inside man as the head of the SEC.
    Madoff was unfairly scapegoated ,(probably for anti -semitic reasons) when really ,his Ponzi operation differed little from the standard operations of other American bankers in casino capitalism .
    An Amnesty for Patriotic Bernie now !

  6. Now it’s the credit unions being seized ,not just banks, as the Great Ponzi implodes and losses are rolled up and sucked into the maw of the government bailouts ,for taxpayers to pay for.
    How safe is YOUR money?
    Zero hedge reports:

    “It is Friday afternoon, and of course the most troubling news come out. Last week it was that the idiots in charge are raising their stake in Ally to 80%; this week also did not disappoint: the WSJ reports what can arguably be the most important story of the week - to wit: the government just seized three wholesale credit unions and has launched an "unusual plan" to manage $50 billion of troubled assets inherited from failed institutions. The unions taken into conservatorship include Members United Corporate Federal Credit Union in Warrenville, Ill., Southwest Corporate Federal Credit Union of Plano, Texas, and Constitution Corporate Federal Credit Union, Wallingford, Conn., which had a total of $19.67 billion in assets as of July. As for the funding of the new bailout program: "To help fund the rescue, the National Credit Union Administration plans to issue $30 billion to $35 billion in government-guaranteed bonds, backed by the shaky mortgage-related assets." Once again, uncle Sam bails out those who have committed federal crime and sticks Joe Sixpack with the bill. How is it a crime? "Under federal rules, wholesale credit unions were were supposed to invest only in safe, liquid assets. But some institutions chased higher returns by loading up on securities backed by subprime mortgages or other risky loans. Their portfolios were decimated by the mortgage meltdown."And here is the punchline: "Officials said the plan won't cost taxpayers any money." How can one not simply laugh at the continued lies and crimes that occur each and every day, and are perpetrated by every single person in charge of this collapsing country?”

  7. 11:54 is a piece of trash. Sociopathic trash.

  8. LOL.

    11:54 sounds like a 16 year old who's trying to aggregate various speculations acquired by different fools. Funny, the people that kid has developed his current view from are the same people he is criticizing.

    Dude, your leaders are demented lunatics who have no minds or souls. 100 years ago and today, their sanity was diminished in lust for wealth and power. The economic destruction we are experiencing now was created by them and was only allowed to blossom by our ignorance.

    Men today have lost all integrity, happiness, and MANhood. We've become a nation of spineless dumbasses. See? We know we are being pushed over a cliff and we remain perfectly content about it. Let's keep talking about our coming fate, it's an interesting conversation.

    Make sure you vote in November, it might change things. (Ha... ha...)

  9. Exactly, 4:19. This system is sociopathic, and therefore creates sociopathy. If someone tries to rectify and reform a sociopathic system, they themselves are, by definition, a sociopath.

    These christian, white separatist, libertarian, Zionist/Jew/Big Banker conspiracist, survivalist creeps are welcoming, nay beckoning, mayhem because they believe when that happens they can create their own little kingdoms here on earth where women and children treat them like gods and they have absolute rule. They only know coercion. They lack the personal character necessary to sustainably persuade anyone to their twisted cause.

    What a bunch of creepy freaks. Women fought for centuries to be viewed in the eyes of the law as worthy as any man and these creepy freaks want to turn back the clock and keep women bare foot, pregnant and submissive for eternity.


  10. Sarcasm and wit are wasted on PC morons such as yourself. Go back and read it again. Bet the idea of a Muslim takeover however doe's not bother you feminist douche bags one bit. Too funny when they cut your clit off.

  11. 419 is psychotic trailer trash

  12. I predict, more crying, then more murders, more murder/suicides, and suicides on camera as people become unable to sustain their lifestyles.

  13. Once America was a patriarchal society where men were the gender aristocracy owned the property and dependent women “were kept in their place" this was the Taliban like "ideal" of men in American or in Afghani society.

    Now , in the US the old style patriachal family head has to send his wife out to work in order to make a family living.
    Divorce and remarriage is freely available .So Women can trade in their husband for a different partner .They have freedom of Choice. Including contraception .
    Many now choose not to have children/family but a career.
    It is clear, that the drive for sex and sexual satisfaction is greater in the male, although western Psychiatrists and ‘sexual liberation feminists” work hard at convincing women that this is not the case and often teach sexual training in satisfaction by masturbation .

    Sexual satisfaction as mechanical skill.
    Men are taught the nessesity of sexual tricks and to use mechanical devices to satisty women according to the ideal.
    Drug companies work hard to make money by inventing a female viagra.

    Women live longer than men and property /wealth through work, divorces ,and living ,power tends to now accumulate in the hands of the female gender in America .
    As Zsa Zsa Gabor who married many rich men said “I am a good house keeper because after a divorce I get to keep the houses" .
    Today Women’s equality has made great progress all around the richer world .
    The women now are the majority in universities in Iran and in America and in the future will have better access to good independent incomes.
    The patriarchal society is backed by property interests often justified by religion.
    In backward Muslim countries lke Saudi , the US has been the main force backing reactionary patriarchal society . Under the Saudi royal family the veil and patriarchy is still entrenched.
    More % women went to Uni and were educated under Saddam than in Saudi. In the USSR the veil under Stalin had long since disappeared.

    There are some who talk anti ‘Muslim ‘pro- women” talk like this to promote the idea of ‘Islamo fascism” to justify US wars .
    The Idea that The US is in Afghanistan and Iraq not for Empire ,but in order for the to liberate women !!
    The cutting off or mutilation of clits only occurs in some backward tribal culture areas in the Muslim world and is not a part of the Muslim religion.Unlike religions where male circumcision/mutilation forms a ritual necessary part central to the religions practice .
    If a Muslims sect dominated in America and did cut off women’s clits, as fantasized ,this would only be a match for the psychologically de- balled American men today .
    The women increasingly have the property power and “wear the trousers ” The boot is now on the other foot.
    In American society ,in practice ,a new property based gender aristocracy exists -property based pussy power -and P.C.

  14. 11:45 Destroying a sociopathic system does not make one sociopaths IDIOT. And I have a degree and education, what about you, you sociopath? I come from a good family, not trash like you.

  15. Once again the right wing thinks they are right and all others are evil. The GOP destroyed the economy with the wars and now want to hand all the money to the top 2% because they still believe in trickle down economics. Republicans hate the middle class as much as they do hispanics and gays. The middle class is taking too much profit. They want us to work for wages like they do in India. That is the goal of the GOP.


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